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The Organic Mind

Discovering the Mental World of Eternity

Dr. Leon James
Professor of Psychology
University of Hawaii

August 2008, Version 5g


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Table of Contents

The Divine Psychologist and the As-of Self. 1

Levels of Reception of Altruism Substance. 9

Omnipresence of God. 13

God’s Omniproprium.. 16

Earlier Evolution of Consciousness. 19

Spiritual Combat and the Battles of Temptation. 21

Growth and Regeneration of the Natural Mind. 23

Chart of Maturation and Regeneration. 25

Chart of Consciousness Themes Prior and After Regeneration. 29

The Process of Mental Reformation Prior to Regeneration. 34

Summary of Facts About Regenerating the Natural Mind (Layers 7, 8, 9). 40

(I) Two Bodies. 41

(II) Two Minds. 41

(III) Dying and Resuscitation. 41

(IV) Mental World of Eternity. 41

(V) Heaven and Hell 42

(VI) The Natural Mind (layers 7, 8, 9). 42

(VII) Regenerating Layer 7 – The Rational Consciousness. 43

(VIII) Regenerating Layer 8 – The Abstract Materialist Consciousness. 43

(IX) Regenerating Layer 9 – The Concrete Materialist or Corporeal Consciousness. 44

Sensuous vs. Rational Consciousness. 45

Everybody’s Mental Biography. 48

The Practice of Renting Out Your Mind. 50

Ten Rational Conclusions Derived From the Proposition That God Exists. 58

(A) First Conclusion: God is a Person, at once Divine and Human. 59

(B) Second Conclusion: God’s Omnipotence Must Control Every Event. 59

(C) Third Conclusion: God is Perfect in Love and Rationality. 59

(D) Fourth Conclusion: There are Two Worlds, One in Time-Space, the Other in Eternity. 61

(E) Fifth Conclusion: Humans are Born Dual Citizens, In Time and in Eternity. 62

(F) Sixth Conclusion: The Eternity of the Afterlife is Our Mental World Now.. 64

(G) Seventh Conclusion: We Are Born With Heaven and Hell in Our Mind. 65

(H) Eighth Conclusion: Heaven is a State of Marriage Between Soul Mates. 68

(I) Ninth Conclusion: Divine Speech as Sacred Scripture Produces Consciousness and Enlightenment. 70

(J) Tenth Conclusion: Salvation, Liberation, Peace, and Wisdom Are Attained By Spiritual Discipline. 72

Self-witnessing Your Altruism and Your Selfism.. 75

The Practice of Weakening Our Conscience. 79

The Practice of Selfism as a Lifestyle. 79

The Signs and Benefits of Regeneration. 79

Rational Perception of God’s Presence. 80

Spiritual Enlightenment or Wisdom.. 80

Mental Anatomy of Men and Women. 82

Conjugial Accommodation Strategies. 88

Male dominance, Equity, and Unity. 90

Mental Biology of Marriage. 94

Conjoint Consciousness of Heaven. 100

Soulmates Are Mutual and Reciprocal Obediences. 103

References. 105


The Divine Psychologist and the As-of Self


Today’s divided consciousness of reality makes it possible for the Divine Psychologist to maintain the individual’s daily consciousness in a state of rational or spiritual freedom. Think about some of the things you did today, starting with the moment of waking up. Love is what supplies us with motivation and energy to think and act. Love is spiritual heat from the Spiritual Sun flowing into our affective organ, where it is received, adapted, transformed, and disposed by the ruling love hierarchy. Which love got you out of bed? Many times we would rather stay in bed than get up. Our consciousness is immersed in a spiritual battle of epic proportions each time we wake up feeling still sleepy or tired. The ruling hellish love gives us the motivation to ignore the distress of those people who depend on you to get up and do certain things that involves them and their day. People’s daily activities are interdependent and mutually affect each other with all sorts of consequences, little and big, present and future. A single decision or act has consequences to eternity and involves many people, ultimately, all people, since the human race is connected from each to all. When a single rain drop falls on the ocean surface, the entire ocean is affected as the tiny mechanical reverberation is absorbed by the body of water, which consequently is now in a different state because of the rain drop.


But the point in the water where the rain drop fell is affected most, while further away, thousands of miles away, the influence is much smaller, hence different. Closeness to an event produces a stronger effect on others. If you don’t get up on time by ignoring how some close others will be affected, you are choosing and acting from the hellish ruling love hierarchy that desires to satisfy self alone. This moral-spiritual dilemma may be squashed or allowed to stay present in consciousness. Selfism battles against altruism in this mortal combat. The heavenly love of protecting others from being inconvenienced by you is battling the hellish love of considering your own needs and comforts alone.


The love of protecting yourself and your future is a heavenly love when it is for the sake of others, not just yourself. You don’t want to get fired from your job, so you make yourself get up on time so you’re not late for work. Or, you don’t want your partner or children to face the day without the breakfast and lunch bags that you usually provide for them. They expect it. They need it. You are taking care of their needs when you make yourself get up (altruistic), even though you feel like ignoring their need and staying in bed (selfish).


All day long our consciousness consists of such mental battles. This is the process of human growth. The Divine Psychologist must manage this process or it would not work. Our mental conflicts need to be aroused at the proper moment in correspondence with the physical and social situation we are in. The Divine Psychologist manages the loves that are aroused in our affective organ, and consequently, the thoughts and memories that come into our consciousness and focus. A moral dilemma is a complex event that must be managed and produced by the Divine Psychologist, who operates from within in our mind, and from without in the physical and social world. The mental events and the physical events must correspond exactly, and this takes Divine omnipotence and omniscience to bring about.


Consciousness is our life because it is the only thing that is our own, our very own. You can take away everything an individual considers part of themselves – their physical freedom, clothes, wealth, rights, country, honor, reputation, loved ones – and yet that individual will remain a human being. When these things are removed from people, their humanity is not removed. One thing would remove their humanity, which is to take away their consciousness, their mental freedom to think in accordance with their love. This is to take away their consciousness as an independent self. The literature of novels and stories sometimes depict “zombies,” people whose mind is taken over by some evil person who has such psychic powers called “sorcery” and “black magic.” Another version is in science fiction when aliens “invade the body” and take over, making the helpless victim do and say what they want. To lose consciousness is to lose what is one’s own, one’s self.


The Divine Psychologist has to manage in such a way that all individuals can maintain their human consciousness from birth to endless eternity. This steady state maintenance of every individual’s unique consciousness, is a Divine Work that must be managed by God’s infinite intelligence, limitless power, and absolute control of all that comes into existence. Our individual cooperation is required for this process to be healthy and successful. God cannot directly bestow knowledge, enlightenment, and self-esteem. Anything that God gives us, remains God’s. God cannot separate from a portion of the Divine in order to make it to be the human being’s. This is not possible. What is possible and what has been created by God is a human organism that can receive and react to portions of what is God’s or Divine. For instance, the Spiritual Sun is the first entry point of God into creation, so that the Divine can be active and present in created things.


From the Spiritual Sun emanate spiritual heat and spiritual light. These two eternal and living substances are entering creation from God. These two living eternal Divine and infinite substances are the building blocks of all creation. Anything that exists will be constructed out of these two types of spiritual substances that are living Divine and infinite. In other words, every object, small or large, is constructed out of these two substances. Think of an atom or ray of light. It is constructed out of spiritual heat and light originating from the Spiritual Sun. This corresponds to the action of the natural sun upon its planets and its objects, all of which are constructed out of the materials in the sun (or star). The sun remains inside each object, each plant, each computer screen, and each apple we eat. When you have your next meal or munch session, think about the reality that you are eating a piece of the sun out there shining on your window and warming your environment.


Also think about the reality that the thoughts and enjoyments you are having while you’re eating are mental events within organic objects. The taste of the apple or drink is a sensation your consciousness is aware of. This is your mental consciousness. You are not aware of the taste buds and their cell action during the enjoyment of eating. Neither are you aware of the neural firings in the brain that reverberate to several areas while you’re eating and thinking. What you are aware of is your sensation, which is something psychological, not physical or physiological. Our mental body is in point-by-pint correspondence with our physical body. Our sensations are mental correspondences to physical events in the brain and body. These mental correspondences are operations of our mental organs in the spiritual body. Since birth our permanent mental body houses our mental organs, which are forever. Our sensations are mental operations in the sensorimotor organ that correspond to physical operations in the physical body.


Our consciousness is not in the physical body or world. Our sensations, thoughts, and feelings or loves, are not in the physical body or brain. They never were and never can be. Our mental organs are reception organs. They are constructed out of the spiritual heat and light of the Spiritual Sun. When we are born we receive unique permanent organic equipment with which to live as an individual. This organic equipment is constructed out of spiritual heat and light from the Spiritual Sun. This means that we are immortal since these substances are eternal. They are spiritual substances of the Divine. Hence our mental organs are constructed out of the Divine substances. Rationally this means that our mental organs are not our own. What an amazing discovery!


What Is our own? What makes us a real person?


As discussed just above: Consciousness is our very own and makes us a real person.


In order to understand this rationally we need to use the concept of the “as-of self.”


We are contrasting the concept of “self” and the concept of “as-of self.” In layer 9C thinking we rely on the concept of “self.” We can feel ourselves be free to think and do what we want. “We can move our toes inside our shoes and no one can see that. We can move our tongue inside our mouth to different corners, as we please. We move our eyes where we want. We are free.” This is our corporeal consciousness (9S). At this level of reasoning and understanding, we are free because we can move as we please. The proof is in the pudding, as the saying goes in this consciousness. If someone tell us that there is no such free self because God is omnipotent, we can only ignore or deny it, but not understand it. Our consciousness needs to rise above this concrete corporeal level to a more abstracted materialism (8S) that can have meanings that are more mental than physical, more eternal than temporal. The consciousness of 8S is higher than the consciousness of 9S because layer 8C thinking allows meanings that are not directly observable by the senses, which is the limitation in layer 9C thinking.


In layer 8C thinking we can think of God in material terms and in “super-natural” terms. The regeneration of our materialism in layer 8A loves allows a new understanding of our materialism by unveiling a more interior mental portion to layer 8. The external materialism of layer 8 consciousness (8eS) prior to regeneration is replaced by an interior consciousness of materialism (8iS). Our ideas of God, heaven, hell, omnipotence, are still materialistic ideas, but they are more interior so that they admit of ideas that are more compatible with the rational consciousness in layer 7S.


When we rise above materialism to layer 7C thinking, we can at last see and understand that when we put together the concept of God’s “omnipotence” with the concept of human “freedom,” the rational resolution is the concept of the “as-of self.” The concept of an independent organism or “self” in layer 9S consciousness is now perceived as only an appearance that hides another reality within it. One can also see that the concept of God’s omnipotence in layer 8S consciousness is not absolute, so that God allows us to retain freedom in our mind by somehow withdrawing His omnipotence from there. A popular song of the 1990s is titled God is Watching Us -- From a Distance. And the layer 8 materialistic scientists who believe in God and worship in congregations, also reduce God’s omnipotence to a less than absolute degree. This is how we explain “why there is evil and suffering in the world – because God’s omnipotence is weakened by our disobedience of His Laws. We bring the misery upon ourselves. It is our own doing.” Now from layer 7 consciousness in the rational consciousness , we can see and understand that God’s omnipotence cannot be weakened by our disobedience, since this would mean that God Is not omnipotent after all. So now with higher meanings in 7C we can understand that the concept of “as-of self” is compatible with the concept of God’s “absolute omnipotence.”


God retains absolute omnipotence or total control of mental and physical events. God uses this omnipotence to maintain our mental consciousness in a state of balance between heavenly and hellish loves. This is the only human freedom possible. It is not the freedom of the “self” that appears to be free on its own, within itself. In the face of God’s absolute control, the only freedom we have is to choose “as-of self.” In other words, when we choose, it feels like we are doing it from self, by our self. God’s omnipotence brings about the balance of mental forces that give us this feeling of choosing from self. When we choose from our own love, we have the subjective experience that we are free to choose. We choose what we love or prefer – unless we are not free. When we are free, we choose from our own loves. This cannot happen by itself. God has to maintain just the right kind of balance of forces for each unique individual. It is the balance of love.


In order for us to learn to be rational human beings, we must have the experience and the feeling that we are mentally free. God maintains this feeling with every person from birth to endless immortality. This is omnipotence. In layer 7C thinking we are in the rational consciousness . The cognitive and affective organs in organic layer 7 are superior by a discrete degree to layer 8. This means that the highest possible level of achievement in mental layer 8 can never attain to the lowest possible achievement in mental layer 7. It is the same between the superiority of layer 8 over layer 9. When our consciousness rises to layer 7e it is in the rational consciousness , but it is only the first rational. It is not mature until reformation takes place. After reformation our consciousness is from layer 7i called interior-natural layer. This interior  layer is anatomically and functionally within or above the external layer. All the concepts in the interior layer of the natural mind (7iC) are untouched by self-intelligence. They originate totally and solely from the spiritual mind (layers 6, 5, 4).


From this layer (7iC) in our reformed rational consciousness  we can clearly see and understand that the concept of as-of self is part of the perfection of the human mind and its evolution. If we do not oppose this idea it is because we are willing to let go of the conceit of self-intelligence. The interior rational loves (7iA) we experience flow in from altruism substance without the distortion of selfism. We love the concept of as-of self, while we dislike the very notion of a “self” who is free in the sense of choosing from self and by self. We suddenly feel horrified at the idea of being left alone to be a self, by one self. That is a scary idea when we remember that we choose wrong many times, and how many times can we survive. Where would be our happiness, or ambition, our enthusiasm for anything? We feel much safer and peaceful with the sphere of ideas that flow rationally from omnipotence. We can let go of an irrational idea of a God who only has “semi-omnipotence” instead of an absolute omnipotence. The rational idea from omnipotence is that there are no exceptions. Therefore we trust God far more than we trust “self” or a “human being,” in order to bring us to happiness and contentment, to truth and love.


Why does not God give you total happiness, peace, and love right now – since God is omnipotent?


The answer is that God does. This contentment and peace is provided by God through the influx of altruism substance and rationality substance. God maintains us in freedom of choice as-of self even as God is co-present as the altruism substance itself, which is living and eternal, and which is called Divine Love or Divine Good. This Divine Human substance flows into our affective organ at all layers of the mind. These layers are constructed out of these substances. None of it is ours, and we have nothing to do with its operation and evolution. We come in as the subjective individual consciousness that is produced by the unique spiritual bar code received at birth. This insures that our reception of altruism and rationality is a unique reception in each human being. This reception creates happiness, peace, and love in layers 4, 5, and 6 of the spiritual mind. Every person already has these “heavens” in their organic mind, which lives in the mental world of eternity. But in order to be in those layers of consciousness we must prepare ourselves so that we can accept and love the Divine Human altruism and rationality.


This is the key to understanding regeneration, God, and the mental world of eternity.


God has already placed in motion the attainment of our heavenly consciousness, happiness, and capabilities. This is the inflow of Divine Human altruism. In layer 4 we do not resist this inflow, and our consciousness attains the highest human state, which is that of conjugial love. It is the love that conjoins two soul mates, creating one new conjoint self, the fully evolved human being. But in layer 5 we introduce some element of our own, which by definition means some element that is from selfism. This may not actually be there in layer 5, but it is lower than our layer 4 consciousness where we do not introduce any preferences of our own, but are fully content and happy to live with whatever altruism and rationality flow in moment by moment, form the Spiritual Sun in the world of eternity. In layer 6 we introduce even more of our own so that the consciousness is still lower, but still heavenly, still altruistic, and never overtly selfish. This begins in layer 7 of the rational consciousness , and continues even more in layer 8 of the materialistic consciousness , and most in layer 9 of the corporeal consciousness .


Levels of Reception of Altruism Substance


With reformation there is an inversion of consciousness. There is a new entrance to a staircase that we have never noticed before, but was actually there. There is the immediate recognition of a higher floor in the mind, a clear and familiar landscape in mental eternity. These new meanings, understandings, perceptions, and rational visions (7i) come to us when the interior layer is activated in the rational consciousness  (7i). This interior-natural consciousness in the rational consciousness  of the natural mind (layer 7), gives us the capability of a virtual heavenly consciousness. With higher virtual meanings in our interior-natural thinking (7iC), we are capable of ascending in consciousness all the way to layers 6, 5, 4 of the spiritual mind.


Consciousness layer 6S of the spiritual mind is called the spiritual-natural heaven (or “First Heaven”). Consciousness layer 5S of the spiritual mind is called the spiritual-rational heaven. Consciousness layer 4S of the spiritual mind is called the celestial-rational heaven. Each degree (or layer) of consciousness is in discrete degree relative to the one above and the one below. The spiritual mind becomes conscious after resuscitation. Until then our consciousness moves around in the layers of the natural mind. In our interior-natural mind (7i), we have a special capability, that of being able to comprehend spiritual-natural (6C), spiritual-rational (5C), and celestial-rational (4C) meanings, concepts, and ideas.


This is truly remarkable and important. All we need to do right now to attain heavenly consciousness, knowledge, perception, love, and power is to reach for it with our consciousness that is in the interior layer of our rational consciousness  (7iS). Everyone has the capability of making use of this consciousness. This becomes available to anyone who is willing to undergo reformation at the inversion point (see diagrams). Once we attain the mental state of an adult, we can be in that more interior consciousness anytime we desire. It is a conscious experience with full awareness that can remain with us for the entire day or whenever we wish to hold on to it. In other words, anytime we have the love for heavenly consciousness. It is the love for heavenly consciousness that is our free choice. If we make that choice in freedom out of our love and desire, we receive the rationality which it needs to conjoin with, and produce the heavenly consciousness.


In order to see this more clearly consider some illustrations.


Consider altruism substance that streams into our affective organ at the three discrete layers (7eA, 8eA, 9eA). Our consciousness in the natural mind navigates all day long between these three layers (7eS, 8eS, 9eS). This oscillation of consciousness helps us in our lifelong task of regeneration of the three layers of our natural mind. Altruism substance from the Spiritual Sun flows into 7A, 8A, and 9A. It is the same substance that flows into all three layers, just as it is the same heat and light from our sun that flows into all the plants, and yet each plant reacts to it in its own specific way, shared by a species. The same Divine substance of altruism flows into every affective organ of all human beings, but each receives it in a unique way, consequently, affects each person in correspondence with that person’s loves. If you are in a situation where you feel threatened or mentally injured by someone, as is the case with insults for example, then the inflowing altruism substance in your affective organ (layer 8A), activates your affective organ, as usual, but now you are feeling anger or resentment, which are negative. The inflow of altruism is experienced by you as anger and resentment. The positive is turned into its opposite.


People have a tendency to practice this affective turnabout on a regular basis. We are motivated by inherited enjoyments of selfism. We love to experience negative intensity in our emotions. We enjoy having that feeling. Unless we consciously oppose it, we keep performing the behavior of “getting offended” (“This is an insult.”), then behaviorally or verbally expressing some negative emotion (anger, rage, resentment, retaliation, mental punishment or torture). We can maintain ourselves in this negative intensity for as long as we keep transforming altruism substance (which is spiritual heat), into a negative heat or mental force that empowers us to feel the opposite motive or intention.


These individual differences in mental state modify how altruism substance operates. Nevertheless, the function is the same with all, namely, activation of the affective organ. Altruism substance is spiritual heat from the Spiritual Sun in the mental world of eternity. These reactions to altruism substance are called “loves” and their “sub-loves,” or “affections.” In other words, all our human capacities to feel, desire, value, and intend are reactions of love and affections in the affective organ. This may be seen in correspondence by how the eye of the physical body receives the inflow of physical light from the sun. The organic components of the eye and optic nerve are activated by the light. These are reactions to the inflow. If there are impurities in the cornea, or damage to the macula, the reaction will be different than normal. Every eye will have its own unique reactions to the inflowing light. It is the same with the incoming heat from sunlight. Each plant species, and each individual plant, receive the inflow of heat in its own unique way. The inflowing light and heat are the same, but the reception or reaction is different or unique.


The affective organ used to be called the human “will.” Today no word is more frequently used in daily speech than this little four letter word (“I will do it”, “I am willing”, “It is my will”, “Will you do it?”, “Does he have the will to do it”, “Will you take…”, etc.). The will as the affective organ (A) is contrasted with the understanding as the cognitive organ (C). It is known that the person’s will, makes the whole person, because the will is the inner character, and this enters into everything else about the individual. The person’s loves (A) make up the person’s will (A). When we say “I will do it” we mean to indicate that we have the motive (A) to do it (S), and the motive is the love (A). We also imply that the we have the know-how (C) to do it. The inflow of altruism substance activates the will, activates the loves in the affective organ, and these loves (A) determine our thoughts (C) and our consciousness (S).


We receive altruism substances in layer 7A where it activates rational loves, that is, loves of the rational consciousness . If we have undergone reformation we can receive these rational loves in our interior layer (7iA). These loves are affections for higher meanings and the delights of collecting them in conscious memory where they are known as knowledges. The rational meanings we understand in the external layer (7eC) are prompted by external rational loves (7eA). The reception of altruism substance is in the interior portion is less distorted by rational selfism, which traps people into thinking that they are to be credited for the rational theories and explanations they invent. This is done in various zones of everyday life, such managers who make decisions that pay off, or politicians that get elected, or businessmen who are successful – in all these situations the external rational consciousness  attributes the success to their own intelligence, persistence, luck, and ambition.


But in the interior portions of the rational consciousness  (7iC) we do not think this way. We already perceive that God’s omnipotence excludes any power or merit of our own in relation to our success. Instead we rely on the as-of self reality, which is that I act as if I am doing it on my own even as I acknowledge that God is doing it, not me. I acknowledge omnipotence and I act like I have to do it alone. On the outside I act like it’s up to me, my effort, my figuring it out. If I don’t try to figure it out how I am to act, I don’t act at all. God does not make me act. God makes things happen around me so that when I act alike I am doing it on my own, it happens. The external or existential illusion of acting from self is always maintained by God as part of our freedom.


Altruism substance received in unregenerated layer 9A arouses loves that are based on race, family, and friendship. We understand the injunction “Love your neighbor” and we define neighbor as

·         “my family” or

·         “people who share my religion” or

·         “people of my race” or

·         “my countrymen” or

·         “people I am friends with” or

·         “people who admire me and like me” or

·         “people who have gone to my alma mater”

·         etc.

This type of altruism love is a corporeal consciousness (9S) based on what is attached to the physical body. Corporeal loves (9A) determine their own corporeal thoughts and way of reasoning (9C). Prior to being regenerated corporeal loves (9A) are loved regardless of whether they are hellish or heavenly. It is known that children have a corporeal morality (9C) that equates “ours” or “mine” with good, and others as bad, if they oppose ours. This corporeal mentality (9S) in adult life can be generous and peaceful at times (9A), and other times, it turns territorial and hostile (9A). After regeneration our corporeal consciousness  is in a heavenly order that corresponds to the heavenly order in the regenerated layer 8 above it. In today’s world, people in old age can be physically healthy or dysfunctional in various ways. This corresponds generally to the mental world where people can be heavenly or hellish. However, as with natural disasters and sicknesses, there is no direct relationship to the victims, because they can be anyone, whether a regenerated person or not, whether altruistic or selfish in daily life.


Regenerated 9A loves are in consociation with our anatomical layer 4A. This means that 4A loves are within 9A loves (in simultaneous order). Regenerated corporeal loves (9iA) are interior loves that can consociate with true celestial loves (4A) in the highest potential of human beings. It is where the lowest of the human mind (9) meets the highest (4). Anatomically this means that the highest human loves in the mental world of eternity, those that are closest to the Spiritual Sun, and to God, depend for their actualization on the lowest layer in the natural mind. After resuscitation this connection is disabled, as layer 4S becomes the source of our full consciousness. This environment is constructed out of celestial-rational loves and meanings, focused on altruism substance as God. In this celestial-rational consciousness (4A) we have quasi-omniscience, knowing everything about whatever we think of. We also have the appearance, the abilities and the powers of “celestial angels.” These are unknown and unimaginable in the consciousness of the natural mind. However we have a virtual experience of it in layer 7iSv4S. This is a portion of the interior layer of the rational consciousness  (7iA), the highest point of our consciousness prior to resuscitation.


In layer 9S consciousness, our idea of God (9C) is corporeal. Our worship of God is corporeal. It involves sense-based objects and physical rituals. There are “taboos” imposed by a higher authority than oneself, and if these forbidden things are done, there are consequences in terms of physical injury, property loss, harm to one’s family and country, suffering, sickness, pain, death. Some corporeal ideas stop at death, but others are dualist systems of thinking and reasoning. Corporeal spirituality (9C) is dependent on physical evidence, sensory observation, personal testimony, authority from the elderly or the ancestors, and a physical-racial- ethnic connection. Closeness to God is therefore earned by saintliness. Those who receive the title of a “holy man” are believed to be close to God, some holy men closer than others. There are also holy women who are believed to be close to God on account of their saintliness. This trait refers to sensorimotor service and sacrifice for the sake of love of God. People who sacrifice themselves for others are considered saintly. The Divine altruism substance that streams into our corporeal consciousness  (9A), gives each of us in that state of mind, the corporeal loves that determine our outward physical lifestyle.


Note however that in the unregenerated mind, corporeal spirituality and saintliness (9S) is mixed with inherited heavenly and hellish loves. What our physical body does is up to our sensorimotor consciousness in the corporeal consciousness  (9S), and this mental layer is determined by the unregenerated materialistic consciousness  (8S). The two layers are correspondences of each other (9S and 8S). For instance, a selfish love in the materialistic consciousness  (8A) gets involved with a plan to achieve the admiration of others (8C). This materialistic love in 8A corresponds in the corporeal consciousness  (9A), to the desires or motives we have for wanting to be known as a saint. After resuscitation from a life here of being considered a saint, we face and recognize the inner motive or love we had for being saintly. But now in our new free mental state we no longer care for the love of being admired by others, and we toss saintliness outside of our personality. The good deeds performed by the saints are of benefit to others, but they are not of benefit to the saint, unless their motive for acting like a saint was a love to be useful to others.


Omnipresence of God


God’s Divine substances make up the inner framework of our world, our mental organs and their connection by correspondences to the physical body and world. God is everywhere in everything. You can see that this would be necessary for God to be omnipotent and to retain absolute control over all events and things. The functioning of our mental organs is also operated by God. Once our mental organs are constructed and we begin life in the spiritual body, the organs are set into operation by spiritual heat and spiritual light flowing in on a continuous basis. If this inflow were to stop for an instant, our mental organs would not function, and our consciousness would be extinguished. God constructs our mental organs and maintains them in operation from birth to endless eternity. From this you can see that God has total management control over what happens in our mental organs. Our side, where we come in into the equation, is how we subjectively react to the operations that are going on in our mental organs. This is our own. This is our consciousness. This is not God’s consciousness, not God’s management operations. It is what we attach ourselves to, what we love, what we choose from freedom as a preference. What we like most. What we are attracted to. What we want to be our own.


When you move your eyes as you are reading, the muscles and the brain are activated by the laws of mind-body correspondences built into all creation. Your brain is wired to respond when your mind is operating. Neuroscientists do research to map out the brain’s correspondences with mental operations. Because they are thinking within the negative bias reductionism, they believe that the mental operations are subjective conscious experiences that correspond to the brain’s operations. They believe that the conscious emotions and thoughts are the results or consequences of the operations in the brain. They think that first the physical brain operates, and this causes the mental experience of conscious thoughts and feelings. But in the positive non-reductionist science of mental psychology, the relationship is the other way round. First the mental organs operate and this causes the physical brain to react by correspondence. Action and reaction by the Divine Laws of Correspondence is the fundamental fact of how God manages the existing universe.


We can know what many of the cause-effect correspondences are by analyzing Sacred Scripture, which is Divine Speech written in correspondences. Another method to discover correspondences is to analyze our expressions in daily life. These expressions are produced by mind-body correspondences that are generally known. For example, we use the expression “He made a fist” which corresponds to becoming mentally angry. Or, “My stomach turns at the idea” which means that we are experiencing an intense mental revulsion. Or, “Its’ a shoe in” etc. A good exercise would be to make a list of the many mind-body correspondences we use in daily life. It’s actually a research method in mental psychology. This is a psycholinguistic approach to constructing inventories and taxonomies of mind-body correspondences. Such organized lists constitute a chart of the intersubjective mental world of humankind. It will allow people to access virtual navigation procedures for exploring the mental world of eternity. Such knowledge will allow people to engineer their own happiness. You can be anywhere mentally, be anything, experience whatever you feel like or desire. The mental world of eternity is objective and substantial, more so than materialism ever can be.


But neither world can exist without the other.


If the physical body is separated from connection to the mental organs in the spiritual body, “death” of the physical body occurs. Consciousness through the mental organs maintains the physical body’s ability to be alive and function.


From all this you can see that the idea of heavenly and hellish traits is not something that comes from morality or culture, but science. It is organic science in the dualist perspective that describes the anatomy of heaven and hell. What is heaven and hell? These are mental states. These are loves. Our consciousness is in these loves. The concepts of a “heavenly consciousness” and a “hellish consciousness” are descriptive anatomical terms. We are given both. We are born with heaven and hell in us. But though they are in us, they are not ours. We inherit our mental structures. They are not our own. What is our own cannot be inherited, cannot be given, cannot be earned, cannot be taken away, and cannot be bestowed. We inherit heavenly traits, but these are not our own. We make them our own only when we choose them in conscious freedom, so that we choose from our love.


For instance, we inherit the love and ability to get out of bed upon waking up. We love to meet our goals and check them off on our list – make bed the way you prefer it, wash up the way you always do, wear what you select, prepare what you want for breakfast, talk and eat, leave, walk, drive, etc. Each little task gives us some pleasure of living. These conscious experiences constitute our life, what is our own. Let’s say you decide to linger in bed. You are amazed how good it feels not to get up. You almost wish you can stay there for hours or days. This is your hellish consciousness. It is also yours. You choose in freedom to delay getting up, ignoring the havoc it will create at your work place where they depend on you to keep things going. You enjoy your stay in bed despite the hurt and inconvenience to others. Your selfism is stronger than your altruism. All day long, the Divine Psychologist brings you to a battle in your consciousness between selfism and altruism.


When enter the dying process, we resuscitate about 30 hours later. We are awakened under the care of mental health workers in the mental world of eternity. We are in full possession of our memories and personality, but we now adjust to the new conditions of a life fully conscious in the spiritual body. We speak s new “spiritual language” which is a universal thought language that all human being possess. Our natural language and culture is now reduced in importance as we begin life anew in the mental world of eternity. Now the Divine Psychologist brings us to a greater consciousness of our ruling loves. We experience a series of events and social interactions designed to puts us into awareness of our strongest loves, those to which we are most committed. At the end of these experiences we are completely aware of what we love most. We cannot hold on to both our heavenly loves and our hellish loves. The ultimate battle has taken place in our consciousness.


We choose in freedom according to what we love the most. If this ruling love is hellish, we betake ourselves to one of the societies of the grand Monster where we meet the people who had been with our loves since the beginning. It feels like finally getting home. If the ruling love is heavenly, we betake ourselves to one of the societies in the Grand Human where we experience a homecoming to long time friends. Thus our choice is made and our fate is sealed – by our own love, our own consciousness – forever.


You can see from this that heaven and hell in eternity is a medical health issue for us while we are still here on earth. Our mental organs are constructed to create a heavenly consciousness in each human being, but this cannot be created except by one’s own love and freedom in choice maintained by the Divine Psychologist. We must first acquire hellish traits of selfism and heavenly traits of altruism, and then we must select one or the other for our eternal consciousness. Our task here on earth is therefore to prepare us for these choices. This is a process called regeneration.


God’s Omniproprium


The Latin word “proprium” means “one’s own,” or one’s self. Who am I? I am myself. Me. I am my own loves, my own happiness, my own consciousness, my own identity. I acquire skills and knowledges and experiences. These are mine, my own. My loves and pleasures are mine. Someone else’s love and pleasure is not mine. The word “omni” means all, or total, or encompassing everything. God is “omni-potent” or all-powerful. All power that exists belongs to God. Power is God’s Own.


God is omnipresent, which means present everywhere. No place or object can exist unless its inmost underlying framework is God’s presence there. God is present in every area of the mental world of eternity and the physical world of time. In layer 8C thinking, God’s omnipresence cannot be believed from reason, but only from mystery or mysticism (see diagram). This is because all ideas in the cognitive organ of layer 8 have a material origin or beginning. No complex abstract sequence of ideas from this origin can escape its materiality. This is because cause-effect sequences are always together in simultaneous order, which is the moment of occurrence of the effect. In the effect, the cause is present in a higher discrete degree of correspondence. All things in the mental world of eternity are kept at their own level, or discrete organic layer, by the Divine Psychologist. This is accomplished through the laws of correspondences built into the organic infra-structure of the biological mental world of the human race.


God’s omnipresence is therefore by discrete degrees “within” each and all things. God is not present physically or materially in objects or minds. The “presence” is from within its discrete degrees. Remember how the laws of correspondences operate in mental layers. The 12 layers of existence shown in the charts are in sequence so that each layer above is the cause of the layer below, and reciprocally, each layer below is the effect of the layer above. The cause-effect relationship across discrete layers is called correspondences. There is no material or physical or any other kind of substance exchange between discrete layers. The layers are organically fixed in place. They each possess their own structural physiological operations and functions, just like the organs and sub-organs of the physical anatomy we are familiar with. Layer 9C thinking will remain sensorimotor data-bound thinking (9C) and feeling (9A) producing our sensorimotor consciousness in that layer (9S). These mental operations are effects produced from correspondence by the mental operations that are going on in our layer 8S consciousness, which in turn is produced as effects by the mental operations in our layer 7S consciousness.


The operations of the natural mind (9, 8, 7) are therefore effects produced from correspondence by the operations in the spiritual mind (6, 5, 4). And the operations of the spiritual mind are effects produced from correspondence by the top three layers (3, 2, 1). In the sequence of the origin of all organic layers in the mental world of eternity the first layer is the Spiritual Sun. This is the first observable, empirical, scientific, and objective presence of God in creation. The mental world of eternity is a creation by God from the Spiritual Sun. The substances that make up the Spiritual Sun are nothing else than God’s Own substances. These are infinite in variety and quality. They can be grouped organically by their specific function in relation to our mental organs in each of the layers in organic eternity.


The affective organ (A) is constructed out of the substances of spiritual heat, which we have discussed above as altruism substance. The cognitive organ (C) is constructed out of the substances of spiritual light, which we have discussed above as rationality substance. Another way of describing the Spiritual Sun is to say that it is the outflow of Divine Love and Divine Truth from God who is outside of creation and unknowable. But God is knowable and comprehended rationally. From layer 7i up (6, 5, 4) we can understand God rationally. In layer 4A we receive altruism substance without distortion. Below this the altruism substance is distorted or modified by selfism to a lesser or greater extent. It is turned into the opposite in the unregenerated natural mind, as already discussed.


God’s presence is therefore through the presence of the interior organic structures of every physical object in time and matter, or every mental object in eternity. These interior organic structures are spiritual heat and spiritual light, by which God forms the infra-structure of all mental and physical objects in existence. Since these infra-structure substances are living substances of God through the Spiritual Sun, the infra-structure is living and is of God, from God, and consequently God’s Own. This is the Omniproprium.


God is omnipresent through the Omniproprium, that is, through His Own altruism and rationality that lie within each existing object arranged in simultaneous order of discrete degrees. This simultaneous order of existence reproduces by organic concentric layers, all the layers that entered into the sequence that produced that object. God is therefore at the center of every object and place, and from there manages that place or object. This omnipresence is what allows God’s omnipotence to control and manage everything, so that all that happens and develops must contribute perfectly to the ultimate goal that God is bringing about in creation. This goal is the continuous uninterrupted evolution and perfection of human consciousness.


In layer 9C thinking we are dependent on sensorimotor experiencing (9S). When we think about the Omniproprium from a limited sensorimotor perspective, we can understand by it the idea that God can “appear” anywhere. People have claimed that God has appeared to them. Omnipresence is therefore seen as the ability to appear anywhere, like in the extremely popular science fiction series Star Trek, where Captain Kirk and his officers could be “beamed down” to appear on any planet at any location.


In layer 8C thinking we can think more abstractly and symbolically about God’s omnipotence, omnipresence, and omniscience. This “trinity” of Divine aspects is acknowledged as a reality. God is indeed present everywhere. There is nothing God misses or doesn’t know about. There is nothing that can happen that God cannot stop or undo. God is all powerful, all knowing, all seeing. In the unregenerate state this is merely a belief system to which we ascribe, like signing membership papers in a social or professional group. It is in the external consciousness (8eS). But when layer 8 is regenerating, the thinking of materialism turns into cognitive mysticism (see diagram). “Things about God are not meant to be understood” – is a common saying and is part of popular wisdom, as well as theological doctrine.


In layer 7C thinking we can rise above the cognitive materialism and mysticism of layer 8C thinking. The meanings and logic of the rational consciousness  (layer 7) are a discrete degree above those of the materialistic consciousness  (layer 8). We can allow our reflections and ideas to construct mental objects of a new kind. Rational loves (7A) and rational thoughts (7C) have the capacity to give us a higher rational consciousness (7S). In the unregenerate state our rational consciousness  is “Luciferic,” so that whatever rational accounts we produce will have the self at its center, not the Spiritual Sun or God. This is the consciousness of humanism (see diagram). But after undergoing reformation, our thinking operations rise above the first rational (7eC) to the second rational (7iC). This new rationality (7iC) is brought about and directed by our love for interior rationality (7iA). This love comes into the affective organ as altruism substance from the Spiritual Sun.


The interior of the rational consciousness  is capable of bringing our conscious awareness and understanding to levels virtually equivalent to 6S, 5S, and 4S. In layer 7iSv4 of the interior-natural mind (7i) (see Notation System), we are capable of experiencing the highest human consciousness possible, even as we are still on earth and conscious in our natural mind! This is truly amazing when you reflect on what it is. Our layer 4S is called the celestial-rational consciousness. This is the consciousness of the Omniproprium as it corresponds to human beings. When we allow ourselves to receive the inflow of altruism substance in layer 4A of our affective organ, consequently without the distorting influence of selfism, we are capable of receiving the Omniproprium in our consciousness. In this mental state, called “the Third Heaven,” we are conscious of knowing all there is to know about anything that we think about. This may be called quasi-omniscience, and it corresponds to the omniscience of God, from whom this ability inflows through the Spiritual Sun. We are also capable of conjugial love, which is the united state of a husband and wife as soul mates in eternity. In that united conjugial state (“two minds as one”), we reach full completion of humanity.


Earlier Evolution of Consciousness


Regeneration is more critical today than it was in the most ancient times and generations on this earth. They were a celestial race, while we are a spiritual race. The anatomical difference is reflected in the brain. We are a split-brain race, possessing a left and right hemisphere bridged at the center. They were a whole-brained race. The splitting of the brain in the evolution of the physical body was caused by correspondence with the splitting of the two mental organs called affective (A) and cognitive (C). The spiritual race people have the capacity for independence between these two organs, between their thoughts or plans (C), and their intentions or loves (A). You might for instance say “Yes” to someone (“Yes, I’ll do it.”), while you’re actually intending not to do it. So you are pretending or hiding, for various reasons. This means that, when you say “Yes,” others cannot know for sure whether or not you really intend to do it. People’s ability to do this, namely to separate their actions (S) from their thoughts (C) and from their intentions (A), corresponds to the independent operation between the right brain – corresponding to the affective organ (A), and the left brain – corresponding to the cognitive (C) organ.


Every operation or process going on in the mental world of eternity must have a corresponding effect in the physical world of time. This is the fundamental law of creation. The two worlds are ties to each other by correspondences, and this is absolute and inescapable by Divine Will. One world cannot exist without the other. The mental world of eternity cannot exist without the end of creation. But this is impossible because it would be contrary to the Divine Will, which is omnipotent, and this concept does not admit of a single exception.


The evolution of human consciousness into its current perfected stage required the separation between the cognitive (C) and the affective organs. Therefore the corresponding evolution of the physical brain had to participate in this development every step of the way.


The separation between thinking and intending gave us the capacity

·         to lie

·         to deceive

·         to misrepresent

·         to be a hypocritical

·         to engage in conspiracies

·         to attack and defend by means of ruse

·         to fake emotions

·         to pretend to help someone while doing it only for hidden selfish reasons

·         to form political groups

·         to be suspicious of one another

·         to steal, cheat, and rob

·         to enjoy winning no matter what, even if unfairly

·         to be jealous, envious, depressed when others are better off

·         to deny the reality of immortality and the life after death

·         to deny the Divinity of Sacred Scripture and the reality of God

·         to deny true justice and human rights against some people and groups

·         and more


The earlier celestial people called the whole-brained race could not do any of these things. They were heavenly loves and lived in a heavenly social and physical environment. As you can tell from the list, our consciousness evolved from whole-brained heavenly to split-brained hellish. Despite these appearances the actuality is that consciousness raising for the human race required immersion in a mental world of conflict and choice.

The choices people make under conflict raises human consciousness to a higher degree than choices that are made not under conflict.


This is because conflict in the mental world sharpens our mental vision, which is our understanding. The meaning we construct for our choice when we are in conflict, is a higher meaning, a higher consciousness. The most ancients (celestial race), along with the entire Grand Human where they now live, benefits from the evolution of human consciousness on this earth (spiritual race) brought about by the immersion of this human race, or genius, into inherited mental conflict. This works out because, by rejecting what we love from inheritance, we give the Divine Psychologist the ability to organically disconnect us from the inherited hellish loves and enjoyments. These are the loves that maintain and direct the selfish behaviors listed above. By being immersed in both selfism and altruism, we are enabled to make a choice from a purer freedom than prior generations were able to do. Our love on this earth because of this, can be higher, closer to those who are in consciousness layer 4 (called Third Heaven).


Regeneration is the process of becoming conscious of our inherited hellish traits. The Divine Psychologist accomplishes this process by immersing us in temptations of all kinds throughout our life on earth. As for instance the temptation to linger in bed vs. the knowledge that duties are waiting to be done for the sake of others and not just for the sake of self. What if you are sick or sleep deprived? Rational altruism instructs us to make arrangements for such an event so others don’t suffer the consequences. Caring about others is altruism, when the caring is sincere and reflects a general love for heavenly traits. If we accept altruism and reject selfism, we are presented with spiritual temptations through situations and events that bring our focus to what is our choice and preference. Are we bothered by the inconvenience to which we expose others when we fail to act as expected and promised. Do we prefer to get ahead, and to get away with things, more than we prefer to be an honest and fair person.


Spiritual Combat and the Battles of Temptation


Spiritual combat is the process by which we are regenerated by the Divine Psychologist. It is a lifelong process that begins in adulthood at reformation (see diagrams). To engage in spiritual combat requires an understanding of spiritual truths. These are facts and principles about our life in eternity and how it is influenced by our relationship to God. Because we are born with inherited loves that are expressions of selfism, we transform the inflowing altruism substance from positive to negative. We are immersed in negative mental states that are harmful, injurious, and destructive of our happiness and development of our full potential. Hence it is necessary for us to learn how to get rid of such “hellish” loves and enjoyments. This process is called regeneration and requires that we first acquire spiritual truths and organize our thoughts and attitudes around these spiritual truths. This is called reformation. After our thoughts and reasoning process are reorganized, we acquire spiritual truths that allow us to engage in spiritual combat. Reformation can take place as soon as the third decade of life. If we do not regenerate as we get older, we are less and less inclined to do so, though it is still possible. If we die without regenerating, our spiritual mind remains inactive or immature, and we are resuscitated in the natural mind. This leaves us in negative consciousness, which in the mental world of eternity, is called “hellish consciousness.” As you can imagine, this is not a happy way to spend your immortality in eternity!!


Therefore our main task in life has to be regeneration. We can undergo this process only through the assistance, co-presence, and management by the Divine Psychologist. He has to create the events in our life that expose us to situations in which we feel the conflict very strongly. This kind of mental conflict is called temptation. The Divine Psychologist works with each individual regardless of the individual’s awareness, knowledge, acknowledgement, or cooperation. However the degree of success of the process is proportional to the individual’s cooperation with the interior feelings of conscience and social responsibility. Many people actively resist regeneration for their entire lifetime on earth. The Divine Psychologist honors the choices of every person, always keeping the individual in freedom of choice through the balance of mental forces acting. The Divine Psychologist constructs a temptation situation specifically for that unique person. This allows the person to experience an intense emotional conflict between choosing to do it or think it, or choosing not to do it or not to think it.


Sometimes the conflict is agonizing. The emotions are super-intense. This happens only if we already have spiritual truths that can tip the balance in favor of resisting the temptation. Otherwise the Divine Psychologist protects us from experiencing temptations that we cannot fight with spiritual truths. The degree to which we can experience temptations is proportional to the degree of interiorness of the spiritual truths that we understand in our conscious mind. Regeneration begins in layer 7i where we have acquired interior spiritual truths based on conscience or rational enlightenment. It is possible to experience the process of enlightenment in a systematic discipline of escalation to higher and higher consciousness by means of the meanings that are hidden in all Sacred Scripture.


There are natural temptations, spiritual temptations, and celestial temptations, in that sequence.


Natural temptations focus our consciousness on the meaning of morality, equity, fairness, and human responsibility. This battle begins in the affective organ of the external portion of the rational consciousness  (7eA). As the diagram shows this has a consciousness theme titled “affective humanism.” We take up the mentality that the rationality that will explain things to us is our own rationality, what we can figure out with our reasoning. By “we” is meant any human being – a teacher, a scientist, an author, a neighbor, a parent, etc. Any idea or explanation based on what we can figure out alone, without the Divine Psychologist, is an idea hatched from the mentality and practice of affective humanism. We can use this love of selfism, or love of an independent self separate from a higher being, to construct concepts and explanations of ourselves that do not require the presence, intervention, or management of God in every detail of our life and the world. These universal or humanistic ideas and explanations allow us to control many features of our selfism. We are able to become moral human beings, upright citizens, and avoiding deception or fraud and conspiracy. These are altruistic motives at the natural-rational level of consciousness (7eS). Through these altruistic motives of humanism we are able to undergo natural temptations. Every individual, from childhood onward, is able to undergo these natural temptations. From this we are able to acquire a personality that acts decent and peaceful most of the time.


Spiritual temptations focus our consciousness on the spiritual meaning of God’s commandments. The Divine Psychologist brings certain ideas and reflections to our conscious awareness. We formulate questions about our life. These spiritual reflections take place in layer 7iC, the cognitive organ of the interior-natural mind, which is the interior portion of the rational consciousness  in the natural mind. We need to attach value, or importance to us personally, of the new spiritual meanings that we are given in our rational understanding (layer 7iA). The more interior these meanings (7i6S, 7i5S, 7i4S), the more we are able to undergo spiritual temptations, and the more we are able to regenerate layer 8eA. This is the affective organ of the abstract materialist consciousness . With these interior spiritual truths we are able to overhaul our materialism from unregenerate cognitive materialism to regenerating cognitive mysticism. Rational understanding of interior spiritual truths (7i6C, 7i5C, 7i4C), can proceed even further with the regeneration of layer 9. (Note: For a refresher, see the mental anatomy Notation System above.)


Growth and Regeneration of the Natural Mind


The diagram shows you the phases of development of the natural mind. Our life in the mental world of eternity is designed as a perfect environment for the spiritual mind (organic layers 6, 5, 4). Mental eternity is constructed out of altruism and rationality. Mental ether, or mental space, has to be made of some substance if it is to be exist and be real. It cannot be made of physical matter since this is not available in the mental world, where only mental things can exist. There is only one mental world for the human race. You and I and all others who have ever been born on an earth, are born into the mental world with a spiritual body, which contains the spiritual mind, and the natural mind.


Our natural mind (layers 9, 8, 7) is also constructed out of the Divine substances of altruism and rationality, also called spiritual heat and spiritual light, both from the Spiritual Sun. This is the entry point of the Divine into creation and existence. The Spiritual Sun radiates from God altruism (or Divine Love), and rationality (or Divine Truth). This is a difficult idea to understand. Altruism, or spiritual heat, is a living substance. It is Divine, which means it is from God, and what is from God always remains God’s. It cannot belong to human beings. However, the mental organs of human beings are constructed out of altruism substance (the affective organ), and rationality substance (the cognitive organ). Hence it is that these two organs are capable of receiving the inflow of spiritual heat from the Spiritual Sun. Our mental body is exposed to the radiation from the Spiritual Sun. Our affective and cognitive organs are therefore constructed from the Divine substances, and are maintained in order and functioning by continuous inflow of the spiritual radiation substances.


The ability of the human soul is such that it can use the environmental radiation to construct mental organs for itself, housed in a mental body that is tied in perfect correspondence to the physical body. Conception and birth of the physical body occurs in exact correspondence to the soul’s construction of mental organs, so that the physical body and mental body are both ready at birth. The physical body goes through stages of growth that correspond exactly to the development and maturation of the mental organs. In the earliest generations of the human race on this earth, the dying and resuscitation process occurred at around age 33. As the diagram shows this is the age during which reformation and regeneration begins for us today. We need a much longer lifespan – triple in fact—in order to achieve by regeneration the mental states they were in as a race. Theoretically there is no need for us to get old and live life by gradual worsening of health and abilities. The reason this has developed has to do with the evolution of consciousness.


We regenerate the affective organ (A) of our natural mind by acquiring spiritual truths in our cognitive organ (C), and honoring them in our sensorimotor organ (S).


Spiritual truths are conscious ideas and meanings that correspond to the inflowing radiation of rationality substance into the cognitive organ.


Today there are a variety of ideas and meanings about the mind and God. Some are compatible with rationality and altruism, but some are not. This is because the Divine Psychologist, who is co-present in our mind as the manager of what’s going on there, maintains our freedom in balance. This means that anyone can take rationality in their mind and turn it around to become irrationality. The second is the exact opposite of the original. It is the same with the affective organ which receives by radiation spiritual heat, or altruism substance, and is activated by it. But we have the ability of instantly converting that heat into spiritual cold, and altruism in us now becomes selfism.


When selfism in the affective organ is conjoined with irrationality in the cognitive organ, it is called an infernal marriage. It produces the sensory and motor environment of hell in the human mind (called “the Grand Monster”). In contrast, when altruism, which is received in the affective organ, is conjoined with rationality, which is received in the cognitive organ, it is called the spiritual marriage. It produces the sensory and motor environment of heaven in the human mind (called “the Grand Human”). Heaven and hell are within the mind of every human being. We are free to take our consciousness and life to either of these two regions. We travel by means of our loves. We are free to love altruism, or selfism.


Chart of Maturation and Regeneration



The diagram shows that our consciousness grows in six organic phases of development and maturation. Childhood, from birth to age 10, or thereabout, is the maturation of consciousness in layer 9 of the mental world of eternity. The altruism substance that radiates into this layer (9A) is called innocence because that layer operates the concrete-materialistic consciousness , whose life is sensory bound, data bound, immersed in how things appear to the senses. We think that the sun rises and falls, or revolves around the earth, because those are the sensory appearances. Layer 9 thinking (9C) closely reflects the logic of appearances, observations, and data. Layer 9 altruism (9A) is limited by a limited rationality (9C). The sensorimotor consciousness (9S) of sensory appearances is the simplest and most basic level of human awareness, meaning, and life. Children are easily misled by foxy adults who know how to play with appearances and seeming coincidences. Level 9C thinking cannot figure out what causes the appearances they witness, so their rationality is easily misled by the clever manipulation of appearances in magic or miracles. Level 9A loves can be grossly selfish, or generously altruistic.


The inherited and inflowing 9A loves and tendencies are of two kind. The loves of altruism that flow in through the Grand Human (layers 4, 5, 6), are heavenly loves which are not distorted or corrupted. From the Grand Monster there flows in corrupted loves of altruism, that is, loves of selfism. Corporeal loves of selfism (-9A) constitute the consciousness of the lowest hell in the human mind, and life in it. But corporeal loves of altruism (9A) constitute the consciousness of the highest heaven (4A). The diagram shows that layer 9 is the first to mature, but the last to be regenerated. It also shows that the regeneration of layer 9 opens our consciousness and life in that celestial layer (4). Before layer 9 can be regenerated, layer 8 must be regenerated, and for layer 8 to be regenerated, layer 7 must be regenerated.


The second phase of the growth of the mental body corresponds with the maturation of the physical body from age 11 to 20. The loves of altruism (or spiritual heat) that flows into this layer (8A), is higher in human quality and requires conjunction with a more abstract level of thinking that involves analytical reasoning and conceptual meanings (8C), in order to produce the consciousness of abstract materialism (8S). Our sensorimotor environment is not our physical environment. Sensorimotor appearances are produced in the mental world, not the physical world. We do not have the power to create physical events or movements merely by ordering an object to move or wanting to make it move. The object will move only if some physical body moves it. But unlike that object, the physical body has functional properties that are reactive by correspondence to mental events in the spiritual body. So if we want to move something our voluntary muscle system responds by correspondence to the mental operations of the sensorimotor organ in layer 9 (9S).


Here we see the operation of the universal laws of correspondences that create and maintain the layers of the mental and physical worlds. Every phenomenon of the physical world is created and maintained by correspondential reaction to an exact mental version of that phenomenon. There exist general, specific, and particular laws of correspondence that connect point by point, what exists in the two worlds. There are infinite things in the mental world issuing from the Spiritual Sun, but a finite mapping of their representatives in the physical world. For instance, our natural sun (or star) came into existence as a correspondence to the Spiritual Sun. But the Spiritual Sun is infinite, hence there will be features of altruism and rationality radiating in the mental world of eternity that have a representative ‘in the making.’ The things that come into existence, like a star or plant or ruby stone, take a long time to form. There may be thousands or millions of years ‘in the making’ before a physical event can represent some mental event that was there to begin with. But the ripening or maturation of a physical phenomenon corresponds to the mental ripening or growth of the mental phenomenon to which it corresponds.


In general, the mental loves of selfism produce and correspond to physical breakdown, deterioration, ugliness, and a hostile eco-system, while the mental loves of altruism produce physical orderliness, predictability, usefulness, beauty, and a friendly eco-system. These powerful mental loves, of both kinds, are distributed fully throughout humankind, and have existed and multiplied over the generations of human beings on this planet. Hence there is no traceable relation between an earthquake or famine somewhere on earth, and the mental states of the people living there. Negativity in human beings wherever they are, expands its correspondential influence on earthquakes and disasters. The entire human race is connected organically so that mental loves reverberate constantly between people in a specific mental society, either in the Grand Human or Grand Monster. Similarly, we cannot trace the influence of any acquired or inherited sickness or trait, so that it is incorrect to attribute to sick persons negative mental states that are supposedly causing their sickness. The relationship of the individual to the contacted sickness or inherited trait is indirect and general, not personal or individual.


The regeneration of layer 8 during the ages of 41-69, or thereabout, can occur after regeneration of layer 7. Layer 8 and layer 9 are different versions of materialistic consciousness. While layer 9 is concrete, data bound, positivistic, in contrast, layer 8 is abstract, searching for relations and patterns in the data, and constructing logical accounts for these relationship patterns using symbolic reasoning, linguistic expressions, mathematical models, and technological applications and manufacturing. These activities are out of reach of layer 9 thinking (9C) and motivation (9A). When our consciousness functions in layer 9S we have neither the love (9A) nor the cognitive ability (9C) for abstract explanations of events. Hence it is that our 9A loves are attracted by

·         corporeal feats (9S)

·         magical happenings (9S)

·         power objects (9S)

·         superstitions, mysterious events and places (9S)

·         simple concrete explanations (9C)

·         psychic powers, sorcery, spiritism, black magic (9S)

·         puzzles, mysteries, secrets (9C)

·         fortune telling, card reading, divination

·         etc.

However, it is completely different after layer 9 is regenerated. It then acquires the “wisdom of innocence” that has been attributed from time immemorial to the elderly and to the ancestors, in a tribe or society. When layer 9 is regenerated it becomes the representative of heavenly consciousness, which is the reception of altruism substance and rationality substance without corruption or distortion by selfism. When layer 9 is regenerated, selfism in all forms have been exiled forever, from the sphere and conscious life of self.


Layer 8 must regenerated before layer 9. The regeneration of layer 8 involves undergoing spiritual temptations in spiritual combat. The weapons of mental defense against our inborn attraction to hellish enjoyments, are the weapons of truth and rationality flowing into the cognitive organ (8C). These truths bring us higher meanings within a life of materialism. We begin to think about what cannot be explained by the logic of philosophy, poetry, science, or common sense. We feel a need and an attraction towards “higher meaning,” or “spirituality,” or religion and the practice disciplines like yoga, kabala, I Ching, monastic life, and so on. In the regenerated layer 8 there is the hope of the afterlife, the hope of eternal union with a soul mate, the worship of God or mystical reverence for the universe. These intellectual attitudes and meanings (8C) are attached to us through the loves (8A) we have for them. These loves are beneficial and altruistic, fairness minded, in favor of the idea of human rights for all, willing to live peacefully with neighbors, and directing its energies into scientific gadgets that help rather than hinder the attainment of heavenly happiness. The regeneration of layer 8 opens and fully operationalizes layer 5 of the spiritual mind.


But layer 8 cannot be regenerated before the regeneration of layer 7. While layer 8 consciousness (8S) is an abstract and reductionist materialism, layer 7 is rational. In layer 7, for the first time in mental growth, we attain the ability to think rationally (7C). This means that we are thinking (7C) with dualist concepts of reality. We are using meanings that integrate the two worlds into which we are born. At this level of operation our consciousness is not able to act schizoid with ourselves, as we do in layer 8C, by declaring that in science I am a materialist, but in the rest of my area of consciousness I am a dualist, as when I worship, or when I think about the afterlife and how I will have to account for what I did in this life. These are rational thoughts and ideas, not physical, not bound to material senses, or to mere sensory appearances.


Prior to regeneration layer 7 is a natural version of true rationality. When rationality substance, or spiritual light, enters the cognitive organ of the unregenerated rational consciousness  (7C), it is altered by our inherited loves of selfism. The rational consciousness  (layer 7) also has inherited loves (7A), some that are sourced in the Grand Monster (-7, -8, -9), and others in the Grand Human (6, 5, 4). The rationality of the rational consciousness  prior to its regeneration is tainted by “self-intelligence.” This is one of the many forms of selfism. The love of self in the affective organ (7A) constructs the irrationality of self-intelligence in the cognitive organ (7C), producing the consciousness of the unregenerate rational person (7S). IN this state we fall prey to the appearance that we think from self. We attribute all our good ideas to self. We are taken in by the subjective experience of mental effort in reasoning when we try to understand something, or figure something out. When we come to a solution, we are delighted. We look at the solution laike a a child or offspring. We see our pride in it, our ability, our motivation, ambition, and effort. The solution is ours.


This is self-intelligence. It is from hell, and it takes us to hell after resuscitation.


Note that layers 8 and 9 cannot be regenerated prior to layer 7. So everything about our future life in immortality after resuscitation, starts here, in our thinking in layer 7 (7C). We must engage in spiritual combat to overcome our loves for self-intelligence, and the appearances it plants into our consciousness as an independently living organism and individual. In order to defeat the dead end thinking of self-intelligence, we must undergo spiritual reformation. This is a mental overhaul of the basis of all our thinking that has been influenced by socialization, enculturation, and self-intelligence. The old inherited unregenerate rational consciousness  (layer 7), self-reliant and self-conceited, falsely thinking that “we did it ourselves,” is chased away as something spiritually insane. To think that God is not managing the rational consciousness , and its reasonings and solutions, is irrational, and only a hellish love can associate with such thinking. The phase of reformation can begin as soon as we are self-reliant young adults, responsible for our own life, our own beliefs, our own meanings, and consequently our own consciousness. In our culture and generation this begins in the twenties.


Chart of Consciousness Themes Prior and After Regeneration



The diagram above describes the evolution of consciousness for the individual human being. Note the beginning point at birth. The growth of the natural mind shows itself in personality development as an ascending process: 9e, 8e, 7e. This is the external (“e”) portion of each layer of the natural mind. The interior portion (“i”) of each layer will be activated in reverse order during regeneration of the natural mind: 7i, 8i, 9i. The spiritual mind is also undergoing growth, first, by being initialized (or opened) during the ascending process of personality development (9e, 8e, 7e), and second, by being matured during the descending process of regeneration (7i, 8i, 9i). The approximate age during each phase is indicated on the diagram.


Mental development during infancy and childhood (layer 9e) is driven by the love (9eA) and consciousness of sensorimotor corporeality (9eS). Cognitive development (9eC) is very rapid in conjunction with the loves (9eA) of sensorimotor corporeality (9eS). Infants are sensory bound. Their attention span is determined by it. When there is little sensory input, the infant falls asleep. Sounds, sites, touch, taste occupy a primary focus and makes up most of our consciousness in that layer. Out of sight, out of mind, and out existence. Infants and children alternate between states of sensorimotor corporeality that are contrary to heavenly order, and heavenly states of sensorimotor innocence. This oscillation between heavenly order and hellish order is a necessary component of the natural mind that is going to be regenerated in adult life. The hellish order is always inherited in the external portion of the affective organ in the natural mind at each layer (9eA, 8eA, 7eA). For instance, the infant’s love of parents, interest in other children, or the delights of sensory input, are the result of inflow into the interior portion of the sensorimotor layer (9iA). This is the inflow into the affective organ (9iA) of altruism substance from the Spiritual Sun to which the mental body is exposed continuously from birth to eternity. This inflow is through our layer 4, which is called the celestial-rational consciousness (or “Third Heaven”).


The second major phase of personality development, from age 11 to 20, has an altogether different focus or consciousness theme. This mentality may be called “cognitive materialism” to show its focus on cognitive development and on the content of this new life orientation for the developing person. In this higher layer (8C) we are capable of thinking and reasoning with abstracted ideas that are less dependent on sensory input and data observation typical of layer 9C. Layer 8eC thinking occurs in the external portion of the cognitive organ in layer 8 of the developing natural mind. Ideas that are abstracted involve thinking symbolically instead of literally. For example, in childhood (layer 9) we obey authority figures because we want to avoid being punished by them. This is corporeal thinking (9eC). It helps our physical survival and social adaptation in groups. Animals are also capable of this type of self-control. But when we develop our consciousness to the next higher level (8S), we are able to able to think with higher meanings (8eC). We can reason symbolically and hypothetically. We can understand that obedience from fear of authority is necessary in layer 9, an even better mentality (8eA) is voluntary compliance with rules, obligations, and legitimate expectations of others. Now we are motivated to do the right and fair thing even if we can get away with it by secrecy or deception.


During our acquisition of abstracted cognitive materialism (ages 11-20) we are also experiencing some oscillation towards cognitive mysticism (7iC). We hear about “spiritual” ideas as part of our cultural, educational, and intellectual exposure. We hear about a dualism of “this world” and “the next,” about God and Sacred Scripture, about the afterlife of heaven and hell, about spirituality and world religions, etc. We give these ideas the meanings of materialism. We can understand them abstractly rather than realistically or actually. They appear to us as “mystery” and authority figures tell us that mystery cannot be understood by rational thinking. This is an oscillation pattern between the exterior thinking of materialism in layer 8eC, and the interior thinking of materialism in layer 8iC. Mysticism is dualist and admits of God’s existence. God is portrayed or imagined in mystical experience. Some events are explained in terms of miracles, others in terms of natural laws. The natural laws can be comprehended rationally, but not the spiritual truths, and hence we enter the mentality of mysticism.


When we reach the age of maturity between the ages 21-30, our consciousness once again sees itself raised to a higher degree (7e). This is the opening of the external portion of our rational consciousness  (7e). We move from a theme that oscillates between cognitive materialism (8eC) and cognitive mysticism (8iC), to a new consciousness theme that oscillates between affective humanism (7eS) to affective theism (7iS). This is the critical movement that begins reformation and prepares for regeneration to begin through layer 7. The mentality of affective humanism (7eA) receives altruism substance still in an external way, and is tied to the abstractions and symbolisms of materialism (8eC). Affective humanism (7eA) is the love self in humanity. Affective theism (7iA) is the love of God’s Human. The love of self in humanism is an unregenerate love that supports selfism. We undergo mental inversion and reformation when we raise our consciousness theme from self (humanism) to God (theism).


The higher consciousness of affective theism (7iS) allows us for the first time as fully mature adults, to acknowledge God as omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent. This acknowledgment prior to this point, is dependrnt on a rationale of self- reliance and self-intelligence (humanism) (7eC), or of symbolic meanings and representations (8eC), or of corporeal confirmations (9eC). Thus none of these were actual and congruent with the reality, which is that God’s omnipotence requires a higher rational understanding, one that Is not based on self at all. It is based on an as-of self that the Divine Psychologist keeps in psychological freedom between the inflow of loves sourced in the Grand Monster (-7, -8, -9), and those sourced in the Grand Human (6, 5, 4).


Once the consciousness of affective theism (7iS) is underway and operational, reformation ends and regeneration begins. The first to regenerate is layer 7e, the first rational is based on the love of self-intelligence (affective humanism). This is accomplished through the assistance or inflow of layer 6 (or “First Heaven”) while we are undergoing natural temptations brought to us by the Divine Psychologist. This allows the growth and maturation of layer 6 in our spiritual mind. After resuscitation, this layer (called First Heaven) will be part of our eternal consciousness and life.

Once this is underway, the second to undergo regeneration is layer 8e, which is accomplished through the assistance of layer t in our spiritual mind (called Second Heaven). Layer 8i is used to regenerate 8e, with the help of layer 5. Cognitive materialism is fully replaced with cognitive mysticism. The final layer to regenerate is 9e, and this is accomplished by means of layer 9i, with the assistance of layer 4. Sensorimotor corporeality is replaced with sensorimotor innocence. Now all three systems of the natural mind have been regenerated and the three systems of the spiritual mind have been activated and matured. At resuscitation we are able to move right into the heavenly consciousness of the Grand Human societies.


If our layer 9 has been regenerated, then our layer 4 is matured and functional. Our consciousness can enter the celestial-rational consciousness (4S) called the Third Heaven. If our layer 9 has not been regenerated, but only our layer 8, then our layer 5 is matured and functional. Our consciousness can enter the spiritual-rational consciousness (5S) called the Second Heaven. If our layer 8 has not been regenerated, but only our layer 7, then our layer 6 is matured and functional. Our consciousness can enter the spiritual-natural consciousness (6S) called the First Heaven. If our layer 7 has not been regenerated, we remain unregenerate at resuscitation. Our spiritual mind (layers 6, 5, 4) has not been matured and is not capable of functioning for our consciousness raising. Our consciousness remains in the natural mind, and since this has not been regenerated, we are attached to the same loves that we had prior to dying. But now these cherished loves can no longer be held back by heavenly loves, as we could when still attached by correspondence to the physical body. The formal balance of freedom that the Divine Psychologist maintained for us, is no longer an organic possibility. The spiritual layers (6, 5, 4) are organically shut down.


Prior to the last phase of an individual’s life, the possibility of regeneration is kept open by the Divine Psychologist. This is the necessary rule of freedom for all human beings. This balance of freedom of choice in daily life is maintained by the Divine Psychologist in the form of presenting the consciousness of opposing, conflictual, or incompatible loves (A). For example, on the one hand you feel attracted to the financial and career opportunities in a job offer that requires renting out your mind and selling out your principles of life. On the other hand you feel attracted to a life of integrity where you can become a good person seeking peace and fair-mindedness. These two loves are in conflict. The Divine Psychologist has arranged events to present you with such a conflict. He maintains you in balance for that spiritual combat – to bend your principles for the sake of self only, or to rescue and affirm your principles as higher than yourself, and even Divine if they are from the inflowing of altruism and rationality substance, inflowing without resistance or distortion.


But after resuscitation our relationship to the Divine Psychologist changes and the process of living changes. We awaken in the resuscitation zone of the mental world of eternity. Imagine what your life would be if you were trapped in your dream world, or the dream world of others. If you retain your natural logical way of thinking about what’s going on, you would be totally insane in the dream world. You would not be able to navigate. You would be like an avatar in Second Life, who is stuck in one place and position, where you were left off by the owner of the account, who never bothers to log in again. You can move around in your dream if you learn the peculiar logic proper to the dream world, and you can make things happen, so at least you could survive even if trapped. It is similar with resuscitating with the spiritual mind undeveloped and non-functional. You would have to survive in the logic of materialism that you had while living your biography on earth. But this was a logic for survival in the physical world. If you are stuck with using this logic in the mental world of eternity, you are spiritually insane. You will be inverting the inflow of altruism and rationality substance. This occurs in layer -7, -8, -9. It is the Grand Monster.


These layers in the unregenerate natural mind are marked with a negative sign to indicate that they are hellish loves that are opposed to altruism love, and these hellish loves create their own irrational ideas and reasonings, which then amount to the hellish consciousness of the Grand Monster societies. At any one moment in our life here on earth, we are connected and disconnected by the Divine Psychologist to various societies of people whose consciousness is permanently kept there after resuscitation. These are the hellish loves that were inflowing during our free choices. We are totally familiar with them as we join the society of consciousness somewhere in the distorted human shape of the Grand Monster.


Although these anti-altruistic loves were inflowing prior to resuscitation, they were kept by the Divine Psychologist at a low intensity in comparison to what they are after resuscitation. Whereas we could resist these hellish loves when kept at low intensity, it is near-impossible for us to let go of those loves after resuscitation. The intensity of the enjoyment of those hellish loves is so attractive that they become irresistible. We are stuck forever in our own anti-altruistic loves. We never want to give them up, no matter what. That victory is our permanent hell. It is not a punishment from God. It is a self-affirmation for our hellish love. Not even the Divine Psychologist can bend the person away from that terrible end. A place of living is provided for all those who won’t let go of their hellish consciousness. The mental places are layered to group together people of similar hellish loves and insane fantasies. Supervisors are established and empowered to keep rules of order in interactions. Their insane hellish fantasies are not allowed to go beyond a certain pre-determined line. If they disobey these orders their supervisors can coerce them through various mental medical procedures.


This sub-human misery of eternity can be altogether avoided by regeneration. Every individual has the capacity to regenerate all the way to layer 9. Upon resuscitation the individual is happy to abandon whatever hellish loves and enjoyments remained in the natural mind. The individual is willing to have it shut down altogether. Natural consciousness is far inferior to spiritual consciousness, and this immeasurable more so in the mental world of eternity. Now freed from those remaining love pests, we awaken fully conscious in our layer 4. It is the heavenly consciousness called the Omniproprium with the person (4S). This consciousness is created by the celestial marriage or conjunction between the affective organ of the husband which he wills to be united with the cognitive organ of the wife, and reciprocally, the wife’s affective organ which she wills to be united with the cognitive organ of the husband. This conjugial relationship creates the “Crown” of the loves of the human race. It is the highest consciousness attainable, and it grows daily in eternity to endless an endless degree.


The Omniproprium with us is the consciousness of the Divine Psychologist who wills that it be the as-if consciousness of the person who is accepts the Divine Altruism substance or love without distortion by self or selfism. This celestial-rational love (4A) has access to virtual-omniscience in our cognitive organ (4C), a quasi-omniscience as-if our own, by which we can understand all that is to know about anything we think about. Celestial-rational love inflowing with Divine Altruism in our affective organ (4A), are now married or acting with quasi-omniscient meanings and understandings (4C). It is the eternal happy conjugial life that the Divine Psychologist tries to give to every human being.



The Process of Mental Reformation Prior to Regeneration



Mental reformation begins with the conscious realization or interior insight (7iC) and consciousness (7iS), that God is co-present in our mind, managing it to bring about our eternal happiness, and that this requires our cooperation as-of self. This is the process of reformation when we see that everything in our mind so far was inverted and turned upside down. Reformation is the as-of self mental effort to rotate all our external rational ideas and consciousness (7eS) by 180 degrees. The diagram above shows the line 7eS -------7iS, which marks the inversion point of reformation. You can see that this involves abandoning our affective humanism (7eS) and replacing it with affective theism (7iS).


The external portion of the rational consciousness  (7e) has been built up from below through the ascending operation of development, as shown in the above diagram. Sensorimotor corporeality (9eS) is the consciousness we are immersed in during infancy and childhood (as shown in an earlier diagram on themes above). In adolescence and young adulthood we are immersed in the theme of cognitive materialism (8eS). In young and mature adulthood we are immersed in affective humanism (7eS). The diagram shows the actual simultaneous order of our natural mind in young adulthood when the inversion point can occur.


Note that as young adults our external rational consciousness  contains the developmental sequence in simultaneous order. It shows what is our affective humanism is wrapped in, namely materialism and corporeality, and these are sense-bound material ideas, not genuine rational ideas. The rational consciousness  at that external phase is filled with material ideas that appear to us as rational ideas. A material idea is one rooted or sourced in sensory input from the physical body. When this idea ascends, the rational consciousness  is immersed or flooded with material ideas that appear to be rational. This is a very dangerous situation.


If inversion or reformation does not take place at that point, the descending operation marked on the left (hashed arrow) takes over. In simultaneous order, as we grow into mature adulthood, affective humanism will be within cognitive materialism (8eS) and both humanism and materialism will be within corporeality. This marks the end of the unregenerate natural mind. Soon after resuscitation will awaken us in that unregenerate external mind. Soon thereafter, at the second death, we give up all altruistic loves, becoming a monstrous exaggeration or caricature of our former self, and now tied forever to some familiar society of the Grand Monster.


But if we decide we won’t be going down that external natural road (on the left of the diagram), we then engage ourselves on the descending road (on the right of the diagram). This is the interior natural descent and development. It is a process in which our spiritual mind and our natural mind interact and benefit one another. The start of regeneration in layer 7e involves the as-of self effort and determination to retool our cognitive reasoning process from the external, selfism-based affective humanism (7eS) to the interior, altruism-based affective theism (7iS). Our external natural consciousness sees itself as existing independently of God, even if we grant that God exists. This is the love of humanism (7eA), based on the love of self-aggrandizement as a god. Our interior natural consciousness is not based on the senses, materialism, the self, or anything else that exists that we know of. Instead, it is based on inflow by correspondence from the spiritual mind (6, 5, 4), and this is a correspondential reaction to the inflow from the Spiritual Sun. Hence everything in the interior-natural mind (7i) is from Divine Rationality substance or spiritual light. This is the love of altruism from God, which gives the consciousness of “affective theism” (7iS).


The inflow of affective theism in the rational consciousness  (7iS) into the material mind below (8iS), allows this portion to regenerate cognitive materialism (8eS). This is shown in the diagram by the line 8iS ----- 8eS. Once this regeneration operation is underway, we can continue our spiritual development by the regeneration of layer. This is marked in the diagram by the line 9iS ---- 9eS. This is the reversal from sensorimotor corporeality in the unregenerate external mind (9eS) to sensorimotor innocence (9iS) in the interior portion of the regenerating corporeal consciousness . At this point we are nearing the end of our development and are getting ready to undergo the dying and resuscitation process. We have full confidence that this will take us to the Grand Human, which is the source of our loves of altruism and rationality. The spiritual layers can mature only with the regeneration of the natural layers.


When reformation begins the process of regeneration in the interior-natural portion of the rational consciousness  (7iS), spiritual layer 6 participates in the new growth. Layer 7iS and layer 6S are bonded by correspondential action. Later, layer 8iS and layer 5iS bond by co-action. Finally, layer 9iS and 4iA become co-dependent in correspondential action. At this point the natural mind is fully regenerate and the spiritual mind is full matured. Upon resuscitation we awaken in our spiritual mind, the natural layers being put to sleep. Now at our second death we can enter a society in the Grand Human where we are reunited with our soul mate.


The process of regeneration requires as-of self effort, struggle, spiritual combat against the enemy within that we inherit and draws us to put on the consciousness of hell, with its enticing enjoyments and states of temporary contentment. Reformation can begin when we acquire this perspective on life, society, ourselves, and immortality. It is a spiritual revolution in our mind, the appearance of the Divine Psychologist, very much present, very much alive, very much Human, though Divine and omnipotent. By reflection and rational reasoning on these issues, we are gradually brought to the realization that the same Divine Psychologist is co-present with every human being, from birth onward to endless immortality. This realization turns our world upside down.


We realize that up to then, we had been turned upside down intellectually, as if with the feet pointing up and the head bouncing on the ground, or else as if we had been riding horses sitting backwards to the head of the horse, and facing its tail, pulling on it. Or as if we suddenly awakened from a drugged life in a mental asylum, and walk out on the street in the real world, for the first time in years. These moments of realizations begin to extend themselves in our consciousness, if we do not resist them. We have the motivation to resist them, namely our love of the conceit of self-intelligence. This is inborn in humanity. To be human means to have this love, which is an infernal love, a love that is sourced in the Grand Monster (-7, -8, -9). These are the three layers of the natural mind after resuscitation, if they were not regenerated prior to resuscitation. The spiritual mind is then immature, non-functional, unavailable for the new life in the mental world of eternity. Hence our fate is for our consciousness to remain in the unregenerated natural mind. This is attached to the Grand Monster, and makes one with it, thus, hell.


Reformation begins the process of regeneration in young adulthood, or whenever later that the person is willing to start thinking, reasoning, and loving solely from the new perspective of the spiritual mind. Reformation occurs when we are willing to think the thoughts and love the loves that make our immortal heavenly consciousness in the spiritual mind (6S, 5S, 4S). The new rational consciousness  (7i) is anatomically distinct from the old rational consciousness  (7e). The unregenerate rational is anatomically on the external portion, like the skin covering the muscles, or like the bony encasing of the brain, and like hair that covers and adorns on the outside. Hence this anatomical structure is designated by 7e (“e” for external). But the new rational consciousness  is designated 7i (“i” for interior) because the regenerated rational consciousness  is interior (7i) to the unregenerated rational (7e) mind. What is interior corresponds to what is higher or more excellent, more purely corresponding to the inflow of altruism and rationality without corruption and distortion.


The interior portion of the natural-rational consciousness  is called interior-natural mind (7i). The content of the interior-natural mind is exclusively from dualist concepts and reasonings, under the direct supervision and inspiration of the Divine Psychologist. The process of regeneration is a Divine task, not human. It cannot be accomplished by the human mind. However the human mind can cooperate in the process that is carried out solely by the Divine. It is Divine altruism or spiritual heat, and Divine rationality, or spiritual truth, that is the Divine Psychologist in the mind. There is no other Divine with human beings. We are close to the Divine in proportion to our willingness to love the inflowing altruism substance without corrupting it into selfism.


Until our phase of reformation and regeneration, in 7iS consciousness, we may be called being asleep. We awaken from this sleep at reformation. It is a very distinct marking point in our life. We now have a pre-enlightenment period of life and a post-enlightenment period. The enlightenment refers to our awakening to the realization that we are dual citizens born into eternity and managed by the Divine Psychologist. This is the reality, while we were living an un-reality. We were living with the idea that if God exists He would equip us for living, then leave us to our own fate to battle it out with the blind elements into some unknown and unpredictable future. This view is common, perhaps universal in layer 8eC thinking. This cognitive materialism (see diagram), sees itself as material. Cognitivists prefer materialism for themselves because they think that matter is the only reality. In the mentality and consciousness of cognitive materialism (8eS) we ourselves as human beings are responsible for what we have achieved, either as a race, or as a successful individual. In this view, if God exists, He leaves us alone. That’s what being human is.


After reformation, when layer 8e is being regenerated, the cognitivism of the materialistic consciousness  (7eC) is transformed by enlightenment to cognitive mysticism (see diagram). The distinct difference is that we now attribute nothing in our mind or ability to ourselves, but everything to the Divine Providence. We sometimes say with materialistic wisdom, “Everything is up to God.” Or, “With God everything is possible.” What God is, or where God is, or how God is – that’s a mystery. Our layer 8eC thinking gets the nod from our layer 8eA feelings. We accept the idea of mystical or supernatural in relation to God. We confirm ourselves in this by thinking that no one has been found so far who can explain God’s ways or purposes. This makes it a mystery that cannot be explained or understood by finite human reason.


But after a deeper level of regeneration of layer 8 we begin to understand rationally more and more of the mystery. Our interior rational thinking in layer 7iC directs by correspondence our interior-materialistic, or mystical thinking in layer 8iC below. Our new regenerating consciousness in interior materialism (8iS) sees God as “Spirit,” thus not in external material terms. It now allows a an interior-materialism (7iS) consciousness within the external materialism (8eS). Similarly in the next phase of regeneration, where we allow an interior innocence within the corporeal consciousness  (9iS) to replace the former external corporeality that was sourced in the sensorimotor self (9eS).


The inflowing altruism substance in the interior-natural mind (7iA) creates the highest state of human consciousness prior to resuscitation, to the extent that it is not corrupted by selfism. It gives us the awareness of meanings that belong to a heavenly mind (layer 6, called the spiritual-natural mind). Regeneration of the rational consciousness  (layer 7) opens up and operationalizes the “first heaven” in our spiritual mind (layer 6). Now the rational consciousness  enjoys the direct inflow of the spiritual-natural loves (6A) and thoughts (6C), that together produce the first heaven in the Grand Human (layer 6). This conscious inflow allows us to acquire a host of armaments for the upcoming spiritual combat in the regeneration of layers 8 and 9.


The regeneration of layer 7 in the natural mind proceeds by natural temptations, which require that we acquire interior-natural rationality (7iC) with which we can conquer the natural-rational temptations in the affective organ (7A) (or “will”) of layer 7. This proceeds in correspondence with the opening and maturation of layer 6 in the spiritual mind. Further development of our spiritual-natural consciousness (or “interior-natural” mind), continues through the correspondential interaction between layers 7 and 6. The attainment of this degree of consciousness corresponds to our First Heaven (or spiritual-natural heaven).

The regeneration of layer 8 in the natural mind proceeds by spiritual temptations, which require that we acquire spiritual-rational rationality (8iC) with which we can conquer the abstract materialist temptations. This proceeds with the opening and maturation of layer 5 in the spiritual mind. Further development of our spiritual-rational consciousness continues through the correspondential interaction between layers 8 and 4. The attainment of this degree of consciousness corresponds to our Second Heaven (or spiritual heaven).

The regeneration of layer 9 in the natural mind proceeds by celestial temptations, which require that we acquire celestial-rational rationality (9iC) with which we can conquer the concrete materialist and sense bound temptations. This proceeds with the opening and maturation of layer 4 in the spiritual mind. Further development of our celestial-rational consciousness continues through the correspondential interaction between layers 9 and 4. The attainment of this degree of consciousness corresponds to our Third Heaven (or celestial heaven). This is the highest degree of human consciousness we can attain.


As you study the above anatomical relationships, note the distinctions between the key words and their combinations:

natural (9, 8, 7)

rational (7, 5, 4)

interior (7i, 8i, 9i)

spiritual (6, 5, 4)

celestial (4)

external-natural (9e, 8e, 7e)

natural-rational (7e)

interior-natural (7i)

spiritual-natural (6)

spiritual-rational (5)

celestial-rational (4)


The recapitulation below can be useful to disentangle these anatomical distinctions.


Summary of Facts About Regenerating the Natural Mind (Layers 7, 8, 9)


(I) Two Bodies

We are born with a mental body that contains a natural mind and a spiritual mind. We are also born with a temporary physical body. The two bodies are exact copies of each other and operate together point by point by means of the laws of correspondence. Our sensations are not in the physical body, they are in our sensorimotor organ (S) in the spiritual body. Similarly with our thinking and cognitions (C), and with our life of love, feeling, and intention (A).


(II) Two Minds

We are conscious in the natural mind and unconscious in the spiritual mind, while we are living here on earth through a temporary physical body attached to our permanent mental body by correspondence. This means the two bodies are models of each other, but in different substances. One is physical made of matter and contains no mental organs. The other is made of living immortal spiritual substances.


(III) Dying and Resuscitation

While our physical body grows and matures, our mental body and its mental organs grow in correspondence with each other. During the dying process, the physical body is separated and no longer in correspondence. We lose all connection or awareness of the physical world. We are awakened in the mental body through the resuscitation process, which takes about 30 hours.


(IV) Mental World of Eternity

Our immortal life in the mental world of eternity thus begins at our birth, but we only gain consciousness of it when we are resuscitated at death. Now we continue our normal life in a new world, but one that is completely familiar to us, since it is our mental world. There is only one mental world for the human race, so once we become conscious in it, we can interact with anyone who is also passed the resuscitation phase. Our new life is with more vivid and intense sensations, with complete freedom to be and do anything we want, and more directly related to feelings and loves. The mental world of eternity is an expanse of rational ether that radiates from the Spiritual Sun. Spiritual heat substance, or altruism love, and spiritual light substance, or rationality, are the constituents out of which our mental organs are constructed. Altruism love substance enters the affective organ (A) of every human being, and produces there the consciousness of loves, affections, intentions, desires. Rationality substance enters the cognitive organ (C) of every human being, and produces there the consciousness of thoughts, images, truths, explanations.


(V) Heaven and Hell

We inherit all our human tendencies, which fall into two categories: heavenly and hellish. Our heavenly traits are activated by the reception of altruism substance radiating from the Spiritual Sun in the mental world of eternity. Our hellish traits are activated by the reception of this altruism substance, but transforming or converting it into different types of corruptions called selfism. In other words, we desire (A) to misuse our abilities (S) for selfish purposes (A) and reasons (C). This requires that we corrupt the substance of altruism that flows into our affective organ (A) at all levels.


(VI) The Natural Mind (layers 7, 8, 9)

While the three layers of the natural mind (9, 8, 7) are developing (from age 0 to 70+), the layers of the spiritual mind (6, 5, 4) need to be developed also. Our three spiritual layers must also be developed while we are temporarily living our life in the natural layers here. When we are resuscitated our new life of heaven takes place in the spiritual mind, while the natural mind is de-commissioned, put to sleep. Our heavenly consciousness and life in eternity depends therefore on the opening and maturation of the spiritual mind during our life here on earth. This is accomplished through the process of regeneration. The diagram shows the process of regeneration of the natural layers (7, 8, 9) in relation to the opening and maturation of the spiritual layers (6, 5, 4).

Layer 7 is the highest of the natural mind and is called the rational consciousness  in general, but more specifically, the natural-rational consciousness . This upper layer of the natural mind (7) is in contrast to the three layers of the spiritual mind, which are the spiritual-natural layer (6), the spiritual-rational layer (5), and the celestial-rational layer (4).

Layer 8 of the natural mind is called the abstract materialist consciousness . In comparison to the rational consciousness  (layer 7), the abstract-materialist consciousness  (layer 8) is completely sense-bound, time-bound, and place-bound. All our ideas at this level of operation (8C) are grounded in the senses that are tied to the physical world of time, place, gravity, energy, and matter. Our ideas represent and correspond to these physical properties and limits. In contrast the rational consciousness  (layer 7) id capable of understanding meanings that originate in the mental world of eternity, outside time, and not limited by physical place, matter, quantity, or energy. The mental world of eternity is boundless, limitless, timeless, with no fixed place since all that is there is a creation of our mind using the living eternal substances of the Spiritual Sun.

Layer 9 of the natural mind is called concrete materialist consciousness , or the corporeal consciousness . This is the lowest layer of human consciousness. It is closest to the physical body and most nearly corresponds to it. Layer 9 is a human living interface between the two worlds. At this level of consciousness we are sense-bound without the power to construct abstracted explanations that go beyond the data, beyond the sensory appearances around us. The corporeal consciousness  is limited in its operations, but it is nevertheless basic, essential, and critical for our life in both worlds.


(VII) Regenerating Layer 7 – The Rational Consciousness

Regeneration begins with the process of reformation in our thirties and forties, or thereabouts, in layer 7. Reformation is the opening of the interior layer of the natural-rational consciousness , and is called the interior-natural mind (7Ci). The word “interior” means that it is higher on the layers of mental degrees. Layer 7i is interior to layer 7e, which is external. The interior-layer of the natural-rational consciousness  (7i) consists of ideas, concepts, and meanings (7iC) that correspond to those in layer 6 of the spiritual mind (6C). The regeneration of layer 7e by means of the ideas and meanings in layer 7i, opens the operations of the lowest level of the spiritual mind (6). This is accomplished by undergoing natural temptations that deal with our morality, civic duties, and relationship responsibilities. These natural temptations are overcome with our interior-natural meanings and ideas. As our regeneration of layer 7 proceeds further and further on a daily basis, our motives become more altruistic and our thinking becomes more rational. We can see the connection between morality and spirituality, between our lifestyle here in this life, and our lifestyle in the afterlife. We are able to connect the two in our rational consciousness .

As a result, we are made capable to initiate and supervise the regeneration of layer 8. We acquire the ability to acknowledge the co-presence of the Divine Psychologist, seeing that relationship as the source of our regeneration, immortality, and consciousness. If we do not regenerate layer 7e, we remain spiritually insane, reasoning about everything in a non-theistic intellect. The acceptance of God’s omnipotence with the denial of God’s management of our mind, leaves us in a mental state of spiritual insanity, denying the reality, and unable to adapt to spiritual growth and regeneration. And if layer 7 is not regenerated the other two layers below it cannot be regenerated either. We will evolve a negative lifestyle consciousness (-7S) that is connected from within with the rationalist societies of the Grand Monster (-7). Unless this inborn connection is broken by regeneration, our consciousness after resuscitation is irresistibly drawn there by our own enjoyment and love, which are sourced in that negative and insane mental region. Such as our altruism is in the affective organ (7A), such is our rationality in the cognitive organ (7C), and consequently such is our consciousness (7S), and such are our lifestyle practices in the lower layers (8S, 9S). Being unwilling (A) to move out of that region of human consciousness is the reason why there are hells in the mental world of eternity.


(VIII) Regenerating Layer 8 – The Abstract Materialist Consciousness

Once regeneration of layer 7 is underway, and not necessarily complete, regeneration of layer 8 can proceed. The regeneration of layer 8eC (abstract materialist meanings and ideas), is by means of interior ideas 8iC that correspond to the meanings in layer 5C of the spiritual mind. These spiritual ideas in our natural mind consciousness (layer 8iC) are capable of engaging spiritual combat against spiritual temptations. The meanings of our layer 5C are called spiritual-rational ideas. When we become conscious of these ideas in our natural mind (layer 8C) we are able to use them to fight against our spiritual temptations. This involves the construction of spiritual-materialist meanings and ideas (layer 8iC). We become capable of thinking about what lies within material objects. We can understand dualism in science so that we abandon the negative bias and can see a more complete reality. We can see the connection between the natural world in time and the mental world of eternity.

Through constant hourly and minute-by-minute interaction with our layer 5, we gradually gain new abilities for managing our physical environment, for being more altruistic and effective in our social relationships, and for maintaining a healthy and productive lifestyle. If we do not regenerate layer 8, we remain thoroughly materialistic in our rationality (8eC) and in our motives and loves (8eA). We will evolve a negative lifestyle consciousness (-8S) that is connected from within with the materialist societies of the Grand Monster (-8). Unless this inborn connection is broken by regeneration, our consciousness after resuscitation is irresistibly drawn there by our own enjoyment and love, which are sourced in that negative and insane mental region. Such as our love is, such is our rationality, and consequently our consciousness. Being unwilling to move out of that region of human consciousness is the reason why there are hells in the mental world of eternity.


(IX) Regenerating Layer 9 – The Concrete Materialist or Corporeal Consciousness

Once regeneration of layer 8 is underway, regeneration of layer 9 can proceed through the moment by moment interaction with layer 4 of our spiritual mind. The regeneration of layer 9eC of the natural mind (concrete materialist meanings and ideas), is by means of interior ideas 9iC that correspond to the meanings in layer 4C of the spiritual mind. These spiritual ideas in our corporeal consciousness  consciousness (layer 9iC), are capable of engaging spiritual combat against celestial temptations. The meanings of our layer 4C are called celestial-rational ideas. When we become conscious of these ideas in our corporeal consciousness  (layer 9C) (or “concrete materialist” mind), we are able to use them to fight against our celestial temptations. This involves the construction of celestial-corporeal meanings and ideas (layer 9iC), which are interior or spiritual ideas, not based in natural ideas. We become capable of thinking about what lies within material objects, or in their “interior” layer. We can accept the idea of a life after death by visualizing the mental body that lives in the mental world of eternity. We can see the connection between our temporary physical body and our permanent or immortal body.

If we do not regenerate layer 9, we remain concretely materialistic in our rationality (9eC) and in our motives and loves (9eA). We will evolve a natural lifestyle consciousness (-9S) that is connected from within with the corporeal societies of the Grand Monster (-9). Unless this inborn connection is broken by regeneration, our consciousness after resuscitation is irresistibly drawn there by our own enjoyments and loves, which are sourced in that mental region. Hell is the unwillingness to give up hellish enjoyments no matter what. Through constant hourly and minute-by-minute interaction with our layer 4, we gradually gain new abilities for managing our physical environment, for being more altruistic and effective in our social relationships, and for maintaining a healthy and productive lifestyle. If we do not regenerate layer 9, we remain thoroughly sensual and concrete in our rationality (9eC) and in our motives and loves (9eA). We will evolve a negative lifestyle consciousness (-9S) that is connected from within with the materialist societies of the Grand Monster (-8). Unless this inborn connection is broken by regeneration, our consciousness after resuscitation is irresistibly drawn there by our own enjoyment and love, which are sourced in that corporeal, anti-rational and anti-altruistic mental region. Such as our anti-altruism is, such is our anti-rationality, and consequently our animalistic consciousness. Being unwilling to move out of that lowly region of human consciousness is the reason why there are the worst hells in the mental world of eternity.


Sensuous vs. Rational Consciousness


Note in the diagram above the “inversion” arrow pointing downward. On the left is indicated the external “sensuous” consciousness themes and phases of development during the ascending phases (9e, 8e, 7e). On the right is indicated the interior “rational” themes and phases of growth (7i, 8i, 9i). The inversion point marks the changeover during reformation from the external portion of the rational consciousness  (7e) to the interior portion of the rational consciousness  (7i), which is called the “interior-natural” mind. This inversion from a consciousness in the external rational anatomy to the interior-natural anatomy is the pin around which angels dance, as the saying goes, or is the turning point of our ultimate fate in immortal eternity. It is extremely important for the regenerating person to understand well this component of mental psychology. It is like a tall peak to which we climb with great effort and skill, then sit there contemplating the spreading view across the valley below, with the villages or neighborhoods distributed below in clumps. This vision of the entire mental layout of regeneration may be comprehended from the context of this inversion point.


Of central importance is the distinction between “sensuous” consciousness and “rational” consciousness. Or, what is the same, between what comes into us from the outside through our material ideas and sensory input from the physical body. We begin the development of our consciousness in the form of sensorimotor corporeality in infancy and childhood (layer 9e). Our thinking in this external sensuous layer (9eC) is data bound and limited by the appearances to the senses (9eS). When we learn expressions and ideas about country, government, United Nations, science, honor, death, God, morality, heaven, worship, praying, etc., we think about them in “corporeal” images bound by the appearances and data of the senses. This is a sensuous consciousness that contrasts with a rational consciousness of these ideas and expressions. This rational consciousness is unavailable until reformation and the inversion point marked on the diagram.


However, as we develop mentally we move into the second decade of life with a new focus on cognitive materialism (8eC). This allows us to think abstractly and symbolically about such things as government, science, honor, God, worship, and morality. This more complex consciousness (8eS) is equally grounded in material ideas and sensory input as before (9eS), but the abstract thinking gives us a more realistic comprehension of concepts and expressions we acquired earlier.


As we move into the third decade of life our consciousness is focused on affective humanism (7eS). Here we have access to the operations of the external portion of the rational consciousness  (7e), which are still sensory bound as in the earlier phases (8eS, 9eS). The important difference is that rational ideas in the external portion (7eC) give us access to mental objects that do not exist on the material or physical plane. For example, the idea of “multiple worlds” or “different realities” are mental objects accessible in rational consciousness of the sensuous kind (7eS). We can “posit” or “invent” substances or qualities that do not exist in the natural world. For instance, we can construct a rational theory to explain how the universe came into existence, like the popular “Big Bang Theory” of the origin of the physical universe. Or, we can construct a theological doctrine about God, that explains why there is evil in the world if God is pure love and good. Or, we can fabricate a utopia or political system built on rational principles of goals and priorities in human worth. The Greek philosopher Plato constructed a universal rational theory of existence that postulated “ideal forms” in a world of Ideals, and these constitute the models that are copied by the objects that exist in actuality as we are familiar with them through our senses.


The constructions of the rational consciousness  in its external portion (7eS) is thoroughellishy sensuous, as were the phases before (8es, 9eS). There is no way that our consciousness can break through this barrier of sensuous consciousness. No matter how convoluted and distant our rational ideas can become, they will remain part of sensuous consciousness because sequential development of discrete degrees is always present in simultaneous order. In other words, the first in the sequence will be at the center or inmost portion of the simultaneous order at the completion of the sequence. This was shown above in the diagram of layers, in both sequential and simultaneous views (see above).


“Sensuous rationality” refers to the consciousness in the external portion of our rational consciousness  (7eS). The title for this consciousness theme in the diagram is given as “affective humanism.” This rational construction is dependent on material ideas we acquired in the earlier phase of development (8eS). It is not free of the limits of the world that we know from sensory input. There is no “getting away” from it. Hence when we rise in rational thinking to the highest levels accessible to us, we still can’t get away from the “self” that appears to us in concrete experience – in the freedom we feel in moving our body or in thinking about this or that, as we please. This freedom is an experiential appearance, as discussed before. There is no such freedom in reality, but we cannot see this as our ideas are grounded in sensuous consciousness. If we hear about the idea of “as-of self,” as discussed in the Swedenborg Reports, we can only accept it as something remote from reality, thus as not really real for us. When we contemplate the contrast between “self” and “as-of self” we can only think of it as a way or style of speaking. It is figurative speech for us in sensuous rationality (layer 7eS). Hence we can call this human rational “the first rational.” Self-intelligence and sensory appearances or abstractions make up this first rational consciousness.


The “second rational” becomes accessible to our consciousness when we perch ourselves on top of the heap marked the point of inversion in the diagram. Up to the peak, the ascent was effortful, even brutal in experience. It is a “Luciferic high” that sees “self” as god. It is a sensuous rational consciousness based in ourselves, in experiencing, living. Being and existence are defined in terms of the self-experience. The self is the rock bottom of all existence. Even if there is a God, that God is not as relevant, not as close to us, as the god of self, the existential experiencing of living. But when we are on the peak of sensuous consciousness we are also on the peak of rational consciousness. All it takes to access it is to “fall” instead of “rise.” The ascending and effortful order of development (9e, 8e, 7e) is sourced in sensorimotor corporeality and culminates in self-intelligence and affective humanism. The descending order of development is sourced in affective theism (7iS) and culminates in sensorimotor innocence (9iS). In simultaneous order, at the culmination of the development of rational consciousness (9iS), the center remains affective theism (9iS), which started the descending sequence.


The rational consciousness in affective theism (7iS) contrasts with the sensuous consciousness in affective humanism (7eS). The first rational consciousness is sourced in the primacy of the love of self, or selfism (7eA), while the second rational is sourced in the primacy of the love of God, or altruism (7iA). Affective humanism (7eS) is an expression of selfism, or altruism substance inverted, while affective theism (7iS) is an expression of selfism regenerated, or altruism substance not inverted. The inversion point marks the elevation of the external sensuous consciousness to the interior rational consciousness. This is accomplished by reformation, which is the motivation to invert our prior sensuous consciousness of selfism, to our future rational consciousness of altruism (7iS, 8iS, 9iS) as we descend and fall back all the way to the sequential regeneration of layers 7, 8, and 9. The first rational is the culmination of our external sensuous journey, while the second rational is the culmination of our interior rational journey. Our mental world after resuscitation is either a world of sensuous consciousness in the natural mind, or a rational consciousness in the spiritual mind. The first rational eventually turns into a hellish consciousness (layers -7, -8, -9), while the second rational turns into a heavenly consciousness (6, 5, 4).


Everybody’s Mental Biography


After studying the details of the anatomical layers of our eternity, we can understand better what it is that we want to do about our regeneration. When our consciousness is operating in layer 9C, our reaction to this anatomical “stuff,” is filled with distaste and disinterest. This is because our 9A loves are not yet regenerated. Our corporeal consciousness values corporeality above all other things. If you tell a child to give up sweets because it is bad for the teeth, what is their reaction? Their face shows annoyance and they turn away from the idea. The affective organ in the corporeal consciousness  (9A) that we inherit is filled with unregenerate corporeal loves flowing into it from the societies of the Grand Monster to which our spiritual bar code is connected. We inherit our spiritual or mental genes, which allows selected hellish loves to flow in on a constant basis while we are in our childhood years.


Children’s loves are focused on the concrete, and this makes them selfish, competitive, envious of others, frequently feeling mad and wanting to be hostile against others, sometimes anyone who is around. Adults can get stuck in this mental zone of concrete materialistic loves and enjoyments (9A). Think of the fact that the majority of adults still enjoy playing games. There is a growing industry devoted to supplying these adult needs for games. A major portion of our manufacturing and distribution systems involve gadgets and networks that provide and facilitate fun and games. As our consciousness rises from childhood to the teens we begin to prefer layer 8 loves (8A), thinking (8C), and consciousness lifestyle (8S). This level of consciousness appears to us superior, and we feel an inner urge or yearning for what is higher. But there are problems.


When we feel challenged by a situation, or by someone, the emotional involvement is so intense that we relax our striving for something higher in our consciousness. We heard the wonderful advice “Just rise above it,” but we feel ourselves to be so heavy that we can hardly bring ourselves to move away from that emotional trap. It now takes us back to layer 9 thinking and loves. We are now disinterested in abstract notions of morality or compassion. We want blood. This is a saying whose meaning corresponds to the desire to punish, retaliate, pay back. These 9A loves are sourced in the minds of some societies somewhere in the Grand Monster. Our inherited spiritual bar code keeps us connected to them for as long as we undergo regeneration. And if we do not, then our connection is eternal or forever. After resuscitation we propel ourselves to their society, entering the intimacy of their mind, making one with them. Once there, we become new sources for activating, fostering, and maintaining others who have not been regenerated. We want to avoid such a future because it creates caricatures out of ourselves and our consciousness becomes less than human. Imagine being stuck with people like that forever. They exclude all other human loves, and specialize in just one ruling love that they whip up to frenzy and insanity. Fortunately, our mental state tied to these sorry societies only lasts a little time, for most people. If we have road rage and desire to punish, hurt, or kill someone out of selfism (-9A), we can recover pretty quickly, within seconds or minutes. We climb back up to layer 8C thinking and the more civilized loves that go with this consciousness (8S).


We go through the teens growing and maturing in our layer 8 consciousness. We have been able to conquer the external rebellion of the corporeal consciousness  that is in an unregenerate state from inheritance. We no longer throw temper tantrums, like a child. We have tamed the demon of road rage and the killer instinct (-9A) by activating our materialistic love for staying out of trouble (8A). Our abstract materialist thinking (layer 8C) allows us to acquire knowledge about how things work and how to get ahead. This materialistic consciousness (8S) has knowledge of health and wellness (8C), but often lacks motivation to do the right thing. Resolutions are made and broken and a constant basis. The unregenerate layer 8 is far better than the unregenerate layer 9, but as long as layer 8 is not regenerated, the control of the higher (8) over the lower (9) is inadequate to bring about a permanent solution. This solution requires the regeneration of layer 8. If layer 8 were to be regenerated, it would gain effective control over layer 9. Until then, we will constantly fall back into layer 9A loves, which when unregenerate, are hurtful and devastating to self, relationships, and community.


But layer 8 cannot be regenerated with its own ideas. Layer 8C does not contain any meanings or ideas that will allow us to cause the regeneration of layer 8A. We can know what is the right principle or attitude (8C), but we cannot make ourselves to want (8A) to act according to it (8S). Our consciousness (8S) remains the unregenerate materialist, even if in an abstract and universal managerial form. All the external principles, arguments, or attitudes that can ever exist in our abstract knowing (8C) do not have the power to regenerate our inherited affective organ (-8A). The unregenerate loves are corruptions of the altruism substance that flows into 7A. They are the altruism of the Grand Monster in our layers -9, -8, -7, where what is selfism is called altruism, and what is altruism is called selfism, and consequently, what is rationality is called irrationality, and what is irrationality is called rationality. It’s an upside down or inverted consciousness, contrary and opposed to true reality and its own internal order. It is therefore spiritually insane.


We must wait until we enter our young adulthood before our layer 7 is opened and matured. In our twenties and thirties we begin to evolve a sense of the independent self. We feel powerfully attracted to the idea of “finally” and “at last” being considered an adult. We begin to feel uncomfortable at our uncritical acceptance of all that we have become through socialization and education. Different loves begin to stir in our awareness. They are the rational loves of the rational consciousness  (7A). Our liberation and salvation are now near at hand. By developing our rational consciousness  we are preparing ourselves for the great and final revolution in growth and maturation. This is the phase of reformation of layer 7. Again, the unregenerate loves in 7A cannot be regenerated by the 7C principles and truths. These natural-rational principles and ideas are constructed out of one ruling love, the most powerful in all of the Grand Monster history of numberless humans. This love is the love of self-conceit or the love of self-intelligence. It is the height and crown of selfism. Altruism substance flowing in from the Spiritual Sun cannot be more distorted and corrupted than the selfism that comes from the love of self-intelligence and self-conceit.


In ancient times people knew about this hellish love that rules the others as evil despots rule their hapless subjects. Sometimes they symbolized it as a poisonous snake, treacherous, stealthy, sensuous, and deadly upon contact. This represents the unregenerate loves in general (-9A, -8A, -7A). More specifically, the king of the poisonous snakes is the love of self-intelligence in layer -7eA. This is the external portion of our affective organ in layer 7, the rational consciousness . Something new has to be made available to the rational consciousness  if it is going to be capable of regenerating. This new weapon is thistic dualism in some rational form (7iC). This is an interior rational rather than and external rational based on self-intelligence. The interior rational thinking moves in the opposite direction of self-intelligence to God’s intelligence in us. Since all intelligence is from rationality substance, and since this is God’s own, therefore the only true rationality we can have is what is from God in us. Nothing of our intelligence and rationality is ours, nor can it ever be. This is the opposite of self-intelligence and self-conceit. To accept it requires altruistic loves in 7A, and we receive this constantly and continuously. It is available to us. All we need is to want it because it gets us away from selfism. This must be our motive if we are to have it available. And then we can regenerate layer -7A. We can be on our way to heavenly consciousness.


The Practice of Renting Out Your Mind


With regeneration we are dealing with what is most precious, valuable, and important to us. It makes sense for us to approach the process of reformation to see how our current mental practices in layer 7eA keep us attached to the loves of self-intelligence and self-conceit. We need interior ideas and meanings (7iC) to be able to control exterior ideas (7eC). These interior ideas and principles are a different type of rational than the rational of self-intelligence. The new interior-natural consciousness (7iS) is produced by the spiritual marriage between these new interior ideas and the interior loves that we have present in our rational consciousness  (layer 7). These interior loves are produced by altruistic substance being taken in without distortion by selfism. These new interior loves (7iA) attach themselves to the new interior principles and ideas (7iC). Together they construct the new interior-rational consciousness (7iS). This is what begins our regeneration, and our salvation from the inherited ties to the Grand Monster societies and loves.


In order to practice thinking from interior-natural ideas (7iC) consider a daily issue you must face, which is that of how much control or deliberate choice you are going to retain about what focus occupies your mind. There are many ways in which our modern lifestyle exposes us to all sorts of things coming to our attention, wanting our attention, and keeping our attention in a direction that is not ours, but theirs – the people who are manipulating our attention and meanings through mental capturing techniques. The basis of mental capturing is to know the individual’s loves –

·         what we like to do

·         what we consider fun

·         what we are willing to pay for different ways of being entertained

·         what we feel attracted to

·         what makes us forget our daily problems, hassles, and anxieties

Those who seek our attention and reception investigate the content of each “what” that is mentioned in the list above. For instance, if investors know that people like to receive discount coupons, they would be likely to invest their money in a business that produces booklets containing discount coupons that people can use in their local businesses, restaurants, shops, and home repair services. All day long we are “bombarded” with attention getters installed by investors and their associated providers, distributors, and sellers. How can we understand this situation from a higher or more interior perspective?


When our consciousness is immersed in the loves (A) and thinking (C) of the corporeal self (9eA with 9eC), we don’t see the problem here. It’s up to us to ignore this or that in our public environment. In privacy we can choose TV stations, DVD movies, songs, frozen foods, order pizza home delivery, call or text any friend, surf the Web, read one of the many novels available everywhere. To our corporeal consciousness, this lifestyle appears like freedom. However, this type of freedom is only an appearance of freedom, and is not real freedom. Think about the fact that you are engaging in the practice of renting out your mind when you allow others to determine most of what you think in the course of a day. Many people today are adopting the practice of walking around with earphones and iPods. Most people listen to the radio or to music when they drive, which is a daily activity for many. When people get home they turn on the TV, even while they’re doing other chores. Millions of people today talk on their cell phones, email each other, or stay connected online. We might spend hundreds of hours reading a few novels or a bunch of magazines and newspapers.


All this shows you that your mental world, your focus of attention and awareness, your consciousness, has been as if rented out to strangers by all of us. We have lost the freedom or skill of choosing the topics that occupy the roughly 1,500 minutes of each of our days. In layer 9 thinking this is not seen as a problem since the corporeal loves desire a consciousness that is captivated by others who provide fun, pleasure, good feelings, and especially, involvement or being captivated. People say that a certain movie or experience is “captivating.” They mean that is fun and worthwhile to experience. The love it. They recommend it. This is the corporeal love of being mentally captivated (-9A). “Call it whatever you want. “Captivating my mind” or “Making me forget the pain of life,” “Keeping me excited,” and other such things people say to justify their lifestyle practices in renting out their mind. I love it. I want it.” And this leads to the daily life addiction to mental captivation.


But the next day, after we’ve had a week end of “captivating” fun and drama in layer 9, we are yanked back to layer 8C thinking, into work related thinking (“Taking care of business”), or study, or hobby. In this layer 8 consciousness, we have the ability to reflect, analyze, evaluate, modify, plan ahead. These mental skills require layer 8 operations. In this layer we are much less vulnerable to mental captivation. We turn off the TV or the iPod as we settle into preparing a report, or planning a schedule. Some people never get to turn off TV, music, Skype, instant messaging, or the phone. Some people are always available, 24/7 to mental operations directed by someone else and considered fun or helpful. When they wait in a doctor’s office, they pick up a magazine. When the electricity goes out, and the entertainment stops, the captured consciousness has nowhere to go, and people feel suddenly anxious, nervous, bored, “going out of their mind.” You can notice this with children who are frantic and obnoxious when they “have nothing to do.” Many parents set their kids in front of the TV so they can have some peace and relaxation from their constant demand for being captured by attention getting involvements such as movies, video games, toys and play activity. As we grow older our vulnerability to remaining mentally captured keeps increasing – unless we actively take steps to oppose it.


In layer 8 we make attempts to protect ourselves from mental capture. We are often attracted to silence and peaceful conditions. We interact with animals and spend time in the outdoors. We have time to enjoy new thoughts and new meanings. When we are thinking in our external rational consciousness  (7eC) we are much more aware of the spiritual dangers of having our own topics and thoughts hijacked by entertainment and fun. This idea applies to any kind of fun. The importance we attach to “having fun” indicates the level of our daily consciousness. For instance, many people practice the ritual of “partying,” which involves “getting together” and “having fun” for a few hours. During those hours their mind is totally captivated. Other people determine what your mind is taken up with, and what your emotions are. In layer 9 we see it as just having a good time, laughing, joking, telling stories, horsing around, playing games, drinking and eating and dancing, etc. But in layer 8 thinking you can see that partying ought to be done in moderation, and should not be overdone by drinking too much, or being very noisy and disturbing the neighbors. In layer 7 thinking we get a different perspective altogether.


When thinking externally (7eC) about it prior to reformation, we begin to question the value of our participation in partying. We might feel that it is a waste of our time, except when done occasionally. We might question our involvement in so much laughing at jokes that tend to carry a discriminatory message, “making fun” of certain people who are different. We might think that there is a better way, a more refined and human way, of spending time with each other, perhaps a more productive way, so that useful things can be accomplished as a result of socializing together.


When thinking more interiorly (layer 7iC) as a result of reformation, we gain a more realistic understanding of the consequences of uncritically renting out our mind’s attention, allowing ourselves to participate uncritically in social and mental activities that are not cumulative and instructive for our future in eternity. In this more interior layer we feel an attraction (7iA) to occupy ourselves in our preparedness for eternity. We come to realize that every minute counts and that we all have but few minutes on this earth altogether, compared to the endless phases of immortality in eternity. We are strongly motivated to avoid “wasting time” with “having fun” or pursuing goals that are purely external, unrelated to the need we have to open and develop our spiritual layers (6, 5, 4). Goals that are purely external will not be around for us after resuscitation. An example is that of striving to gain popularity or admiration with friends, coworkers, or strangers. The popularity or admiration you get will not be around after your resuscitation. Instead, you will be immersed in the loves that prompted you to seek popularity and admiration. What is the level of these loves?


What is the most precious thing we have here on earth prior to resuscitation?


Time. Each of us is here for a specific and limited number of seconds. If the life expectancy is 78 years it means that we approximately 28,500 days, or 68,000 hours, or 41 million seconds, 2.5 billion seconds. That’s it. That’s people’s lifetime allocation for preparation time. Two and a half billion seconds on earth, on the average, is what we are given to get ready for resuscitation and the life in eternity. A couple of billion seconds determine our ultimate fate in eternity. People in prior generations had much less, with a life expectancy of 30 or 35. People in the future, with bionic medicine, might live much longer, perhaps twice as long. But even if it is three times as long, it will give people only about seven or eight billion seconds on earth.


Every second we are on earth consciousness, tied by correspondence to the physical body, our spiritual mind is totally unconscious, absolutely unavailable to the consciousness in our natural mind. At best we can experience virtually, in the interior-natural portion of our rational consciousness  (7iC), what it is like to be conscious of meanings in the spiritual mind (layers 6, 5, 4). For most people most of the couple of billion seconds they have will not be spent in 7i consciousness. Their daily consciousness, hour after hour in diverse activities, is focused in corporeal (9eS) and materialistic (8eS) concerns and topics, and once in awhile in rational (7eS) concerns and meanings. All three of these together remain activities of our external mind, which is a sensuous consciousness rooted in meanings constructed from abstractions of sensory data – what is called “materialism” or “materialistic consciousness” or “material ideas and loves.” This is a consciousness rooted in external sensuous, sense-based experiencing.


But regeneration begins with the reformation of layer 7e through the activation of layer 7i, the interior portion of the rational consciousness . The interior has the capability of regenerating the exterior, but not the other way round. The interior is rooted in rationality substance without distortion by selfism. We inherit selfism in our exterior mind. Our interior mind receives its input without the presence and interference of selfism, which remains in the external mind. When people spend few of their allotted precious seconds in interior consciousness, they are unable to undergo regeneration. We need to understand that the main cause of this is the universal practice of renting out their mind to be filled with external concerns and meanings.


Our external corporeal consciousness (9eS) is captured by the immediacy of experiencing the physical body and its surrounds. People’s inherited corporeal preferences and loves (9eA) are exploited by commercial and political motives of those who operate in external materialistic consciousness (8eS). Consider the practice most of us follow of having snacks throughout the day and night. If snacks are available and accessible, we snack. What do you snack on? Potato chips? Candy bars? Hamburgers? Cheetos? Fritos? Salted nuts? Arare? Ice cream? Only a few people some of the time will snack on healthy foods – fruits, nuts, raisins, toast, carrots, and other “live” foods. Estimate the percentage of time that you snack on healthy vs. unhealthy foods. From a rational and medical perspective, the ratio should be no less than 90 percent of the times being healthy snacks. How far short do you fall from this rational choice?


The organic imbalance can be traced to the practice of renting out your mind. We all do it since early infancy and the socialization of our corporeal consciousness  (layer 9). This mind is infested with a variety DNA packet of selfism, mostly from mental inheritance, and partly from what we have added ourselves. This is an organic “medical” problem. It must have an organic solution. This procedure is called “regeneration.” Mental anatomy and mental physiology describe how our consciousness is constructed out of the dynamic interaction between altruism substance in the affective organ and rationality substance in the cognitive organ. This interaction between the affective and cognitive organs is called a “spiritual marriage” and has the actual power to construct our outer reality. This reality is twofold, one we know through our physical body, the other through our spiritual body. One is in the world of time, the other in the mental world of eternity.


Our socialization process prepares us for citizenship and compassion. This is achieved by thinking and feeling within the limits defined by local community standards and ethnic tradition. “Thinking” (C) and “feeling” (A). This refers to what goes on in your cognitive organ (C) and in your affective organ (A). And that means, in your consciousness (S), and, by correspondence, in the world around you. The result is the practice of renting out your mind. There are X number of things we have to keep track of in relation to our duties, roles, and needs. There are Y number of things for ourselves that we have to manage to get in there. There are Z number of things you need, want, long to read, see, purchase, own, and so on. Suppose you were hired by this company to think about topic M. You would get a dollar for every minute you stayed on the topic in the privacy of your own mind. You make the calculations. That’s at the rate of 1,440 dollars every 24 hours. In one year they would owe you a little over half a million dollars. In ten years that would five million. At that point you can quit or continue. Sounds like a good deal?


Absolutely not! -- you would no doubt say. Why not? Because you don’t want to rent out your mind one hundred percent of the time. How would you live and take care of things. Maybe you could have others working for you, since you will then be a multi-millionaire. Still, what if you fall in love? And, What if you already have several loves, like the love of reading what intrigues you, or the love of watching chick flicks. These things would take time away from topic M that the company wants you to think about. For what percentage of conscious waking time would you be willing to rent out your mind in order to think about topic M? And how much per hour would you be willing to take? And for how long would you keep it up? Would it depend on what topic M is? The company says they will give you a large catalogue of topics from which to choose from, all contributed by people when they were asked “What would you like to think about if you were given the choice.”


The above scenario is not a fantasy but a reflection of our own reality right here and now.


This situation exists because it is maintained by the Divine Psychologist in every person’s mind. The mental physiology of regeneration requires an agriculture no less complex than that which produces food for the physical bodies of millions of people in this nation, and in all nations. The practice of renting out our mind is a necessary component of mental agriculture. Think of the plants where you live or work, both as species and as individuals. They each need soil, chemical “food” fertilizers, water, air, sunshine. The Divine Psychologist provides these things around our physical body as a temporary environment. These provisions in the natural world are created through correspondences to the provisions created in the mental world of eternity. Mental agriculture precedes physical agriculture. The two correspond to each other like cause and effect. Again this makes sense, since the eternal precedes what is temporary.


Our natural mind matures from infancy to adulthood (layers 9e, 8e, 7e) and is ready for regeneration. This is the road back, the solution, the preparation for the final destination. The end of “un-regeneration” is the reformation, and with it, the beginning of regeneration. As adults with fully mature minds, we have a competent threefold self to rely on. We have a corporeal self and consciousness (layer 9S) that is socialized and accomplished in the skills of living in society. We use restrooms, we follow our own standards of cleanliness, we can hold a job, be a parent, a loyal husband, a cooperative team member. We alternate between layer 9 consciousness and layer 8 consciousness to accomplish these practices. Since infancy our time has been filled from wake up time to going to bed. But now as adults a new idea enters our mind.


We long to be free from the grinding pressure of renting out our mind. But the best that we have been able to do is to alternate between companies who want you to think about X, Y, Z vs. companies who want you to think about M, N, O. People get away from their work situation, get into the car, turn on the radio or other digital device that captures the mind’s topic focus. That’s what people want – the relief of switching from one company’s topic to another’s. People want to be entertained and watch TV for many hours a day as a strategy for escaping the “pain of life.” Why does it have to be so hard? Is it fair? Should we be resentful against the Divine Psychologist, or thankful? Well, of course, thankful, inasmuch as the “pain of life” is the “bread of salvation,” or, the “daily toil that makes a human being out of us.”


Now we have been led up to the mountain of unregeneration called “affective humanism” (see diagram). It is known as a Luciferic “high” in the mental world of eternity. It is a self-created grandeur that satisfies the inherited organic love of self and the thinking of selfism. My own self is god surrogate, since God is in His own realm, off at a distance. My own self is god, and hence I say what is good, and I say what is truth. The love of this mentality is called affective humanism. It is the inevitable product and organic outcome of renting out our mind. Now it is time to take our mind back. This is the process of reformation and regeneration that begins in adulthood.


Self-witnessing is the discipline of keeping track of our thoughts and reactions in daily life. It gives us accurate data about the stream of consciousness in our mental life. For instance, you can keep a “daily diary” of the topics that occupy your mind. You can arrange them in major categories, like

1.       Taking care of myself (room, clothes, food, money, driving)

2.       Work related topics

3.       School and study topics

4.       Family topics and home activities

5.       Shopping to plan and to accomplish

6.       Entertainment topics or content (TV, music, books, etc.)

7.       Friends topics to keep up with

8.       Politics, news, blogs, pop culture, Web social networking

9.       God, spirituality, immortality

10.   Etc.

Try to estimate how much time you spend on each category of topic you created. Try to sample from different weeks over a period of months so that you can see a trend going on. When reformation begins, you can see the signs of it by a shift in your topic focus. God and spirituality begin to occupy your thinking in various ways. It’s not just the fact that you are interested in these topics more than before. You might read different books perhaps, or have different conversations with your friends. If you have been raised in a religious socialization structure you begin to wonder if what you thought thus far is really what you want to think. It’s like experiencing a mental crisis in which the familiar and accepted is no longer the favorite. Something else is calling from within.


We can resist this “inner calling” that is activated in our affective organ of the external rational consciousness  (7eA). Inflowing altruism substance now evokes this reaction in our consciousness. Before this, it was blocked and inverted by our unregenerate humanism. But now, a chink in the armor is detected by our consciousness, as we are beholding the spiritual landscape ahead of is in the valley of the interior-rational consciousness  (layer 7iS). This is the second rational (7iS) of affective theism, not the first rational (7eS) of affective humanism (see diagram).


Reformation begins when we first begin to love (“affective”) the idea that God (“theism”) is actually present in our mind and is managing our day to day happenings of life.


Until then, whether we counted ourselves as “believers” or “non-believers,” we did not love this idea of God as managing everything about our lives and mind. We rejected it as a monstrous idea. We did not want to be robots managed by God. This would destroy our humanity, not just our humanism. We could tolerate a God who gives us freedom and independence, but not a God who only gives is as-of self freedom and as-of self independence. This is the mentality of affective humanism that we now leave behind us, as we begin the countdown to our resuscitation (see diagrams in prior Sections).


Now we begin our reformation by un-renting out our mind.


Self-witnessing is a useful tool for this, but above all, we need to start thinking rationally about organic theism and God’s omnipotence. Here is an illustration of that process of cognitive reformation that opens up the interior portion of our rational consciousness  (7iC).


Ten Rational Conclusions Derived From the Proposition That God Exists


Let us begin with the proposition that God exists. This is the only hypothesis required for the all rational propositions that follow logically from this one assumption.

God exists.

This is the starting point. All the rest follows logically from this one truth.


The online American Heritage Dictionary defines God as

A being conceived as the perfect, omnipotent, omniscient originator and ruler of the universe, the principal object of faith and worship in monotheistic religions.


(A) First Conclusion: God is a Person, at once Divine and Human.


Words for God like “being”, “perfect”, “ruler”, indicate that God is a Person, not an impersonal energy or entity like the universe. It’s a strange thing to do to pray to the universe! But it’s perfectly logical to pray to a Person who is the Supreme Being. Because God is a Person, He can be loving and wise, or, good and rational. It makes rational sense to pray, or to have a relationship with a Divine Human Person who is loving and wise to perfection.


(B) Second Conclusion: God’s Omnipotence Must Control Every Event


The word omnipotent refers to all power. Try to think of something that does not involve power. The motion of an atom or a planet requires power. For you to read this requires power to move your eyes, power to select thoughts and to sequence them into a logical order, and power to want to read that sentence. Clearly, God must be a controlling element in your reading this sentence.


At first we think that God has created the universe with its own source of power. For instance, once God has created electro-magnetic forces into a certain physical order, other phenomena then stem from this physical energy and order, not directly from God. There is a popular lyric that says “God is watching us” and sometimes we can hear someone ask in anguish “Where is God now!” Both of these ideas in our mind are consequences of the illogical background assumption that God can give away some of his power to nature or to people who are supposed to think and make decisions on their own.


But logic requires us to say that God’s power cannot be given away to nature or to people because once this is done, God is no longer omnipotent. And that’s not possible or logical. God is omnipotent necessarily means that none of God’s power can be given away, no matter how tiny. If even the tiniest power were given away by God, He would no longer be omnipotent.


(C) Third Conclusion: God is Perfect in Love and Rationality


Omnipotence, omniscience, omnipresence, and perfection means that God is perfectly and totally loving and wise. There cannot be an exception, not even one, for then God would not be perfectly loving. There cannot be a mistake because then God would not be perfectly wise and omniscient.


In our external materialistic thinking (8eC), we reason that God may be perfect, but we worry that He does not have perfect control over what happens because He gives people freedom to decide as part of what it means to be human. This is an illogical idea because God’s omnipotence means He controls everything, including people’s decisions. Hence, we need to create a rational explanation for the fact that people make bad decisions, are selfish, deceitful, and cruel to each other. God could prevent this from His omnipotence, but obviously does not. We need therefore a rational explanation of why God allows bad things to happen.


Since God is omnipotent, perfectly loving, and completely wise or omniscient, we can conclude logically that He must have a rational and good reason for allowing people to make bad decisions and to be cruel to each other. Why does God allow this since He can stop it?


Not only can He stop it, but God must be the power behind each step or detail during the happening of some bad thing. A simple example is a DUI driver who kills a mother and her baby in a head on crash, while he himself escapes with minor injuries. Logic tells us that since God is omnipotent it was God’s power that gave the man the power to lift his hand and ingest the alcohol to excess, then it was God’s power that gave the two cars energy to collide, and it was the power of God that took the life of the mother and the baby, and it is the power of God that attends to their resuscitation and to the continuation of their immortal life in eternity. Every molecular detail of the drinking, driving, crashing, dying, and resuscitating was controlled by God, including the thought processes and decisions of the drunk driver and the mother.


Since God is perfect in loving and wisdom or rationality, it is logical to conclude that every feature and detail of the event was good and wise (or rational), or else God could not possibly bring it into existence. This must apply to every part of the sad event. There cannot logically be an exception. In this case it includes the drinking, the production of alcohol, the existence of drinking bars, cars that can be driven by anyone, mothers driving their babies, drivers making hundreds of decisions, cars functioning in all their parts, or malfunctioning, the resuscitation process and awakening in the spiritual mind of eternity, and the endless sequence of other events that will then follow for the mother and her baby. All is included in God’s omnipotence, providence, perfection, love, and wisdom.


The above sounds logical enough, but it is not completely satisfying – not until we can explain rationally how these details are indeed good – namely, innocent mother and baby being killed, alcohol industry and marketing, dangerous cars, people making selfish and cruel decisions, etc. We must be able to explain these details rationally, as the actions of a perfect omnipotent God. If we cannot explain it rationally, we reject God from the inmost of our mind, and this can prevent us from undergoing regeneration. Without regeneration our mind and character remains such as we have inherited it.


(D) Fourth Conclusion: There are Two Worlds, One in Time-Space, the Other in Eternity


God the omnipotent Divine Human with perfect love and wisdom, is the creator of the universe. It is illogical to think that God could be in the created universe. In order to create physical energy, time, space, and matter it is logically necessary that God be outside what is created. God could not create the physical universe if He is part of the universe He creates. It is rational therefore to conclude that there are two types of existence, or two types of universes, one outside time and space, and the other in time and space. This rational principle is called dualism in science.


God has always existed. This conclusion is rational because if God had not existed, than how did He get into existence? So logic requires that we think that God has always existed. We need therefore two names for existence (dualism=two). One type of existence is called eternity and is not in time and space. The other type of existence is time and space. These two types are traditionally called natural and spiritual.


Most people are confused about how to define what is spiritual. Much nonsense has been written and is being taught and believed. But spiritual is nothing else than the existence of eternity, and natural is the existence of time-space, also called the physical universe.


The physical universe is created and all things created must have a beginning in time. But God and anything that belongs to God, is not created, and therefore does not have a beginning. Everything that belongs to God as part of God has no beginning and no end in eternity. But all things that God creates as created thing has a beginning in time and in eternity. This can be fully understood rationally, and must be, or else our mind will reject it and we will be in deep trouble.


The universe of created time and space is an outside covering to the universe of eternity which does not have time and space. To understand this more clearly, consider how we create objects in our visualization or dream. If you picture yourself eating in a restaurant right now you will see in your imagination various objects like tables, chairs, people, and food, along with sounds, smells, movements, and events. These are objects created by your imagination in your thinking. They are your thoughts that you have covered over with physical looking objects. So you can see that the chair you are sitting on in that imagined restaurant is a thought that is covered over with an external physical-like shape.


This is exactly how we can understand God from eternity, being outside time or space, creating and managing events in time and space. God is omnipresent not in space but apart from space. This is a rational necessity since God could not be omnipresent in space – logical impossibility. If we think logical impossibilities about God, we cannot believe He is perfect and omnipotent. And when we stop thinking that, we are in deep trouble.


Every event in that restaurant you are dreaming up is an event created by your thinking and imagining. Your thinking and imagining must be outside your dream, or else you could not create your dream. In the same way, God creates every detail of events in time-space by covering up His thoughts and feelings with created things. Every created thing must therefore have both types of existence – one in time and the other in eternity. A rock or a pencil or the wind, must therefore have an existence in time-space and one outside of it.


A rock is therefore some idea of God in eternity covered over with some time-space-matter. Some people illogically say, “Look around the wonders of nature. This is when I see God.” This is not rational. When you look at nature all you can see is the outside time-space-matter. This is an outside covering. You cannot see the eternity that is within as its substantial framework. You cannot see it but you can think it, understand it, reason with it. You can rationally understand that it is something spiritual or eternal that makes the rock and keeps it to be what it is, second by second.


(E) Fifth Conclusion: Humans are Born Dual Citizens, In Time and in Eternity


Before we acquire rational spirituality in our understanding we are vulnerable to all sorts of misleading ideas and philosophies. People debate whether there is an eternity, whether there is an afterlife, whether heaven is on earth or in some other place, and so forth. Some popular new age gurus say that eternity is here, that it is called stillness, or peace, or whatever, and that you can have it and be in it, and then you are God looking down at yourself doing things in the world of people and time. Many scientists and intellectual leaders deny that there is God, afterlife, or eternity. These are the ways in which people get into deep trouble, because these illogical beliefs create maladaptation.


The symptoms of maladaptation characterize our life and our society, namely, unhappiness, depression, rage, destructiveness, lack of productivity and creativity, lack of health and vitality, lack of rational management systems, and so on. These are the symptoms of thinking irrationally about God, about eternity, about reality.


Since God is omnipotent and perfectly loving and wise, it is illogical to think that we are born, then die, and that’s the end of our existence. Think about you as a parent. Would you create a child that is going to die when you can create one that is going to be immortal? Obviously you would create children who continue to live forever. Now if you would do that, how can we think logically that God would not? God is omnipotent and so clearly, He can create living beings that are temporary or He can create living beings that are permanent or immortal. Since God is perfect love and wisdom, it is rational to think that He would create conscious human beings to live forever.


But we must understand how God does this, if we are going to fully accept such a principle and reason from it in our mind.


God creates our existence when we are conceived and born. Our existence starts in both worlds of time and eternity. This means that we are born dual citizens. Our soul or mental body is born in eternity, which is also called the spiritual world. Our physical body is conceived and born in time and space. The two bodies are interconnected and act together as long as they are connected. At death, the connection between the physical body and the mental body is broken. We then continue our existence in the mental body in eternity.


This may sound hypothetical at first. But upon more reflection you can see rationally how this works. First, consider that sensations, thoughts, and feelings are not physical objects in time and space. Thoughts and feelings have no mass, no weight, require no space, are not measurable by physical instruments. Only the brain’s electrical neural activities can be measured, but not thoughts and feelings. Thoughts and feelings are outside time and space, hence they are in eternity (see Section xx).

So if thoughts and feelings are not physical, and are not housed in the brain, where are they?


They are in the mind or spiritual body. The mental body and the physical body operate together, develop together. Our mental activities and development take place solely in the mental body in eternity outside time and space. Right now, as you are reading this, your thoughts, reactions, and feelings cannot exist in this world, as the lines and the ink and the physical light exist in this world. So right now you are operating in the physical world from the spiritual world. You are not in the physical world. You are in the spiritual world.


Right now you are temporarily connected to the physical world through your physical body which is connected to your mental body which is in eternity. Upon death of the physical body the connection is broken and you become conscious instantly of the spiritual world. Right now you cannot see the spiritual world of eternity and what is in it. It is necessary for our growth and development as an immortal human being to acquire knowledge and experience in our spiritual body. But this experience cannot be acquired directly in the world of eternity into which we are born. Some mechanism had to be created by God so that we can have experiences in time and space, and then begin our full life in eternity, outside time and space.


(F) Sixth Conclusion: The Eternity of the Afterlife is Our Mental World Now


This is the greatest open secret that is available to anyone who is willing to think about rational spirituality. Much nonsense has been written about where is eternity or where is the afterlife or where is heaven or where is God. Even the most popular new age gurus and authors today know absolutely nothing about this open secret that anyone could figure out with rational spirituality.


The mental world = the afterlife world of eternity.


This open secret hits you as obvious as soon as you allow yourself to think rationally about it. We have picked up so much illogical thinking from society today that it prevents us from thinking rationally and seeing the obvious. But it is obvious! Consider.

The mental world is the world of thoughts and feelings. These are non-physical objects, outside time and space. Anything that is outside time and space is in eternity. Obviously then, our mental world is the world of eternity where thoughts and feelings exist. 


We know the world of the afterlife, or eternity, very well indeed. We are so skilled at it that we are able to create dreams that contain dramatic scenery, exciting events, intense sensations of taste and touch, unlimited resources in terms of how many houses or diamonds or bottles of wine you want to have, or how famous you want to be. But also this: how scared you can get with amazingly real nightmares. All this we can expertly produce in our imagination. People illogically think that what we produce in the imagination is not real. They don’t get too excited about the idea that they can have anything they want in the dream world they create with their imagination. It’s not real to them. So what, they think.


But when we start thinking rationally about it, we can see that the objects we produce in our imagination or dream are real appearances. They cannot be nothing. It’s not logical to think that a dream is nothing. A dream is constructed, produced, created in our mental body called the affective organ, the cognitive organ, and the sensorimotor organ. These three organs make up our mind at various levels of operation. The affective organ’s operations are experienced as having feelings. The cognitive organ’s operations are experienced as having thoughts. The sensorimotor organ’s operations are experienced as having sensations. Thoughts, dreams, visions, etc. are actual operations in our spiritual organs. They actually become visible when we are no longer connected to the physical body at death.

At death we start our conscious life in eternity and lose all contact with the world of time and space. Although we lose contact with physical objects we retain contact with the people we know and love because this contact is based on thoughts and feelings, not merely physical contact. The physical contact is no longer possible, but the mental contact is uninterrupted. However, one is not conscious of this mental contact in a direct way, but in a subtle way.


(G) Seventh Conclusion: We Are Born With Heaven and Hell in Our Mind


Another way of saying this that we are receptive to both heavenly and hellish influences. Every person has good traits like being able to think and carry out required tasks. To finish a job requires persistence in motivation, and this is a heavenly trait. To have and raise children requires self-sacrifice and the love of others, and this is a heavenly trait. But to snap at someone in anger not caring in that moment, about how it makes the person feel, is a hellish trait. To cheat and lie and deceive so that we can unfairly obtain something, or so that we can take advantage of someone, is a hellish trait. To reject someone unfairly due to our prejudice, is a hellish trait. Some people are depressed and can’t work, and this is a hellish trait. Being aggressive on the road or obnoxious to a neighbor, are hellish traits, as are mistreating animals or wasting resources.


So each person grows up with a pack of heavenly traits and a pack of hellish traits in their personality and character. The hellish traits form a society together in our mind, and this society is called hell. The heavenly traits form a heavenly society in our mind. God is involved in the every detail of setting up the heaven and the hell in the mind. This is critical to our life in eternity. God does not allow heaven and hell to mix together in our mind because they mutually destroy each other, being opposites and hatreds to one another. So people alternate between heavenly states and hellish states on a periodic basis – monthly, weekly, hourly, by the minute and second. God controls the exact alternation, when, and where.


When we lose contact with the physical body, it immediately breaks down into chemical matter. This is called the first death. We suddenly become conscious in the spiritual world of eternity. But we are still the same person. We have not changed anything. So our mental world doesn’t change that much at first. We see our body just like we are used to, even though we realize it’s not a physical body. We see ourselves in a mirror and we look similar to how we looked when we passed on. We look around and things look similar to what we saw before dying. But we quickly begin to notice the differences. Now we are in a mental world, not physical. We notice things we could never notice before about others who are around. They have an aura of light around the head. One can see activity of light in the mental organs, actually seeing thoughts and feelings in the person.


We see a house in the distance and we feel like walking there. All of a sudden, we are there. We enter. At first we see people drinking at a bar, but the next instant they are brandishing swords and running at you menacingly. Suddenly you don’t see them and you are sitting with your father who passed away years ago. And so on. You discover you can eat if you want to, but you no longer have to do it to survive. Experiences come to you fast and furious, as you explore your new life with all sorts of interesting people that come around, and you notice that your face is changing. Your entire appearance is changing.


You have new feelings you never knew you had. They are so intense, so purely what they are. It frightens you. It elates you. You alternate between the heaven and the hell you came with into eternity. But things are getting more compulsive, more spontaneous, more emotional. You lose all sense of control. None of the things that held you back before are able to contain these new raw emotions, feelings, desires, compulsions, attractions. And very soon you arrive at the moment of your second death. This is it. It’s the final free choice you will be making on your own as an individual.


It’s a simple choice: You must chose to give up all the hellish traits or all the heavenly traits. It is impossible for you to continue alternating. It’s completely out of your control, like the neurons in the brain when you see something, or like the expansion of the lungs when you breathe in air. Every human being is faced with this required last choice. You cannot keep a single heavenly trait if you choose the hellish traits, and vice versa. Your eternity is either in the heaven of your mind or in the hell of your mind. Once the final choice is made, you cannot change your mind because half of your mind is put the sleep forever.

At first we illogically think that hell is a punishment for the bad things we did and heaven is the reward for the good things we did. This is all right to think at first, while we are developing and growing. But to grow up we need to think about this rationally or else we will reject the idea in our interior mind. We then realize that since God is perfect in love it would be illogical to think that God punishes people in the afterlife for the sins they committed while attached to earth. Love cannot punish, but only emend. As parents we realize we have to help our children to learn to be mature and self-reliant. We use punishment to insure that this happens. But once we are in the afterlife, what would punishment be for? God would not retaliate for He has no such motivation.


Hence we conclude rationally that hell is not a punishment but a choice. And likewise, heaven is not a reward but a choice. What would make people want to choose hell?


We all are familiar with hell in our daily lives and experiences. By observing our own thoughts and feelings we can notice how we create a heaven and a hell in our mind. For instance, we may experience jealousy of a person at work, and we are conscious of a negative emotion when we think or see that person, like fear, resentment, annoyance. These are hellish feelings. They do not exist in the heavens of our mind. Then we notice a strong desire to be hostile to this person, to plot against the person, to try to get this person in trouble. And we can also notice that when this person is in trouble, we feel satisfied, happy, glowing. This is a scenario of how we can build up hell in our mind, until it pervades all our thinking at work, and then beyond.


We can see rationally that we are not responsible for this hell – initially. These negative emotions and hostile intentions and acts seem to tumble out of us, spontaneously. Even when we try to stop them, they won’t. So how can we be held responsible for them by God? Rationally we have to say that God does not hold us responsible for this initial experiencing of the negative emotions and intentions. It’s what we do next, that makes us guilty of hell. This means: We will choose hell at our second death. This is called being guilty, but you can see that it is free choice, the last free choice God allows us to make.


And so it goes with all our weaknesses and negativity. People experience the pleasure and delight of not having to work. But if they turn this into a lifestyle, it becomes a hell in their mind. To create a heaven in the mind is to do the opposite. People strive to please others because they feel bad when others are upset because of them – this is building a heavenly society in your mind. Some people devote tremendous care to a hobby or interest. To get better at it becomes their striving, and this is building a heaven in the mind.


Our heaven in eternity is built from our heavenly traits. But we cannot hang on to them if we are unwilling to let go of every single hellish trait. People who are unwilling to let go of some hellish trait, but desire strongly to be in the heaven of their mind, are going to be in deep trouble when they enter the afterlife. Surely this is going to mean a lot of mental anguish for them before they can let go of the hellish trait. This is sometimes subtle. For instance, some people will avoid being dishonest out of fear of getting caught, even though they would do it if the fear were not there. You can have two people, both avoiding to be dishonest, but one does it for an external reason (presence of fear), while the other does it for an internal reason (wanting to be good). In that case, one will choose hell while the other will choose heaven, even though both lived similar outward lives.


(H) Eighth Conclusion: Heaven is a State of Marriage Between Soul Mates


When we think about it rationally we can understand that God created men and a women so that they may be conjoined together, so that out of two distinct and unique individuals they may become as one distinct and unique whole. Two halves of something can become one, but two wholes cannot become one. Hence it is evident that the unit of the whole person is the man and the woman conjoined as one. Only this can create a heaven in eternity out of their mind. In the hells of people’s minds, instead of conjunction there is disjunction, and instead of friendship there is hostility to one another.


Some people think that marriage is a piece of paper. More couples today are inclined to shack up and even have children without getting married. This is because they are allowing themselves to remain in the external phase of marriage. At this level, marriage is a socio-legal contract and arrangement, and couples who don’t want to participate in that arrangement, perhaps as a form of protest and independence, do not see the purpose in getting married. However this is faulty thinking and puts them in deep trouble. The majority of those marriages end in divorce, and many of those that endure, remain external marriages in which neither partner can be fully fulfilled or happy, no longer involved in constantly growing together.


It is obvious that marriage must be part of the mechanism God has created for a man and a woman to bond together, to fulfill each other, and to raise children. Marriage is part of creation, part of how God fulfills the grand plan of creating a heaven of eternity in the mind of the human race. Our life tied to a physical body on earth is a temporary arrangement. We are born dual citizens, and we are immortal beings. Our eternity starts in the afterlife, about 36 hours after the corpse is cold or destroyed. Life then continues in eternity, outside time and place, either in the heavens or the hells of the individual’s mind. Each person makes that final choice at their second death.


Marriage is a union of minds. Consider that for two things to make a perfect whole, they must be reciprocals of each other so they may fit into one functioning unit. For example, to open a locked door or engine, we need a key and a keyhole. To light up for a smoke, you need a cigar and a flame. To shake hands with someone with the right hand, you need to face each other. An officer in the military needs underlings who carry out orders. A marriage needs a man who wants to be a husband and a woman who wants to be a wife.


Nothing in a man can be like anything in a woman. This is the principle of reciprocity through maximum differentiation. Even if one thing were the same in a man and a woman, they would no longer be able to form a perfect unity. Every person is born either a man or a woman, and since we are immortal, we remain what we were born. A woman’s physical body is a covering around her spiritual body. Her physical shape and form merely reflects the shape of her eternal and immortal spiritual body. It is the same with a man. This spiritual anatomy insures that a woman and a man remain what they are. A woman’s mental body reflects her mind, and so does a man’s spiritual body. Clearly, the mind of a woman is different from the mind of a man, as is evident from the body.


It is easy to see the reciprocity of man and woman when you consider how they have sexual intercourse. This physical reciprocity is actually an accurate reflection of their mental reciprocity. A woman cannot think one thing that a man thinks in the same way that he thinks it, and it is the same for a man. Similarly, a woman and a man cannot have the same feeling or emotion. Men and women are not opposites; they are reciprocals. Opposites don’t fit and cannot create a unity. But reciprocals can, and do.


Since every marriage starts with the external union, the issue becomes how a couple can move to the internal union. The external phase of marriage is adequate for producing and raising children, and for joining together as partners in a team to help each other achieve more than what we can do on our own in society. As well, many couples are polite and civil to one another most of the time, and so they can have companionship and friendship, instead of having to be alone or with people who are not committed to each other in long term relationships. External marriage is therefore a good thing, a useful thing, a necessary thing.


But it is not fulfilling!


In order for the wife and the husband to be really fulfilled, really happy, really positive and productive and vibrant, they must enter the interior marriage relationship. This is gradual and takes years, maybe decades. But the critical issue is not how long it takes, but whether the couple is moving ahead in that direction, year by year, and week by week.


Marriage is a spiritual conjunction between two minds and therefore it involves a physiological change in the mind of each partner. This physiological growth process involves the mental organ of the woman becoming dependent on the mental organ of the man. This happens early in the marriage phase because women are prepared since girlhood, to form themselves according to a man. When a woman meets a man whom she is considering as a possible husband, she begins the process of conjoining her mind to his mind. Women do this spontaneously and with expert skill. They drink in the man’s philosophy and they learn his sense of humor. A woman learns how to talk to the man, how to listen to him, what to say, how to think things through, what to choose, what to love – all as an effort to conjoin her mind to his. In this way, the man feels that he is attached to her.


But note carefully: The man has done nothing yet to reciprocate. He merely allows the woman to adapt her mentality to his so they can be in one house and form a partnership in daily activities. This is the external marriage that is suitable for raising a family and having a career. In all these years the wife is marking time, waiting for her romance to become reality in her husband. She is waiting for his reciprocation. She has conjoined herself mentally and physically to him. Now it is his turn to reciprocate.


He now has to do what it takes to conjoin her to himself!


The moment he starts this physiological process, both are thereby changed (see Section xx). Now they are finally taking off for their eternity. Now he can see that it is not the children or the career that is the most important for him and her. From now on he can clearly see that it is their unity together that is the purpose of the whole thing, and was the purpose all along. All else was necessary as a sort of intermediate stage for this, the real thing.


When the husband reaches this stage, he is called spiritually enlightened. What this means is discussed next.


(I) Ninth Conclusion: Divine Speech as Sacred Scripture Produces Consciousness and Enlightenment


The word enlightenment has been bandied about for centuries and more in our literature. Today’s new age gurus and authors use the word frequently. They use it to refer to something mystical that is beyond human words so they give it various symbolic names like Stillness, or Pure Consciousness, or Ego-less State, and so forth. What are these names but words we all know used in some unknown mysterious way – “beyond words to describe. You can only know it if you experience it.” This is what Diane and I call the conspiracy of the gurus (the title of one of our projected books). It’s a conspiracy of silent agreement by teachers, authors, seminar leaders, noted philosophers, etc. They did not enter into such an agreement officially or directly by talking to each other.


But they all make the same mysterious claim to would be followers and purchasers – Do what I tell you, step through these ritualistic hoops, meditate so many hours in so many ways that I tell you, purchase my books and audiotapes, believe in me like you believe in God, and at some unpredictable point, Voila! Your inner eyes will come alive and you will see this Pure Consciousness and you will feel its rational ecstasy, its bliss, its peak experience, and so forth. Some gurus add self-flagellation as a requirement, others advise against sexual contact with women. And so it goes. What are these things but entertainment for those who are not serious about eternity, about heaven and hell, about God.


The conspiracy of the gurus is centered in what is known in philosophy as nondualism or nonduality. The is the explicit justified denial of dualism or duality between God and human beings. The new age spirituality that has invaded the Western mind in the past few decades is a fundamental attack against the historical and ingrained Western rationality based on the duality of God vs. the universe, or of the Divine Human vs. created human beings. This philosophy is bent on merging the two worlds – the natural and the spiritual, the temporal and the eternal. This merger is irrational and impossible as we can realize by rational analysis (already discussed in several Conclusions above).


The reality is that the only enlightenment is the spiritual light from God which we can receive in our mind through the interior way. An example is our conscience. We do absolutely nothing to construct our conscience. It is there for every human being. We instantly know what God defines as right vs. wrong, good vs. bad, real vs. delusional. It is the same with Sacred Scripture. Both of these methods are used by God to communicate with us individually. Every individual feels that their conscience is their own. It is one to one talk between God and human beings.


Since the beginning of creation God formed the minds of people in three ways:

  • (1) unconsciously, in the background; in the form of rationality;
  • (2) consciously, in the form of conscience, insight, inspiration;
  • (3) consciously, in the form of doctrine of truth from Sacred Scripture.


All three methods are called true spiritual enlightenment. We have much to discuss about how these three methods actually work. To anticipate just a bit: There are two levels of reading Sacred Scripture. One is called the level of sensuous or mysterious spirituality, and the other is called the level of rationality, as discussed in these Ten Conclusions.


The lower, external, literal, historical level of reading Sacred Scripture creates religions – diversified, in conflict with each other, based on blind faith or persuasion (like so-called miracles and so-called holiness or saintliness). The higher, interior, universal, culture-free, genuine spiritual level creates theistic science, rationality, celestial thinking as in eternity. This is the level that reflects and contains Divine Speech, Divine Meaning, Divine Order. As we study this level of meaning of Divine Speech, we extract the inner hidden meaning by rational Conclusions. This is what God is talking to us about. It’s about our mind. Our eternity. Our heaven and hell. There is no other saintliness. No other holiness. No mystery. No ritual. Just this rational understanding of Divine Speech.


This reveals to us everything we want to know. We can understand all that we need to do and all that we can do. God is working for us because we are obeying His order. We must understand this Order to obey it, to put our mind in that Order. It is a rational Order because God is a Divine Human, has a mind, thinks, wants things, creates with purpose, loves. Divine Love is the desire God has to share what He has in His Mind, His Feelings of Bliss and Happiness, His way of loving one another. Sacred Scripture reveals at this level of reading and understanding the verses, that God creates the universe for the purpose of having endless numbers of human beings end up in the heaven of their conjugial eternity as husband and wife!! You can read that again, Steve We can prove it! this is Divine Love and this is the purpose of the universe. There is no mystery, only rationality.


(J) Tenth Conclusion: Salvation, Liberation, Peace, and Wisdom Are Attained By Spiritual Discipline


In a real sense this last Conclusion is the most important because the last and the beginning of anything contain all that is in between. The beginning of this is

God exists.

This is the starting point. All the rest follows logically from this one truth. And the ending is about salvation, liberation, peace, and wisdom, which must be obtained by spiritual discipline.


The purpose of spiritual discipline is twofold. The first is to prevent ourselves from choosing to live in the hells of our mind when we enter eternity at death. The second is to prepare ourselves to choose to live in the heavens of our mind. No other spiritual discipline is worth anything in comparison to these two steps. This is the spiritual discipline commanded by God in all Sacred Scripture and it has to do with how we can manage to enter heaven. God commands this discipline to influence us to follow it. He wants us to follow this discipline so that we may be successful in rejecting our inborn hellish loves, and in choosing our heavenly loves which are also given in our mind.


The purpose of our life here on earth is to learn to reject the enjoyable hellish loves and to learn to feel attraction for the heavenly loves, which do not appear so enjoyable at first, but later, they are felt with far greater joy than anything before. Spiritual discipline leads to the death of the old corrupt self that hurts others and destroys self, to the birth of the new self, that respects others and enjoys virtuous mental states.


What is salvation? It is the acquired ability to reject hellish loves (egotism and lusts) and to accept heavenly loves (virtues and conjugial love). How do we know rationally which love is hellish and which is heavenly? How do we avoid doubt and confusion? People can be misled by teachers, writers, and prophets who promote untruth.


The only answer is from within, from the Divine Psychologist.


God the Divine Psychologist in every person's mind, manages all the details of our mind, the details we are aware of consciously and the details we are not aware of because they are going on unconsciously. The mind is an immortal biological engine that stays active from birth to endless eternity. How could an engine run by itself? It could not. God creates the immortal mental engine and keeps it running in such a way that it evolves more and more towards its perfection, never quite attaining it, but getting closer and closer to it endlessly. God manages this endless and ceaseless activity. Not a single thought or sensation can enter your mind or stay there as a memory by itself. God manages this process, just as God manages the details of the molecular motions that construct the biochemistry and physiology of your physical body. Nothing can run by itself, not a molecule, not a galaxy, not a human mind. And what is true of the whole is also true of every part. In other words, no part or detail of any activity can go on without God managing its course and existence. This conclusion is a logical necessity that follows from the premise that God is omnipotent. No detail can be exempted.


How do we know all this? God has revealed the method He uses for our regeneration, which is the containment or confinement of the hells in our mind, allowing the opening of the heavens in our mind. Regeneration is effected by temptations. God as the Divine Psychologist, brings us through sequenced experiences and their thoughts, so that we can consciously realize as-of ourselves, where the evil trait is in us, and where the heavenly trait is, i.e., which is which. Then the Divine Psychologist brings us into the temptation event which requires of us to use the interior-natural truths that we have acquired in our thinking. This is the voice of conscience strengthened by reason. The Divine Psychologist activates our conscience in the affective organ, giving us a clear and intense feeling of right or wrong, good or bad (7A). Then it is our turn. We reciprocate God's action by reasoning it out with the truths we have in our mind from prior study. This reasoning process (7C) is the application of rational truth to the situation that our conscience (7A) has flagged for us (7S).


So the sequence is:

  • (1) situation, temptation event (God's action)
  • (2) voice of conscience (our reaction)
  • (3) reasoning with theistic or spiritual truths (joint action God and us)
  • (4) resistance to and rejection of temptation, thus spiritual victory (as-of self battle and effort)
  • (5) new enlightenment and heavenly peace (our reception of God's action)
  • (6) new opening of our heaven (our love for virtues)


This process of God - human interactionism goes on hour by hour, every day, every year, until the passing on at death and the resuscitation in eternity. Then it continues there in our heaven, but in a different way. Those who choose to live in the hells of their mind do not regenerate any more. Hence they cannot improve. They cannot because they won’t. God never forces people  against their free will choice. When a person insists on a certain choice and won't give it up no matter what, then God cooperates by giving the person the ability to carry out that choice. This is called being in the hells of your mind. God manages every detail in the hells and in the heavens. Both are details happening in the human mind of eternity. God manages all details. People who spend their eternity in the hells of their mind are also managed by God so that (a) they don't get worse than they have to; (b) they don't torture others in hell beyond a certain point; and (c) they don't influence or “possess” the natural mind of people on earth.


There are natural temptations, spiritual temptations, and celestial temptations.


Here is an instructional story that I copied from an email discussion:

Seems there was a monk who plopped himself down in a busy marketplace in order to meditate on God. Rushing through the marketplace was a housewife. Focused on the shopping list in her mind, she bowled over the monk without realizing he was there, and hurriedly continued on her way. The monk quickly righted himself, and shouted after the woman, 'Why don't you watch where you're going? Can't you see I was meditating on God? How dare you, a lowly householder, disrespect a man of God!' The sharpness of the monk's voice having pierced her focused attention, the housewife stopped and turned. Realizing now what had happened, she said to the monk, 'I was concerned with my shopping list and didn't notice you. Had you been as concerned with God as I am with my shopping list, you wouldn't have noticed me!


What are your thoughts on this story in relation to the whole Section? Try to figure out the symbolism involved. What in our own lives is represented by the busy housewife and the uncharitable monk?



Self-witnessing Your Altruism and Your Selfism


You can always use the following effective assessment tool when you are trying to determine the level of some love, attraction, or enjoyment that you are experiencing or conscious of. Ask yourself this test question:

Am I feeling, thinking, or doing this for the sake of self and others (altruism)


Am I feeling, thinking, or doing this for the sake of self only (selfism)

This assessment procedure will allow you to clarify what it is that you have to do in order to undergo reformation and regeneration, and consequently, to achieve “salvation,” or a heavenly consciousness in eternity. Consider partying and laughing and having fun with long time friends. In our corporeal layer 9C we spontaneously think, “That’s good, isn’t it? I am happy.” In our materialistic layer 8C we think about how much time it takes away from other things, and as a result we are also motivated (8A) to reduce the amount of time, money, and energy you devote to fun and partying (9S).


There is mental conflict here between two levels of consciousness. In our corporeal loves (layer 9A), we feel sad and depressed, angry and rebellious, when we are compelled to give up fun, games, and partying, and the laughing, joking, and “overdoing things” that go along with these “fun” activities. But in the abstracted materialistic layer 8C thinking we are able to rise to a higher, more general analysis and understanding of the situation. We are attracted (8A) to the principle of equal treatment and fairness (8C), even though we don’t always practice it. This new altruism love in layer 8A provides us with more power to create a higher or more abstract materialistic consciousness (8S) than the concrete sensory consciousness (9S). The meanings of this higher thinking (8C) correspond to higher loves in the affective organ (8A), and when the two conjoin into a “marriage,” a new higher consciousness is instantly born. We can see it, we can touch it, we can move around with it. Our affective organ can perceive (8A) deeper into the roots of phenomena around us (9S, 8S). We understand (8C) from a higher perspective that is closer to the abstracted causes of phenomena, above the phenomena themselves (9S).


The rise of consciousness from 8 to 9, from corporeal materialism to abstract materialism, goes along with the activity of self-witnessing, which is looking at oneself objectively, as if being an audience to oneself, and seeing myself as others would see me, if they were there. Now you can begin to monitor yourself during fun, games, and partying. Visualize someone going around with a camera and recording everything done and said. Now examine pieces of the video as if doing editing of scenes. Copy each scene in a separate file in your memory. Some will be barely a couple of seconds, others a little longer. In each scene something is happening. Somebody is doing or saying something. Now start analyzing each scene separately. Focus on the scenes that involve you.


You can do this without a camera if you perform some selective self-monitoring during partying or get togethers with your friends, etc. Instead of reviewing later each recorded scene, do the reviewing as it is occurring. For each behavior and speech act ask yourself “What is the love that is activating me right now. Is it a 9A love or an 8A love. And is it for the sake of myself alone, or for others as well as myself.” The first kind of love takes us down the path to hellish consciousness after resuscitation, while the second to heavenly consciousness in eternity. Why this is so was discussed earlier showing that our consciousness is the result of the quality of our thoughts and feelings relative to the altruism and rationality substances that flow into our mental organs. We either accept them as they are, as altruism in the affective organ, and rationality in the cognitive organ, or else, we reduce and invert them to various degrees by selfism. If I do, say, and think from the loves of selfism while I am partying and having fun, then I am attaching myself more and more to the loves of selfism, and these are sourced in the Grand Monster (-7, -8, -9).



Am I feeling, thinking, or doing this for the sake of self and others (altruism)


Am I feeling, thinking, or doing this for the sake of self only (selfism)

To do anything for the sake of “self only” is selfism. Consider a few illustrations. When you brush your teeth, are you doing it for the sake of self alone? No, you are doing it for others as well because they will be negatively affected or inconvenienced in various ways, if you neglect to brush your teeth. What about laughing out loud with your friends. You laugh out loud when they laugh out loud. It’s a social ritual that you are practicing together. It appears to us from layer 9S consciousness that this is an altruistic thing to do and participate in. “It builds the bonding forces of friendship. What if the jokes are racist, sexist, crude, or cruel? It’s just joking around, having some fun. That’s all.”


But when we rise above this corporeal level consciousness to the more abstracted and idealistic level of materialism (8S), we begin to see that to hurt someone’s reputation by gossip, or to make fun of people, or to be disrespectful to women, cannot possibly be something we do for the sake of others. Can we establish “friendship bonds” by hurting others? Only selfism leads us to hurt others for the sake of self only. Note that “self only” refers either to the individual, or to the individual’s associates. A group of “associates” can get together to plan to defraud or hurt others. If they do things for the sake of that “group only,” they are doing it from selfism. This is the motive for “honor among thieves.” They act together as associates in anti-social activities. They do so not from a feeling of altruism, but selfism. They are taking care of themselves only. They do not care what happens to the others thieves, or to the victims. A group of “extremists” can become associates in a conspiracy to hurt people and random bystanders. They act from selfism when they cooperate with each other as associates.


What is the love that we satisfy by laughing at jokes that are hurtful to others? What is our love when we laugh out loud with friends without finding out if it disturbs neighbors or roommates, to whom the laughing sounds like endless noise interfering with one’s peace and relaxation? If we wanted to bond with friends without being a nuisance to some other people, then we would be motivated by altruism. Friends can get together to socialize and have a good time, motivated by altruism, so that their fun doesn’t affect innocent others. Friends can pile into a car and go for a drive. They might be drinking and partying as they go along. The driver is distracted. The car with the friends having a good time now becomes a menace to others. The behavior of the car threatens and scares other motorists. The car breaks laws and rules. The friends having a good time throw things out of the window. People get hurt right then and there, or later. If you are participating, you may be more hurt than the victims. Your regeneration and future happiness in eternity are directly at stake. You could lose your capability to live in a heavenly consciousness merely by making this kind of partying a permanent lifestyle for you.


It is clear that we are doing at least some of our partying and having fun for the sake of self only, by the fact that friendships based on hellish fun (or fun that disturbs others), are selfish relationships entirely. We do them solely for the sake of self. If these “friends” suddenly turned on you, and ridiculed you, and were cruel to you in order to have fun, and make the others laugh, what would you feel? You would no longer feel that this person is a friend. And the others who laugh at you no longer seem like your friends either. And what they do, you also do, since this is the common practice. So it may be that sometimes, the “friendship” and “bonding” reasons we have for participating in human rights violation (or gossip), is a love for the sake of self only. Hence it is a love that will take us to hellish consciousness unless we give it up before resuscitation.


Do some self-witnessing of your thoughts and your feeling reactions as you are being helpful to someone. Are you being helpful for the sake of self alone, or for the sake of others as well? This is always the issue to be resolved in our thinking. If we do, we gain tremendous insight on how to be who we want to be in our higher mental layers, rather than lower. People love the emotion that goes with the defiant expression, “I want to be b-a-a-d tonight!” Or, “It’s so bad that it’s good.” These mental attitudes are brought about by the practice of giving a portion of ourselves over to others. This is a pernicious type of renting out your mind and losing control of where your consciousness is being drawn. People don’t realize the awful danger they are in when they adopt the irrational idea that what counts is what they do, not what they might think or feel.


For example, in order to keep your job you must put on an outward appearance of friendliness when you are at work. You succeed in performing your activities in a way that is expected. Now do some self-witnessing while you are doing that activity.


During self-witnessing you inspect what is going on in your three mental organs. First in line is your sensorimotor organ in layer 9S. This corporeal consciousness is the closest in your mind to your physical body and its physical surroundings. You are interacting with a customer or other person, and your body and expressions obey your desire to give a normal impression. You are succeeding because your layer 9S is controlled by loves in layer 9A, and these loves include altruism and selfism. Prior to resuscitation, opposite loves can operate in our natural mind, but after resuscitation, one or the other wins out exclusively, so that the other is exiled from one’s personality. While at work we have the love of survival or self-preservation, which is one of the loves of altruism because we want to survive not for our sake alone. We want others whom we love to be able to enjoy or benefit from us, from our survival and presence with them. You don’t want to get fired from this job and you’re not ready to quit for something else. Your love of survival and powers of adaptation originate from altruism substance flowing into your affective organ (9A). This love (9A) directs your thinking (9C) to control your sensorimotor acts and appearances (9S and 12).


So the first line of self-monitoring was the sensorimotor organ (9S). The second line of monitoring the work situation are your thoughts (9C). You realize that your thoughts and feelings (9A) are hostile and rebellious towards the customer or person you are interacting with. You observe yourself ridiculing this person in your mind, or thinking something denigrating about them. You might swear at them in your thoughts. The emotions (9A) that accompany these thoughts are aggressive and punitive. What would happen if all of a sudden all the restrictions were lifted on your behavior. Let’s say it’s your last day and you know the supervisor is not going to give you a helpful recommendation, so you’re not planning on asking. In a sense you are free of the restrictions for a few hours. Now you can undergo natural temptations in layer 8A and 8C. On the one hand you can see that that the customer doesn’t deserve to be treated badly, having nothing to do with your job dissatisfaction or problems. This is a heavenly consciousness (8S) and value (8A). On the other hand, you feel yourself angry and self-righteous (-8A), filled with negative thoughts (-8C), and a “nasty mood” (-9S). This consciousness chooses self alone. It is selfism or the inversion of altruism.



The Practice of Weakening Our Conscience



The Practice of Selfism as a Lifestyle



The Signs and Benefits of Regeneration


Regeneration begins at reformation and continues throughout life in the natural mind, and after resuscitation, in the spiritual mind, to eternity. The word “heaven” refers to the consciousness we have when we are as happy as we can be. People use the phrase “I’m in heaven” when they are the most happy they know how to be. Sometimes people say “I’m so happy I could burst,” by which they mean that they couldn’t be happier. We use the image of “My cup is full” to refer to total happiness. But all this refers to today. What about the next day, and the next?

In order for us humans to be the happiest we can be today we have to have a sense that today is better than yesterday, and tomorrow will be better than today. Without this, we are static, and this is the opposite of happiness, enthusiasm, joy, blessedness, peace, total confidence, full clarity – things which are dynamic.


As we regenerate our natural mind is becoming more and more a representative or image of heaven. This means that the Divine Psychologist, who manages our regeneration steps, intervenes with many helpful feelings and insights that enter our mind through the altruism and rationality substance. These new insights and feelings are rational signs (layer 7iS) that the Divine Psychologist gives us in order to facilitate our regeneration.


Rational Perception of God’s Presence


First and most basic is the sign of the actual ongoing co-presence of the Divine Psychologist. This comes to our consciousness as a rational proof from rational perception. This rational perception or proof of God’s co-presence is an interior-natural operation (7iC) involving spiritual meanings from the spiritual mind. When our consciousness drops to a materialistic mentality (8iS), we no longer see the rational proof we perceive in the interior of the rational consciousness  (7iS). We now have a correspondence of that rational proof, and we experience it as something mystical, something wonderful and indescribable, or something deeply felt in the hidden resources of the mysterious self.


Some people talk about their “deep faith” or “blind faith,” or their “rock bottom faith,” or their “inner certitude,” by which they mean their feeling of certainty. The Divine Psychologist gives people this feeling about Himself through the cognitive mysticism that people articulate and are attached to. The path 7iS -à 8iS -à 9iS is the path of regeneration by correspondence from a higher consciousness to a lower consciousness. Our thinking about the Divine Psychologist in layer 9iS is in concrete terms so that the senses have to be involved in order for the certainty of God’s presence to be felt. The corporeal consciousness  looks for signs, miracles, and coincidences to see evidence of God’s presence. At each layer of consciousness there is an appropriate proof and evidence of God’s presence, intervention, and management.


Spiritual Enlightenment or Wisdom


A second sign of regeneration is becoming spiritual enlightened. This refers to the ability to perceive spiritual truth when it is presented to our attention. Prior to regeneration people search for truth, wondering what is it, and when will they find it. For many years people wade through various versions of truth. They like to read books and go to seminars that have a strong reputation and good reviews by various popular and authority figures. They see things that they like, things that don’t make sense, and things they don’t care for. They move on to another theory or presentation of what is truth. Many people receive truth from their religion in childhood and adolescence, and afterwards, as young adults they begin to wonder what this truth is that they have received by tradition. They wonder how they can understand it so that they could feel enthusiastic about it, and wanting to hold on for a worthwhile purpose. Many people grow old and cynical, no lingering thinking that truth actually exists. Maybe it’s just what you think it is.


But those who undergo reformation and regeneration have their interior-natural consciousness opened or activated. Here it’s a whole new situation, a whole new vista, an entirely higher perspective. The interior portion of the rational consciousness  (7iC) can perceive rational truths directly as rationality substance enters layer 7iC without the distortions of the lower perspective of selfism.


Enlightenment is a permanent consciousness once the rational consciousness  is in the regenerating mode of life. This involves the continuous and persistent daily as-of self effort of monitoring our external rational thinking in layer 7eC, and identifying whatever is going on there that is from humanism and selfism. Once we identify the irrational thinking, we look for the love that is behind that thinking, and neutralize it by opposition with a love from altruism. This continuous daily discipline of spiritual self-witnessing is part of the process of regeneration. As we proceed with this regular activity, the Divine Psychologist punctuates the process by arranging for events that provide us with spiritual temptations. Our consciousness is immersed in a dramatic spiritual combat where we feel ourselves emotionally pulled in opposite directions, accompanied by doubt, panic, depression, hopelessness.


We fight by opposing our doubts. These are caused by the desire for the forbidden enjoyment. For instance, someone cuts you off while you are driving and you have to take quick evasive action to save yourself. You are furious against that inconsiderate driver who acts like your life and property don’t matter. You see yourself curse the driver in your mind, and wishing something bad to happen to them. You enjoy that feeling of retaliation. You hate feeling that you’re being taken advantage of. Now you recognize this as a spiritual temptation brought to you by the Divine Psychologist for your benefit. This is not a random act. You feel yourself disapproving of your thoughts of revenge. Now you are in the midst of the temptation. Pushed by the desire to retaliate and condemn; pulled by the desire not to offend the Divine Psychologist. You feel yourself cursing against the driver. Then you feel remorse for doing that in the presence of the Divine Psychologist. Sweat breaks out on your forehead. Your breathing is belabored. These are outer physical signs corresponding to the inner mental turmoil.


Mental Anatomy of Men and Women


In order to understand how a man and a woman form a pair or “couple,” we need to have information about the mental anatomy of men and women.


A man after resuscitation (a few hours after "death"), becomes more fully masculine, and a woman more fully feminine. Mental development goes on forever with immortal beings such as we are. From birth to eternity, mental development continues in its evolution towards the perfection of what is purely human in us – which is the good and truth from the Spiritual Sun, and these are eternal and Divine substances. The presence of these living immortal and Divine substances in our mental constitution, is the cause of our being immortal. “We” are our own loves, hence whatever good and truth “we” love, becomes part of our immortal mental constitution.


For example, consider spiritual heat. It is a mental substance flowing out of the Spiritual Sun, which is from the Mind of God. The loves and thoughts of God externalize into the created universe through the Spiritual Sun. The first exit point from the infinite changeless Divine Itself, is layer 1 of the mental world of eternity. This layer is called the Spiritual Sun. It rules and creates the mental world of eternity around itself, and outside itself. The Spiritual Sun rules and manages the layers of our mental world by means of the substances of spiritual heat and spiritual light that issue or flow out of it.


The first entry point that humans are conscious of, is anatomical layer 4 (also called the “Third Heaven”). Our mental organs functioning in that layer are the closest receptors of spiritual heat and spiritual light. When spiritual heat enters the affective organ in that layer (4A), it elicits affective operations that we experience as heavenly loves, affections, feelings, desires, attractions, motivations, impulses, tendencies, innate abilities. These are all operations of the affective organ in our mind. These loves exist in all organic layers (4 to 9) but they are distinctly different and contrastive at each layer. Our consciousness or mentality – what makes us who we know ourselves to be – oscillates across these mental layers (4 to 9), sometimes in one, the next moment in another. We ordinarily don’t pay any attention to this constant oscillation in our daily consciousness.


Spiritual heat enters into the affective organ, while simultaneously, spiritual light enters the cognitive organ. The operations of love in the affective organ (A) seek out the operations of thoughts in the cognitive organ (C), so that the two may conjoin into a partnership, which is called a “spiritual marriage.” It is called “spiritual” because it involves the anatomical “conjunction” of two mental organs (also called “the will” and “the understanding”). This spiritual marriage in the individual is the essential component of being human. Animals do not live their life in this way. Their consciousness or mentality – as we know our pets for instance, – is animal, not human. Their affective organ can receive spiritual heat, but their cognitive organ is not capable of functioning even at layer 9, which is the lowest that human consciousness can descend, given the anatomical construction of our mental organs.


The mentality men have in layer 9 is called the "male dominance model in marriage." The mentality men have in layer 8 is called the "equity model in marriage." The mentality men have in layer 7 is called the "unity model in marriage." As the relationship grows men can spend less of their interactions with women in layer 9 (male dominance), and more of their interactions in layer 8 (equity model). Eventually men learn to spend most of their interactions in layer 7 (unity model). The characteristics of the three ways of interacting are described and they are illustrated through actual observation of couples and couples culture.


The first and most challenging idea for you to learn is to understand that marriage and love relationships are made of an anatomical synergy between two minds. The mental anatomy of women and men must be understood. You did not receive this knowledge in the negative bias approach because in that approach, mental anatomy is the same as brain anatomy. There is no known mental anatomy other than brain anatomy -- this is the negative bias. But there has been a mental anatomy available in the Swedenborg Reports since the eighteenth century. Now I am helping to recover this for modern psychology. Obviously, some people might think this is not scientific, but anyone actually examining the evidence, may come to the opposite conclusion. I have.


About "eternity," remember that this refers to "the mental world of eternity." We are all familiar with the mental world since there is only mental world and we are all born in it. Since birth, all our sensations, thoughts, and feelings exist in our mental world, never in the physical world (hence never in the brain -- which is mere electrical and chemical, not living). What is living cannot be the same as what is not. Hence what is living in us (feelings, thoughts, sensations) must have their own world to exist in, and this is the mental world. It is called eternity because as you very well know, there is no actual time and space in our mental world. There is no physical space in your dreams. What appears to be physical space is actually mental space, and what appears to be physical time, is actually mental time. Mental space and time are called eternity because there is no physical space and time in them. The events in the mental world of eternity are created by our mind -- our mental organs.


Our life environment and experiences in eternity are created by the spiritual marriage between our affective organ (A) and our cognitive organ (C). Such as is our loves (A), such is are our thoughts (C), and consequently, such are our sensations and movements (S). Our outward appearance (S) in the mental body will be a perfect correspondence of our inner feelings (A) and thoughts (C).


A woman’s spiritual body is feminine, while a man’s mental body is masculine. In other words, the mental organs of a woman are feminine organs, while the mental organs of men are masculine organs. Draw two concentric circles on the left hand side of your page, and two circles on the right, so they parallel each other more or less. Under the left diagram, write “Woman’s Mental Organs (Female),” and under the right diagram, write “Man’s Mental Organs (Male).” Now put a big C inside the center circle of the woman’s diagram, and a big A in the outer circle. Behold, you are looking at the mental organs of women, when you realize that C stands for cognitive organ, and A stands for affective organ. Now put an A in the inmost circle of the man’s anatomy, and a C in the outer circle. Behold, you are looking at the mental organs of men.


Now draw a third outermost circle around each, and put a large S in it. Behold, you are looking at the absolute difference and distinction between a mans mind and a woman’s mind. The anatomical difference between a man and a woman’s mind is called “reciprocity.” This means that every single love (A) or thought (C) in a woman must be reciprocal to a corresponding love (A) or thought (C) in a man. There is full anatomical reciprocity in the operations of a man’s cognitive organ (C), with the operations of a woman’s affective organ (A). A woman can say to a man, “I love you.” And a man can say to a woman, “I love you.” These two spoken sentences (S) have one meaning for women, and another for men. You can see from your diagram that what is overtly expressed socially and culturally with the physical body and with what we say out loud, is conditioned by practices we choose to follow as part of our identity and belonging to a specific group or place.


Masculine loves (A) à Masculine thoughts (C) à Masculine talk and behavior (S)

Feminine loves (A) à Feminine thoughts (C) à Feminine talk and behavior (S)



Note from your diagram that feminine loves (A) (motives, intentions, desires) cover up feminine thoughts (C) (thinking, reasoning, remembering), and the two together in a feminine spiritual marriage, conjoin and act as one by synergy of operation. When this occurs, (S) is the automatic result. The masculine world (S) is different and reciprocal to the feminine world (S). The mental world of eternity automatically produces a consciousness and living environment (S) that reflects and corresponds to the quality of the spiritual marriage (AC).


Note from your diagram that a man mentally approaches the outside physical world (S) through his cognitive organ. A man is born closest to the outside world in his thinking (SC), while a woman is closest to the outside world in her loves (AS). This anatomical difference is the basis of understanding how a man and a woman can form a mentally synergistic pair or couple. When this is understood, we can develop strategies and models that can assist couples in achieving mental intimacy and unity. This intimacy and unity is the payoff for the extremely hard work we must perform in order to overcome and eliminate our built-in resistance to unity.


Masculine Resistance to Femininity

A couple living together requires that they have a routine about who does what. From the perspective of the man, there are three available routes to take:

Level 9:                Woman is expected to do the dishes and clean up the kitchen afterwards.

Level 8:                If woman cooks, man volunteers to clean the dishes. If man cooks, woman cleans up.

Level 7:                Man offers to cook and clean up. Makes woman feel it’s all right not to contribute.

A man who is thinking within a layer 9 mentality, will choose to act according to the male dominance routine, which is known by both men and women as a result of their socialization traditions and instruction. Within this level of thinking it is “right” and “normal” for the woman to do all or most routine domestic tasks that keep the household going. A woman who is socialized within this framework also thinks that domestic tasks are to be done by women – e.g., cooking, cleaning dishes, doing laundry, keeping track of bills and finances, cleaning up the house, caring for the children, remembering birthday cards and presents for family and friends, taking care of emergencies, appointments, replacements, repairs, etc. When the man comes home, the woman is expected to have done and finished all her tasks, and now be ready to keep her husband company by serving him and listening to him. Later, in bed, she is expected to be enthusiastic about his sexual requirements. This is the male dominance mentality that seems right to the man thinking at layer 9.


But this attitude and mentality changes radically when the same man feels motivated to upgrade his relationship routine and his thinking mentality regarding women. In layer 8 thinking a man can see in higher, more abstract thinking. He can have an idea of “universal rights” for example, that informs him that all human beings should equal rights as individuals, and that consequently, the woman he loves and lives with, deserves his respect, deserves that he respect her universal rights to equal treatment. The man sees from this that if he treats her with the male dominance mentality in layer 9, he is discriminating and injuring her, he is not respecting her as a human being. This makes him feel guilty or ashamed because he wants to think of himself as a man of integrity and honor who does not wish to abuse women, or anyone else. This is slayer 8 thinking.


In response to this type of layer-8 thinking, the man develops intentions “to be fair” and to “share the work.” This equity approach sometimes means “share some of the work, a little” to “share everything, as far as possible.” These two orientations are quite different marriage practices in equity. It makes sense from the equity point of view to split the work of preparing the meals. A man in layer-8 thinking will often volunteer, or feel guilt if he does not, to “wash the dishes” after she cooks. This promise varies from “wash the dishes immediately and clean up the kitchen” to “wash the dishes later, after being asked again by the woman.” These two approaches are very different.


This same man who went from male dominance thinking (layer 9) to equity thinking (layer 8), may surprise the woman and himself, by upgrading to layer 7 thinking. This is the rational consciousness  in charge of the unity mentality. The man is motivated to love the woman by making her happy. He understands rationally that marriage is permanent union of a man and a woman who desire and achieve intimacy in all three systems of the mind – sensorimotor intimacy, within which is cognitive intimacy, within which is affective intimacy. When it comes to domestic tasks, a man in such a mentality does not think of equity, does not think “I do this If you do that,” but thinks instead, “I will do everything I can to make it easier on you, to reduce your stress.” Do you see the fundamental difference between layer 7 thinking and layer 8 thinking?


Layer 7 thinking (7C) requires layer 7 motivations and loves (7A). These loves are altruistic and conjugial. This means that the husband has a love that is seeking to fulfill itself by making the wife happy from himself. This is what defines and constitutes his happiness. The wife’s happiness is the pre-condition for the husband’s happiness. Whereas in layer 8 loves (8A), the husband is motivated to maximize his own happiness along with his wife’s happiness, and if there is a conflict, he chooses his own happiness over his wife’s. That’s what equity is – the husband choosing to balance equality of happiness (8A), vs. choosing to make the wife happy first, then deriving happiness out of that. It makes a huge difference in how he treats her, and how she experiences him in her life. She can be hardly be content when being treated by a husband in layer 9 (male dominance). She can be happy some of the time when her husband treats her from layer 8 (equity). But she can be fully happy when her husband deals with her form his layer 7 loves (unity).


In mature adulthood we experience the masculine love for raising our consciousness and understanding (as men), or the feminine love of becoming a better, more caring, and wiser person (for women). Men and women have the love for becoming better happier people, but men think of it one way, and women in a reciprocal way. Look at your diagram again, or visualize it mentally. A woman’s feminine love (A) is conjoined to her feminine intelligence (C). This is the spiritual marriage within her mental organs. When spiritual heat activates her affective organ (A), a woman experiences the motive and desire to conjoin her love (A) to a man’s cognitive organ (C). The man, however, does not experience this love (A) for conjoining himself to the woman’s cognitive organ (C). This lack of interactional reciprocity in men, has enormous consequences on relationships and marriage.


This imbalance in reciprocity for the love of conjoining to each other, is a barrier to synergy and unity in the couple. When a woman loves a man, her love (A) is a complex of sub-loves, and powerfully high among them, is the feminine love of intimacy with the man she loves. A woman wants sensorimotor intimacy (S) as shown by how she likes to touch and be touched by her man. She wants cognitive intimacy (C) as shown by how she loves (A) the man’s masculine thinking, intelligence, and sense of humor. Her love (A) of his masculine intelligence (C) shows itself by how she laughs at his jokes, how she memorizes the facts of his life, how she relies on him for advice and clarification. This shows how her feminine love (A) is steadily conjoining itself to his masculine intelligence (C).


Meanwhile what does the man do?


In his un-regenerate phase the man loves his own masculine intelligence above the love he has for his woman’s feminine intelligence. So if she supports her feminine idea X while he supports his masculine idea Y, the man’s practice is to break intimacy, so that he may have his way with her. He does not respect her femininity as would a regenerated gallant man. When a man regenerates he enters into a healing process with the Divine Psychologist who brings temptations to him so that he may become fully aware of his unregenerate loves. During these temptations, the Divine Psychologist connects the man’s natural layer to his corresponding spiritual layer, and in this connection the man is able to stay in perfect freedom of choice. He can go either way. Either to keep and reinforce the love he has for his own intelligence, above that of his woman’s feminine intelligence. Or, to switch. Putting his woman’s feminine intelligence ahead of his own masculine intelligence, will allow him to regenerate so that he no longer feels the need to resist mental intimacy and conjunction with his woman.


Conjugial Accommodation Strategies


Disagreement is expressed by the man in various ways, the most common ones being these:

  1. Answering her by saying “I disagree” or “I don’t agree” or “That’s ridiculous.” or “No way.” etc. This puts stress on her, but he doesn’t care about that and thinks that that is her problem. This makes her feel separated from him. It hurts their feeling of intimacy and suppresses her sexual feelings towards him.
  2. Giving an answer that tells her that he’s not going along with her idea or wishes. This makes her feel frustrated and discouraged. She might feel depressed. Her happiness is threatened by his disagreeing with her, despite her efforts to convince him to go along with her.
  3. Accusing her, or criticizing her, or insulting her, or saying something denigrating to her. All these things make her feel bad, and he knows it. This hurts her emotionally and suppresses her sexuality towards him.
  4. Getting angry, raising the voice, frowning, looking menacing, acting threatening, banging, walking out, etc. This makes her feel intimidated and frightened of him. She loses her peace and self-confidence as his woman. She begins to think that maybe he doesn’t like her. This makes her feel insecure and confused.
  5. Breaking his promise, not starting or finishing something, ignoring what she wants him to pay attention to, etc. This makes her feel frustrated and infuriated. She wants to retaliate. She feels violated as a woman. Her femininity is being disrespected. How is she supposed to then have sexual feelings for him?
  6. Being disloyal to her, talking about her with others, keeping secrets to control or manipulate her, lying about things, not sharing goals or plans, choosing activities that exclude her, etc. These are fundamental disjunctive behaviors and habits. Affective intimacy or real closeness cannot develop. There is no growth of their conjoint self.


Think about yourself, about your room mate, about your spouse or friend. Go over the six categories. No doubt things will occur to you from memory and observation. You know that when you are trying to live with someone peacefully and avoid unpleasant exchanges, you force yourself to “accommodate” to the other person, especially if the two of you are making a romantic pair or couple. You try to please the other even when you don’t feel like being pleasant or agreeable. You try to avoid criticism or insult. You hide your emotions or feelings that are hostile and attacking. All these are normal emotions and feelings for people to have, and to be able to accommodate or adjust is a useful skill.


Conjugial accommodation strategies are particularly critical for boyfriends and husbands because men are raised in a social, religious, and cultural climate that is known as “male dominant.” This is a layer 9 mentality that assigns a lower role to women in comparison to men. Women are socialized to serve men and to be accommodating to them by putting themselves second in all things. One consequence of this lifestyle attitude is that women earn less money than men for doing the same work. This is still true in our own society at all but the lowest levels of employment. Another gross consequence in many parts of the world today, is the abuse and enslavement of women without the protection of the law. In our own world here, men’s needs are met before women’s needs. One example is that a disproportionate amount of money went into medical research affecting men mostly, vs. problems and issues affecting women’s health and well being. A disturbing trend has been the sexual abuse of young girls in schools who are forced and pressured into satisfying them sexually.


Girls as young as ten are being socialized into the practice of providing sex to boys who are around. This hurts their self-confidence-as-a-woman. It robs them of the affective love and meaning that goes into sex within a committed relationship. It makes it more difficult for them as mature women later, to participate in the process of conjugial conjunction with her soul mate. The unity model shows that mental conjunction is an anatomical process involving the conjunction of mental organs and mental operations. From mental independence they develop into mental interdependence. The two are growing into one, and this is the basis of their heaven and eternal happiness. It’s a dangerous idea to experiment and interfere with this anatomical process of conjunction. When men pressure women to have sex they are engaging in sexual blackmail. This applies equally to dating, living together, and marriage.


Women in coupled relationships feel pressured to have sex without being mentally prepared by the man for sexual intimacy. All six forms of disagreement by a man are suppressive of the female sexual response to mental intimacy. When the man in a couple disagrees with the woman, he is hurting their sex life. This is not true the other way. When a woman disagrees with the man, he still wants to have sex with her and enjoys it. So if the man wants to be successful, he must learn how the woman reacts to intimacy and sex. Insufficient mental intimacy interferes with a woman’s desire to have sex with the man.


Male dominance, Equity, and Unity


The unity model of marriage says that men and women are created reciprocals of each other so that they can conjoin into a unity. This means that the two become as-if one person with interdependent thoughts and feelings. What keeps them in this state of heavenly union or conjoint self, is their mutual love and inmost friendship for each other.

(1) They are lovers and best friends at the same time.

(2) They are strongly motivated not to hurt each other out of neglect, impatience, anger, disagreement, or resentment.

(3) They are committed to never contradict each other.

(4) They remain loyal to each other before anybody else, including children, family, friends, career, hobby.

(5) They are happy, fulfilled, and constantly passionately in love with each other.

How did they get to this state of unity?


Remember that the unity model consists of three phases of attainment in marriage and intimate exclusive romantic relationships:


Phase 1:  male dominance model (natural marriage, traditional)
Phase 2:  equity model (natural marriage, modern)
Phase 3:  unity model (spiritual marriage)


These three phases of the marriage relationship will be further defined and discussed in detail as you progress through the course. Remember that it is typical for men to oscillate or alternate between phases, but there are differences. Some men interact mostly from phase 1 (layer 9 male dominance mentality). They may change over time so that they interact mostly from phase 2 (equity, layer 8), except when they fall back on phase 1 (layer 9 thinking). Some men are not satisfied with these relationship states and feel motivated to act from a layer 7 unity mentality (phase 3). Eventually these men can interact with their partner in the unity phase on a regular or constant basis. That's when their relationship attains the soul mate style of life called the "conjoint self" (discussed above).


Every couple has to leave the male dominance phase behind them for the equity phase, but then some couples can come to realize that the equity phase is inherently unfair to women. It appears that the equity phase empowers women to leave behind the oppressiveness of the male dominance phase, but it turns out that this is an illusion or legend. Yes, the wife can now negotiate with the husband: "Honey, you take out the garbage and I'll take the kids to school." Later, she finds out he didn't do it. She reminds him a couple of times, which she finds denigrating because he puts her down for it, telling her to stop nagging him. So what has she gained in the equity model? Or take this example:


He says: "No, I don't think it's a good idea for you to work."
She pleads with him: "But you said before we got married that it was all right with you."
He says: "Well, I changed my mind."


And that's the problem, isn't it? The woman has no guarantee about anything in the equity phase. Men are given the advantage over women in many ways, both in free democracies like ours, and even more so in less free societies. The equity phase does not come with a guarantee or a method for enforcing broken promises and contracts by the husband. A woman can make herself less sexually available in order to fight the man's injustice when he breaks his promises and does not follow the equity phase fairly. This solution is often described in history and literature, and in the media today. Even if a man wants to be fair at a certain level of consciousness, he is subconsciously biased in favor of himself because men's male dominance interferes with accurate perception of their interactions with women.


This is why men need a more powerful model by which to operate in the relationship. Both the traditional male dominance phase and the popular equity phase, are not sufficient to give many men the motivational capacity to change. But there is one guarantee for success: the man can switch over to the unity model.


In order for the husband or boyfriend to adopt the unity model he must first be spiritually enlightened. This means that he is willing to think of his relationship with his wife as being eternal, not ending at death.


Their love relationship will continue in the afterlife. They started their marriage with the vow "Until death do us part" and this led them into the male dominance phase and the equity phase. But now he is willing to go further and take the last and ultimate step, which is the vow "Until endless eternity." There is no parting, ever. If a man runs away from that thought with one woman, he will not adopt the unity model. But if he loves the idea of his wife as eternal soul mate, then he can find the motivational power to declare himself for the unity model, and to keep striving to achieve it in the ensuing years.


The adoption of the unity model is all at once, like an acknowledgement and commitment, but the attaining of it in daily practice is progressive and developmental.


Nevertheless, the husband's declaration of his commitment to the unity model makes a huge difference to the wife, even if it becomes actual only gradually, and not full and complete for years and even decades. Why?


Because now the wife or girlfriend possesses spiritual leverage over him when he falls back on the equity phase and the male dominance phase.


For example:

Wife:            Honey, I want you stop sending birthday cards to your ex-girlfriends.

Husband:      Why all of a sudden? It's just a nice habit to keep up with people you know.

Wife:             You said you are committed to the unity model. Are you giving that up now?

Husband:       OK, I see your point. I don't like it, but I see it.

Wife:              It doesn't matter if you like it or not. But you should learn to like it because it is

                        our conjugial  heaven. 

Husband:      You are right. 

Wife:             Well, are you going to stop?

Husband:       Yes. Thanks for reminding me, sweetheart.


What do you think of this kind of exchange?


You can see that the husband feels spiritually bound to his commitment. His wife has to be strongly motivated to keep bringing this point up to him, to keep facing him with his spiritual commitment. She has to put motivational pressure on him by using the force that he provides her, since she herself has almost no power over the man in a man's world. In the male dominance phase the husband did not allow her to put this kind of psychological pressure on him. He would oppose it, reject it, and blame her for it. But now that he has declared himself for the unity model, these separative strategies suddenly no longer work for him. He cannot both engage in separative behaviors and continue to hold on to the unity model. He has to choose because these are opposites.


The commitment he has to the unity model is grounded in his idea that his marriage is continuing in the afterlife as a conjugial heaven between lovers who are best friends to each other.


Settling into this idea as a certainty acts as a receptor of spiritual power. This spiritual power transfers by correspondence into psychological ability to remain motivated to continue the gradual changeover process from the earlier dominant-equity relationship to the eternal conjugial unity model.


This new ability flows into the conscious mind of the husband from his unconscious spiritual mind. This new ability involves enlightenment in the cognitive organ and empowerment in the affective organ. The husband or boyfriend can now compel himself to think and act from the unity model even when he is tempted to act from the equity or dominance phases of the past.


Without the idea that he and his wife will be together in heaven as lovers and best friends forever, a man does not have the affective power to prevent himself from sliding back into the equity or dominance way of interacting with his wife or girlfriend whenever he feels like it, or whenever he is being challenged. Hence he cannot stick it out with the unity model long enough to discover that he actually much prefers it.


When a man discovers that he actually prefers the unity model to anything else, he has become an angel on earth, and he and his wife will be an angel in the heaven of their conjugial eternity.


Mental Biology of Marriage


The gender syntax that produces unity involves the man becoming affectively dependent on the woman (vs. affectively independent). This runs contrary to his past socialization (and hers as well), and contrary to his current life philosophy. So he puts up enormous resistance--that the woman has to overcome, if they are going to achieve unity. A woman’s physical body reflects her mental body in precise detail. The same is true for a man’s body perfectly reflecting his spiritual body. Since the mental body is the collection of the three mental organs, it is clear that a woman’s mental organs are precise correspondences to a woman’s physical body. The same is true for a man’s mental organs. Hence it is that we need to clearly distinguish between masculine mental organs and feminine mental organs.


Mental anatomy shows that a woman’s consciousness in every layer, both natural and spiritual, is arranged with the affective organ closer to the sensorimotor organ. The feminine consciousness is the organic arrangement of Cà Aà S, which corresponds to “reception,” while the masculine consciousness is the organic arrangement of Aà Cà S, which corresponds to “optimizing.” From this formulaic representation you can see that the feminine consciousness and actual environment (S) is closest to her affective organ (A), while the masculine consciousness and environment (S) is closer to the cognitive organ. The masculine consciousness is dominated by thinking and rationalizing (SC), while the feminine consciousness is dominated be feeling and love (SA). This perfect anatomical reciprocity and absolute differentiation between the masculine and the feminine mind, allows them to be conjoined into a unity called the conjoint self.


This anatomical conjoint self is alone capable of receiving the Omniproprium. The actuality of this unity can be observed in the mental world of eternity, after our resuscitation, when we are attended with loving care by people from layer 4 who descend in consciousness to the resuscitation zones to be of assistance when people are awakened into their new spiritual consciousness. The layer 4 “volunteers” still have their conjugial appearance with them, so that when they approach and walk away a couple appears as one, and then as two when they are nearby. The unity of their reciprocal affective and cognitive organs project the sensorimotor appearance of just one person.


The affective organ of the woman conjoins herself to the cognitive organ of the man, and reciprocally, the affective organ of the man conjoins himself with the cognitive organ of the man. The feminine love (A) seeks out the masculine thinking (C), and the masculine love (A) seeks out the feminine thinking. In this way, the conjoint mental organs of the man and the woman, form an organic unity which may be called the new conjoint self. It is a new entity called the conjugial couple. It is the final crowning of humanity with a new type of celestial consciousness that may be called the Omnipropium. We enter layer 4S consciousness not as an individual self, but as a conjoint self. Our anatomical layer 4 is called the Third Heaven and gives us the last phase of evolution in the Omniproprium.


“Omni” means “all” and “proprium” means the Own or Self. Only God can be this Omniproprium since only God is infinite, omnipresent, and omniscient. When we feel shame before the Divine Psychologist present, and grief for loving selfish enjoyments more than altruistic loves, then we may be willing to give up all of the selfism that is still left in us. We are willing to undergo the emotional pain of spiritual temptations, fighting our spiritual battles as-of self, knowing the Divine Psychologist is by the side and rooting for us. Slowly, as an organic process, lifelong process, the mental organs are cleared of their inherited attachment to selfish loves and their enjoyments, happinesses, and pleasures. If we are willing to engage in this organic process called regeneration, then we are indeed happy and feeling great. A window is opened in our external rational consciousness  (7eS) precisely at the moment that our affective organ (7eA) is willing to receive the altruism substance that sustains an interior view of our own reality (7iS). This interior-natural consciousness is constructed out of new meanings and new loves, because of a new way of receiving the altruism substance.


The Omniproprium, or God’s Divine Human Personality, can only be received in full by the conjoint self of a conjugial couple in layer 4 of the mental world of eternity. Every human being can ascend to that consciousness. Nothing is stopping anyone from doing so. All it takes is the willingness to abandon anything that is from self. Hence, leaving nothing of self, there is room for the Omniproprium. This is the mental state of eternal heaven with one’s soul mate. It is the living of an endless series of excitement and discoveries, day by day, forever. Every human being is born with a spiritual mind that contains this heaven. Life on earth for a few billion seconds, allows us to acquire heavenly loves in which we can spend our eternity. This is an excellent exchange, to our advantage. All we need to do is to engage in spiritual combat every day of our adult life. For about five decades we struggle to overcome the series of temptations lovingly arranged for each of us, to allow us to be victorious in that combat for our very soul or happiness.


The marriage relationship is a primary venue for that combat.


Society sets up the couple as husband and wife. The government gives them a license and a special status in financial matters. Romance is involved, love, excitement, passion, enthusiasm, contentment, happiness, better health, better moods. The masculine intelligence and the feminine intelligence then begin to clash, as soon as the honeymoon period is over between them. They now begin a life of conflict with each other. Every day, several times a day, one or the other feels bad because of the other. Duty, responsibility, loyalty, habit, fear, and companionship are key mental exchanges between them. The two have reached an equilibrium of dissatisfaction. They live separate lives under the same roof. This is the set up. And now the combat begins.


Masculine intelligence is in love with self-intelligence. What a man enjoys the most is to be acknowledged by others as handsome, capable, intelligent, successful, etc., which are accomplishments of self under competition with others. And what a man enjoys more than anything, is to be ranked among the highest on as many traits as possible. Crowds of thousands, even millions, give their adulation to a man who has risen to the top. Now the woman comes along. After the sweetness and friendliness of the honeymoon period, life must go on. The woman has a love, a longing, and a striving for conjoining to herself  a man of her own choosing. Her feminine love (A) attaches itself to his masculine thinking and reasoning (C). She strives to get to know him, how he thinks, what makes him tick, or what ticks him off. She learns his sense of humor and laughs at his jokes. She consults him for advice on everything. In this way, she conjoins herself mentally to him, and from a mentally independent individual she turns herself into a mentally dependent person. She sees this a progress toward their eventual union.


Meanwhile the man does not experience a striving and longing for giving up his independence as an individual man. He doesn’t see the advantage and value to him, of doing this. When she gives up her mental independence, she feels safer, more confident, and more content. When he begins to give up some of his independence, he feels disturbed, dissatisfied, and rebellious. When she is seen in his eyes as the instrument of the loss of his independence, he becomes enraged at her, and starts treating her bad, making her feel disturbed, anxious, hurt, injured, hopeless.


Now he can face his situation and think about it with rational meanings (7eC). He begins a variety of strategies and plans to fix his relationship and to get back some of the friendship and fun of it. Marriage counseling, books, discussions, plans, treatments, and many other things can follow. These are all produced by affective humanism, which is the love or conceit of one’s intelligence. At last, thoughts of reformation can enter the consciousness from the interior of the rational consciousness  (7iC). We have the choice of switching a perspective on marriage from humanism, or a perspective on marriage from theism.




The two diagrams above show the distinction between natural marriages and spiritual marriages, seen first in sequential order of development, and in simultaneous order of operation. In sequential order, a marriage relationship begins with being natural, involving the natural mind only. A man goes through three phases of natural marriage, starting with the consciousness of sensorimotor corporeality (9e), which is known as the male dominance mentality. This is acquired from childhood during the socialization process. It is then reinforced in adolescence and adulthood. Nevertheless, men also feel attracted to the mentality of materialistic equity (8e), which allows them to claim that they respect women’s rights to being treated with equality to men. This (8e) is a higher consciousness than male dominance (9e), but since the male dominance mentality is not eliminated, but only shelved for awhile, the “equity” or “equal rights for women” philosophy is not sincere or real, but only a surface attitude and “politically correct” role play.


Still later in the marriage relationship, some men adopt the mentality of humanistic unity (7e) which allows them to claim that they are rationally committed to the unity between a husband and wife. They even will allow that husband and wife are soul mates. However they do not actually believe this. You can see why not, if you look at the next diagram, which shows the same three phases of development in simultaneous order. The relationship between sequential order (e.g., cause-effect) is such that what is first in sequence becomes the inmost or center of simultaneous order, and what is last forms the outmost. In sequential order cause and effect succeed one another in sensorimotor appearance. In simultaneous order, the cause is within the effect. By knowing this you can look at the effect and determine which cause lies within it. That which lies within something is the cause of that thing. If you remove the cause from within the effect, the effect ceases to exist. The continued existence, or subsistence, of the effect depends on the continuous presence of the cause within it.


For example, while we are driving, the car going faster is the effect. The cause of it is our desire to want to go faster, which is executed by the foot on the gas pedal. Now the car is going faster. That is the effect. The cause of that effect must be within it, or else it ceases to exist. My desire to go faster (cause), is within the effect of the car going faster. When this cause ceases to be within the effect, the effect will cease and the car will no longer go faster. Throughout the acceleration period of a few seconds, the cause has to be in the effect. This is the simultaneous order. The sequential order is, desire to go faster (cause), then accelerating (effect). You can see then that the cause in sequential order is always within the effect in simultaneous order.


Now you can contrast the sequential and simultaneous orders in the marriage relationship. Natural marriages in simultaneous order have at their center or cause, the consciousness of sensorimotor corporeality (9e) or the male dominance mentality. This is at the center because it was there at the beginning, as shown in the diagram on sequential order (9e). When the man moves up to equity (8e), it is a materialistic equity that has the male dominance mentality within it. When he negotiates and discusses what each will do in terms of all that needs to get done, he negotiates from a materialistic mentality that has selfism at heart. The male dominance mentality will condition every type of equity proposal he makes, always looking out for himself first, while at the same time trying to make it look like he is in equity mentality, not male dominance. And then, when the man moves up to the rational philosophy of humanistic unity (7e), he has materialistic equity within his unity, and within that, he has male dominance. As a result, the man’s humanistic unity is a sham, not a real thing.


Unity does not become real to a man until reformation, when regeneration of the rational consciousness  opens up the interior portion of the rational consciousness  (7i). The man’s mentality and consciousness then moves from humanistic unity to theistic unity. This is a new thing in the relationship. It’s now going to be the first in the descending order of spiritual marriages (7i). After reformation and regeneration of the rational consciousness , the man is ready to move into the organic equity mentality. This is the regenerated version of the materialistic equity. This new version of equity has theistic unity within it, as the cause. Now the equity that the man sees is very different from before (8e). Instead of negotiating and winning by political means of pressure and expectation, the man now sees (8i) what he needs to do to make the marital team work out. He does whatever he can do that is needed, and she does whatever she can do that is needed. This is the new more interior equity they practice (7i), like the organicity of the body, whereby the mouth or the hand or the foot are equally important, but they each play a very different role.


Finally the man descends to the corporeal level where he is going to modify his sensorimotor corporeality to sensorimotor reciprocity (9i). This means the transformation or regeneration of his male dominance mentality acquired in childhood. The new regenerated mentality of the spiritual marriage in the interior layer 9 may be called male chivalry (9i). You can see from the diagram on simultaneous order that theistic unity (7i) is the cause within male chivalry (9i) which is the effect.


The diagram shows the double arrow 7e -------7i which represents the switchover from humanistic unity to theistic unity. This requires the man give up the arrogance of selfism which wants to be the determiner of one’s own fate. “Human” is defined in terms of self. But the new consciousness of the interior-natural mind (7iS) defines “human” in relation to God as the Divine Human. Our new interior-natural mentality thinks with spiritual and celestial meanings that correspond to the Omniproprium, through the spiritual layers (4, 5, 6).


The masculine intelligence is well suited and prepared to adopt the mentality of theistic unity (7iS). It requires the enlightenment received from the Divine Psychologist, that the marriage relationship is eternal because it involves immortal minds. The idea of soul mates now becomes a reality to be attained. God is a partner to the marriage relationship, and if this is acknowledged (7iS), the regeneration of layer 7e can begin. This is the battle between the first rational and the second rational. A man’s first rational loves (7eA), thinking mode (7eC), and consciousness level (7eS) are rooted in the consciousness of sensorimotor corporeality (9eS), which views a woman from the mentality of male dominance. This is shown on the left hand side of the diagram, which is marked “natural marriages.” But the right hand side of the diagram shows “spiritual marriages” in which man views woman from the mentality of sensorimotor reciprocity (9iS), which may be called masculine chivalry.


Conjoint Consciousness of Heaven


We know who we are. We know our own self by living experience. This awareness of our self is continuous. It is called our consciousness. This is the focus of life and actuality, but it is not the center of it, only the surface of it. This outward appearance of life and actuality is the operation of our sensorimotor organ (S). Two prior operations must occur in order to produce this result. The affective organ (A), which continuously receives the influx of altruism substance radiating out from the Spiritual Sun, and immersing the mental body of every human being in the mental world of eternity. The affective operations must then seek out, conjoin, and direct the cognitive operations in the cognitive organ (C), which receives and collects rationality substance, also radiating from the Spiritual Sun. This conjunction is called the spiritual marriage, and is a physiological interdependence.


The spiritual marriage of the affective (A) and cognitive (C) organs engender or produce our continuous living consciousness (S).


Hence we can say that consciousness is the way actuality presents itself to us outwardly. In other words, the operations of our interior organs (A and C) present themselves to us externally to our self (S). These appearances are real appearances. They are “real” because they are produced by the laws of correspondence that governs the interaction between our three mental organs. This is most literally true in the mental world of eternity, less literally true in the physical world of time. Physical matter does not respond to the immediacy of our mental organ activities, but it does in a general way. The mental operations of the human race as a whole completely determines by correspondence, the physical world and its events. But in the case of a single individual, that immediate determinacy is not apparent. But it is apparent in the mental world, as for instance in our dreams, where we produce appearances (in the dream) that are immediate correspondences of the ongoing mental operations of the sleeping person.


After resuscitation, the immediacy of the connection is absolute and total. Anything at all that is going on in our mental operations has an immediate and visible effect on how the environment appears to us. Further, unlike our dreams that are not visible to the person we sleep with, our life after resuscitation creates external appearances that are visible to anyone who is also in the post-resuscitation phase of life. Even your dreams are visible to others after resuscitation. This is because everything that the internal (A and C) mental organs are doing (loves and thoughts), produce by correspondence real appearances. These real appearances are objectively existing, and therefore can be seen by others. Similarly, we see other people’s inner world by the outward projections of the sensorimotor organ (S).


In the marriage relationship, when it moves into the interior phase called the spiritual marriage, there comes into being a conjoint self, and a conjoint consciousness. The sensorimotor appearances around the conjugial couple are jointly produced, not singly or independently. The conjoint entity of husband and wife is capable of receiving the Omniproprium. The conjoint self involves the external conjunction between the affective organ of the wife with the cognitive organ of the husband, and internally, of the affective organ of the husband with the cognitive organ of the wife. In other words, the circulatory system of wife’s mental body is dependent on the respiratory system of the husband’s mental body, which makes an external interdependence, while the interior interdependence involves the husband’s circulatory system which is dependent on the wife’s respiratory system. This double or reciprocal physiological intertwining of the two mental bodies, creates the heavenly consciousness (4S) of the Omniproprium in layer 4 of our mental anatomy.


In the state of the natural marriage prior to resuscitation, the conjunction between husband and wife is slight and intermittent. The man has a strong inborn tendency to love and enjoy affective (A) and cognitive (C) independence. The woman’s efforts to conjoin him to her externally keeps this half-union going. They can enjoy sensorimotor conjunction (S) through physical intimacy, but internally, that is, cognitively and affectively, the two are separate, each in their own cocoon of consciousness. But this begins to change when the couple enters the phase of their spiritual marriage, which begins with the inversion from the consciousness of affective humanism (layer 7eS) to affective theism (7iS) (see diagram and discussion above).

There is a discrete contrast between the consciousness of continuous togetherness, in spiritual marriage, vs. the oscillation of that co-presence in accordance with the daily schedule of activities, in natural marriage. As the husband and wife are each progressing with regeneration, their daily consciousness becomes more and more intertwined, in preparation for the phase after resuscitation, when their conjoint consciousness fully begins, ready for the reception of the Omniproprium, which makes their eternal heavenly life and daily increasing happiness.


The husband has his work cut out when he becomes willing to undergo the reciprocal physiological conjunction process in his cognitive and affective operations. He is willing to undergo the first external phase, which is to allow his wife’s affective organ to conjoin itself to his cognitive organ. This allows them to achieve cognitive intimacy, that is, a good measure of conjoint consciousness, in its external form. He allows her to know what is in his thinking (C). He does not yet allow her to influence his affective operations (A), in which he retains independence. But as the husband undergoes the beginnings of regeneration of layer 8, then layer 9, he becomes willing to attain affective intimacy with his wife. Then the real phase of the spiritual marriage begins, which involves the conjunction of their interior affective (male) and cognitive (female) organs. As this phase progresses, the external life and consciousness of the couple is more and more conjoined, and produced by a conjoint internal union. There is a reduction of the oscillation between being alone in consciousness, and being together in consciousness.


In the practice of the spiritual discipline called the Doctrine of the Wife, the husband trains himself for this joint consciousness by seeking to enlarge their moments of togetherness with less breaks (or break ups). He learns how to be in continuous verbal interaction during which he practices cognitive intimacy. He learns to inhibit the masculine pattern of interacting which is both task oriented and competitive cognitively. He monitors his wife’s topicalization dynamics – how she talks about a topic, how she strings topics together, how she returns parts of prior topics, and what type of reaction or comment she needs from him in order to be able to navigate freely across her intertwined topics. He learns to be a facilitator of her topicalization. He refrains from competing by interjecting comments that take her topics to another direction than she wants. She will respond to this distraction, but she will experience stress and inability to be fully herself with him.


At the affective level of their exchanges, the husband strives to avoid expressing any form of disagreement, which would break their affective conjunction. He tries to remain open in his perceptions of her affective direction moment by moment. He tries to encourage her to move in whatever direction she wants to take, with him as the affective back up. He carefully protects the vulnerability in her affective “back”, saying things and expressing things that are non-judgmental, non-critical, yet substantive rather superficial and “faky” or put on. He creates for her a venue of safe affective expressiveness where she can pursue her femininity, and through that provide her husband with the sphere of wifely sweetness and enjoyment.


With cognitive and affective intimacy both operating, the resultant sensorimotor reciprocity (see diagram) becomes the foretaste and representative of their future heavenly life in eternity. The husband learns to coordinate his physical body with hers as she is in continuous motion throughout their activities at home or outside. He learns to anticipate her movements and sets his movements to fit and enhance hers. He looks for occasions to be physically co-present and “in touch.” When she gets dressed, he is there to provide admiration and company. He learns to love the feminine presence (S), the feminine intelligence (C), the feminine sweetness (A). He activates and strengthens his desire to love all the aspects of her femininity. He overcomes his masculine tendency to put himself above her, to put the masculine above the feminine, to denigrate the feminine in comparison to the masculine. He inhibits his facile tendency to dominate the feminine, to resist it, even to dislike it and denigrate it.


If they are in the same room, he always sits next to her, seeking contact by touch, by eye contact, by voice modulation, by maintaining a pleasing and pleasant appearance. He is careful not to intrude upon or interfere with the motion of her femininity through things, topics, and events. When she expresses the need for something, he volunteers to take care of it. He refrains from asking her to do chores and errands for him, offering instead, to do chores and run errands for her. He seeks occasions to walk or shop together, during which he strives to be a helpful companion and even “best friends.” He learns about female apparel and accessories, and discovers what she likes and looks for. He reads up on it so he can have “feminine” topic interactions with her. Most of all, he pays attention to her, to her topics, to her inclinations, to her fears and stress points. And in this way they progress to the celestial state of the conjoint self, where the two become one forever. The togetherness of “two into one,” receiving the Omniproprium in the conjoint self, is the final evolution and crown of the human life.


Soulmates Are Mutual and Reciprocal Obediences.


The psychology of soulmates is based on mental anatomy and the biochemistry of spiritual marriage. In the initial phases of marriage the relationship operates mostly in the sensorimotor system of the mental body of husband and wife. This corresponds to their physical intimacy. Their cognitive systems remain independent until their liking for each other encourages sharing of thoughts, learning each other’s sense of humor, talking about what needs to be done, managing the household and children, etc. These joint activities gradually produce cognitive intimacy within the sensorimotor intimacy. However their affective systems remain independent. This is the natural marriage without the spiritual marriage within it.


The spiritual marriage begins when affective intimacy is within cognitive intimacy which is within sensorimotor intimacy. These three forms of intimacy complete one another and create soulmates out of the husband and wife. Instead of two, they are then one. This idea has been known for thousands of years in the literature and in oral traditions. However it is only now that science is able to give an anatomical definition or description of how two human “mates” can make one complete human.


People have wondered whether soulmates are found or made. People worry whether the person they are married to is their soulmate or not. In mental psychology we realize that soulmates refers to the state of reciprocity of loves between husband and wife. Affective intimacy between husband and wife turns them into soulmates. This is a lifelong process and is progressive. The intimacy is established when the husband’s affective organ conjoins itself in operation with the wife’s cognitive organ. The circulatory system of the husband’s mental body is gradually and progressively connected to the wife’s respiratory system, In this conjoint self the husband is unwilling to have his own lungs supply the oxygen to his heart, but desires that his wife’s lungs oxygenate his blood. This crossover of anatomy is not possible in the physical body but it is possible in the mental body. When a husband and wife walk together after resuscitation in mental layer 4, they are seen by others as one person walking. This mental appearance from a distance is a representative of their anatomical unity. The appearance is produced by the correspondences of perfect conjugial unity.


To enter the spiritual marriage is to admit affective intimacy, and to love it with one particular person, is to become soulmates.


The mental anatomy of women and men allow them to become reciprocal obediences to each other. The woman’s affective and sensorimotor organs are next to each other, while their feminine cognitive organ is buried more deeply into less visible territory. The man’s affective and sensorimotor organs are not next to each other, as their cognitive organ comes between them, separating them and causing the male affective organ to be more deeply buried into less visible territory. The woman’s consciousness (S) is most closely known through her feelings and loves (A), while a man’s consciousness (S) is most closely known through his thoughts and reasonings (C). This gender distinction has been noted by many others over the centuries, but it is only now that an anatomical explanation for it can be given. The diagrams below are schematic representations.



If you want to explore this topic further, you can consult my Lecture Notes on the Unity Model of Marriage at


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