Scientific discovery of Spiritual Laws given in Rational Scientific Revelations

[1]Leon James, "Do the Writings of Swedenborg Contain Scientific Revelation" NCL, July 1995, 325-330.

[2]Allen Bedford has voiced this view in his, "A Response to Dr. James' Request for a Paradigm Shift" NCL, Nov. 1994; For a contrary view, see David and Hugh Lister, "Scientific Method" NCL, Nov. 1995.

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[5]This concept was introduced by Christen Blom-Dahl, who noted several years ago that the viral theory of disease (discovered by science in the 20th century) was revealed in a number of places in the Writings where Swedenborg describes his encounters with spirits in various regions of the Grand Human. The descriptions of the action of evil spirits in certain organs matches later discoveries of how viral action destroys those organs. One example is the "Functional link between the Pituitary gland/urine discharge/uterine contractions which is known in modern medicine as the anti-diuretic action of vasopressin; uterine contraction of oxytocin -- see Index of AC and AC 5387-5388." See Section VII of The Third Source by Christen Blom-Dahl, privately circulated manuscript.

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