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Sermons on the Word was written between 1891 and 1896 by Edward S. Hyatt (1854-1906).

Parts: One, Two, Three, Four, Five


The publication of these Sermons by the late Reverend Edward S. Hyatt is made at the suggestion of the Reverend Theodore Pitcairn who for several years on different occasions has pointed to their great significance in the history of the Doctrine of the Church. It is made possible by the kind permission of Mrs. Hyatt to whom the publishers wish to express their indebtedness.

Edward Sumner Hyatt was born July 27th 1854 in Liverpool, England; he passed into the Spiritual World on the 21st of March 1906 at Toronto, Canada. He was ordained into the priesthood on the 10th of June 1888, and after a stay of three months in Erie, Pa., accepted a call to the pastorate of the Toronto Society. For more details of his life and work, the influence he had and the appreciation he found, the beautiful Memorial Address by the Rev. F. E. Waelchli, printed in New CHURCH LIFE 1906:305307, and the Memorial Resolution drawn up by the Revs. Alfred Acton and F. E. Waelchli, printed in the same magazine pp. 759-760, may be consulted.

The present publication contains two series of Sermons on the Word; the first series being of the year 1891, the second series covering the period from November 17th 1895 to August 9th 1896. The first series here begins with n. 14, the first 13 sermons having already been printed in New Church Tidings, of which Mr. Hyatt, during the years 1891 to July 1894, was the editor.

The photograph of the portrait which is found at the beginning of the book was taken by Mr. Gill at Colchester, England, sometime in the summer of 1893 or 1894.

Acknowledgement is due to Mr. Horace Howard for his much appreciated services in reading the proofs.



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