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Gender Words

In order to study the gender image that is to be found in the Bible and in Swedenborg's Writings, I searched for the occurrences involving words relating to gender such as men, women, wife, king, queen, brother, sister, etc., as indicated in the following table.

Table Illustrating an Application of the Grandman Search Program to Gender Words
son(s) 3432 2641 6073
daughter(s) 691 507 1198
father(s) 1819 1353 3172
mother(s) 517 233 750
king(s) 1377 2030 3407
queen(s) 75 55 130
man (men) 11684 3676 15360
man (men)
(human being(s)
11684 3676 15360
woman (women) 1008 503 1511
husband(s) 350 120 470
wife (wives) 929 470 1399
boy(s) 214 3 217
girl(s) 75 2 77
brother(s) 461 332 793
sister(s) 150 120 270
Masculine Words / Feminine Words 19337 / 3445 10505 / 5335 29492 / 8780
Ratio 6 2 3

Note that man is used in English translations of Swedenborg's Latin to refer to human being (homo) as well as male man (vir). My prediction is that when this factor is removed, the ratio will still favor masculine imagery. Swedenborg's definition of the masculine is love covered over with wisdom, while the feminine is wisdom covered over with love. (See a diagram of this relationship.) In contemporary psychological terms, this translates into the following:

    masculine is a mental state in which the cognitive (in the left brain) is dominant over the the affective (in the right brain). Feminine is a mental state in which the affective (in the right brain) is dominant over the cognitive (in the left brain).

For further development on the general topic of GENDER see the Doctrine of the Wife.


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