Scientific discovery of Spiritual Laws given in Rational Scientific Revelations

Biological Theology

The first column of this chart lists some common behavioral symptoms arranged in 7 sub-categories that are of interest to religious education, moral development, and psychological adjustment. The second column gives a common framework to each sub-category of symptoms as viewed from the perspective of Swedenborg's spiritual psychology. The third column identifies the elements of Swedenborg's theistic science under separate Doctrines. Please note that these compilations represent my own categorizations in accordance with my understanding of Swedenborg and psychology. Research is needed to show the chart's taxonomic validity and usefulness. I invite your comments.

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Table 1
Illustrations of how biological theology serves as the origin for
clinical and educational practices in spiritual psychology

Behavioral Symptoms in Affective, Cognitive, and Sensorimotor Domains
evils | sins | temptations | ills | disorders | disfunctions

Applications in Rational / Spiritual Psychology
spiritual therapy | religious education | self-help | spiritual growth

Justifications in Biological Theology
doctrines | revelations | illustrations | enlightenment